So, hi,
I’m Y.B. Lobonlo, and this is my greetings to you.

My Nation is, as it should say on the right, Tasargeria, loosely based on a nation by the same name in my stories. You might be hearing from it in the RP section. Stress on “might”.

I, the Lobonlo, am an English literature and language student, a freshman. I aim to be a teacher one day although that’s still years away. I also write, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, although I haven’t published anything, no matter how much my ex badgers me about it.

Er… What else…? I like Doctor Who, Awesomenauts and tea. I believe all romantic relationships are destined to go to hell, and I have wild mood-swings from time to time. Yeah, that sums me up.

A Warm Welcome To You! Please please please RP! That would be great.

I’d like to be a teacher too one day (I’m already a bit old though)

I like your philosophy there, would be interested to hear more on that.


Badgers, you say?


— Begin quote from ____

A Warm Welcome To You!I like your philosophy there, would be interested to hear more on that.

— End quote

Don’t really now what philosophy you mean there but I’m sure I’ll find out.

Anyhow, I was thinking I’d start to actually get into the RP after I get a real flag for my nation. I have a friend who I could ask for help but didn’t remember when I saw her last. I also have quite a lot of stuff to do with my studies right now, watching 3 hour lectures from tape and reading into British literature. Also, it doesn’t help that I have trouble sleeping, and there’s a writing competition coming up. So it might take some time yet for me to start poking about RP and the forums in general.