hello everyone…i would like to introduce the The Queendom of Hausaland a “superb” left-wing utopia.

hoping to find interesting things an people in here…:slight_smile:

Interesting?!? :blink:

(looks around carefully … under clown shoes … beside hive drones … near the Delegate’s pink tiara … around coocoostani chekists and kandarinese eldar lords … over alcoholic squirrels
… behind fridge owls
… through metoids in human form … between weird … no, make that VERY weird people …

I’m afraid you MAY be bored to tears! :frowning:

Welcome to TEP! :stuck_out_tongue:

… and do not forget the funniest Grand Vizier of the whole NationStates!

Welcome, omg… kleinesternchen! (thanks the copy/paste function)

*Background (Anarchial): Stuff is exploding everywhere. A missile from an RPG hits a guy with a crossbow. Meanwhile, a drive-by is taking place while a pike is thrown at the car.

(Nameless ness): Some poor nationalists are praising their emperor-god and his communist regime. Meanwhile, a truck with a laser cannon leaves the country while lots of money comes back. Noone seems to notice…*

Umm… nope, nothing interesting here.

Gosh… This place is beyond the pail…

The above post was from RATCUT not utract.