Greetings to the East Pacific! It is an honor and a pleasure to finally have stopped by your close community. As the new Editor-in-Chief of the Pacific News Network, I was wondering whether or not said news agency has any form of syndication deal with the domestic news services here.

If so, could somebody please direct me to where PNN should be publishing its articles. If not, who might I contact to work out some sort of deal?

Thank you!

I thought Krulltopia was going to do that.

Congratulations, SD! I look forward to seeing a revival of the PNN.

Krulltopia? Yes, maybe, he’s been appointed to the new PNN staff, but I wasn’t aware that he wanted to handle the renewal of syndication deals…

Thank you, though. I certainly hope that we can effect some turnaround, indeed. But I’ll remain pessimistic until after we’ve survived a month. :wink:

Been hearing some rumors, Madame, just by the way. :slight_smile:

— Begin quote from ____

Been hearing some rumors, Madame, just by the way. :slight_smile:

— End quote

Oooo! Rumor is even better than real news.

Out with it then! Let’s hear it.

Oh no! I don’t like spreading rumors. That’d be horrible decorum. shakes head sadly

Ah my replacement, I might have a few leftover things I should send you.

Anyway, nice to see they got someone good in, I hope you do better than I.

Please, by all means, send me anything!

And I’d hardly say that they “got someone good in” before I’ve done anything. :wink: Nor would I say you did poorly. You merely decided to stop. :frowning:

Silly me…

I never got a reply to my original question(s). >_<

huh? what questions?

You mean where to publish PNN stuff? I think there is a sort of news based RP forum. Try putting it there. If the admins don’t like it, the fact that it’s cluttering up the place will force them to actually make you a forum. hehe

Not that I’m manipulative or anything…

I’m not honestly sure myself. was designed for usages such as this, but you’d be the only interregional news agency there.