Hello all, it is I, The Most Serene Republic of Zybodia. I’m the longtime FA Minister of Yggdrasil, though I’m here for pleasure, not business. I enjoy visiting your region, but it was Todd’s debate contest that finally got me to register for the forums.

Also, I’m an old friend of Barb. :lol:

Welcome to the forums! Though I think you’ve already been at least somewhat acclimated with them, lol.

Welcome to TEP’s Forums!

Well yeah, hey Z!

Long story short, there would be no Barbara Manatee with Zybodia. We were riffing in either Ulthar or Yggdrasil (I forget which) and Z made a VeggieTales reference. I scooted over to create a nation and Barb was founded.

Larry the Cucumber’s love interest. Long story. YouTube it.