[Second Draft] Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act

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[hr][size=100]Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act[/size]
General Assembly Resolution Proposal

Category: International Security | Strength: Significant | Proposed by: Egalotir[hr]

The General Assembly,

REALIZING, that World Assembly nations are holding hazardous materials for both military and civilian purposes.

DEFINES, hazardous material as material that poses substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment.

ACKNOWLEDGES, that improper handling of hazardous materials can result in catastrophic disasters such as, but not limited to: injury/death, inhabitable radioactive zones, environmental decay, and hijacking of nuclear arms.

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING, that while World Assembly nations have laws on transportation of hazardous material, it is a vital concern of the international community that under developed nations who do not have the proper safety, knowledge or security in place to handle or transport hazardous materials be provided with standards in hazardous materials safety.

CREATES, an international safety standard in hazardous material transportation and the international commission for hazardous material transportation safety, named Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Commission, hereinafter initialed as HMTSC, shall be created to regulate all hazardous material transportation, and implement safety control and management programs in developing nations.

FURTHERMORE, proper identification of a hazardous material transportation must be available in clear eyesight with the proper insignia designated by the HMTSC. These signs shall have distinct markings and colors to depict each type of hazard, including radiation, chemical, electrical, laser, biohazard, and general warnings. The signs shall be adopted as the international signs for hazardous materials for public safety.

MOREOVER, all operators of hazardous transportation must be trained in safe hazardous materials handling and self defense and firearms training as as outlined, provided, and sponsored by the HMTSC in each member nation. Operators will also undergo extensive medical and psychological background checks. Each World Assembly member nation shall license by local rules, those operators who have shown competency in safe hazardous material handling. As HMTSC regulations are updated, operators must attend training on such new regulations, to retain or renew their license.

NECCESSARILY, to provide uniform standards for hazardous material safety technology all transportation caskets must undergo extensive testing including, but not limited to: extensive falls of over 30 feet (9 meters); puncture testing; extreme heat testing to withstand flames of 800 degrees Celsius (1475 degrees Fahrenheit) for over an hour’s time; and survive direct collision from a vehicle or other object of a minimum of 100 tons. After every five years of initial tests, Caskets will undergo less extensive testing to verify the safety of their continued use.

IN-ADDITION, the Commission with assistance of each member nation, shall put in place approved routes for hazardous material transportation such that to avoid possible accidents occurring near large population centers, military locations, or environmental protection zones. When within a heavy population center an armed escort must be provided to deter attempted hijackings. All affected member nations must be notified of transportation before the load embarks if it will cross their respective national borders, as well as the HMTSC keeping a log of all hazardous material shipments.

LASTLY, if nations cannot afford the technological upgrades, they will be provided by the HMTSC as a loan that will be paid back monetarily in a time period negotiated by the committee and the aforementioned nation.

REAFFIRMS, that the costs of these safety regulations outweigh the risks of mishandled hazardous material and the fallout that could follow.

HEREBY ENACTS, the Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act.

Authored by: Egalotir
Co-Authored by: Jurisdictions

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