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Margaret Saab
June 30th, 2019 | 8:45 AM | Hoopland Metropolitan Area

BREAKING: Hoopland Metropolitan Area ceded to East Malaysia

An unexpected turn of events happened at the signing of the Hoopland Accord, which reopens diplomatic and trade relations between East Malaysia and Packilvania, but also cedes the Hoopland Metropolitan Area to East Malaysia in a EM$157.8 billion dollar deal. Immediately after the signing (see: A Prevailing South Wind (Last Roleplay as Nation East Malaysia) - The East Pacific - Tapatalk) the unmanned checkpoints around the metro area have been reopened and manned by the East Malaysian Military with the assistance of Packilvanian forces.

Statements issued by the East Malaysian Military, that has been given authority of administering the Hoopland Metropolitan Area government for the next 30 days, report that all checkpoints will be opened for the next two weeks to allow Hoopland Resident Card holders easy entry back into the city to re-register their resident cards to a East Malaysian passport that will allow continued access to the Hoopland Vassal State.

After the two weeks they will start closing the checkpoints but will leave five checkpoints open, three road and two pedestrian walkways, that will allow travel between the northern cities and Hoopland. After 30 days a Hoopland Resident Card holders that have not re-registered will not be able to enter the city and will need to have a passport from Packilvania as their residency has been forfeited.

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Cynefrið Matsuoka
June 30th, 2019 | 12:03 PM | Truzcon, EMA

Kingdom of Caven loses court case as Imperial Supreme Court rules in favor for Masako Nekomimi Reservation

In a blow for Caven Kingdom officials after nearly five years of court battles, the Imperial Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision, that Caven officials purposely withheld imperial funding that was appropriated for Masako Nekomimi Tribe and violated the Masako Nekomimi Protections and Reservation Act (MANPRA) of 1960. The law was established due to a urthwide decline in Nekomimi tribe populations in the 1950s and established the Masako Neko as a protected class and granted the Masako Council autonomy for tribal affairs and the establishment of a reservation zone.

The Masako Council filed a lawsuit against the Kingdom of Caven in Imperial Court for MANPRA violations in 2015 for not providing the correct amount of funds since the establishment of MANPRA. The state argued that it was the state’s right to decide how to distribute the funds between all localities and that the localities that the reservation is located mishandled the funds. The Masako Council argued that the three localities in eastern Caven are largely uninhabited with the exception of Masako as the largest village [city] in the area.

Five years later and after two month of waiting the Imperial Supreme Court ruled that Kingdom of Caven purposely mishandled imperial funds in a clear MANPRA violation in a rare unanimous decision. By not appropriating the funds correctly it has lead to Masako to be underdeveloped compared to other remote jungle cities and they cited the road underdevelopment as a core example in the ruling. In the court findings it was found that while it was easy to access Masako from a interstate but that once you left the imperial funded highway that the state highways were unusually narrow that lead to Masako to develop their roads around the access that was provided. This lead to the development of roads that are designed for motorbikes and bicycles with the ability to still have cars but that around the city they are primarily used as taxi services. With the lack of standardized roads it is hard for Masako to provide public transportation or to court large companies to invest in the city due to the lack of infrastructure plus the amount of time and money to fix the infrastructure would lead to to the demolition of most of the city which is unfeasible.

The Imperial Supreme Court has ordered the Kingdom of Caven to pay EM$200 million in fines to the Masako Council, to create a separate Masako locality and the Department of the Interior has been ordered to only pay funds directly to the Masako locality. An anonymous contact within the Masako Council has reported that the Council will now petition the Imperial Senate to grant greater Nekomimi representation of the Masako Nekomimi in the Imperial Senate in a bid for statehood.

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Juan Rodriguez
June 30th, 2019 | 3:07 PM | Liberty City, FPS

Ship travel through the Tilden Straits to have minor interruptions for the next three weeks

Each year from the end of June through the first few weeks of July several pods of orcas are known to travel through the Tilden Straits as they follow the migration of tropical squid that travel from the south of Fortuna from the Codex Pontus to the warmer winter waters of the Caven Sea for mating.

This annual even causes interruption of ship traffic when the orca pods are spotted entering the straits it causes ship traffic to be either interrupted or diverted to slower travel lanes in shallower water. This causes delays with commercial and private ship travel as the federal government does not want to endanger the the national animal of Free Pacific States. Federal approved orca watching ships are permitted but must stay out of the main path of the pods unless they are approached by curious pod members.

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Johnathan North
June 30th, 2019 | 4:48 PM | Eastrovia, EMA

EXCLUSIVE TRANSCRIPT: Hoopland Metro Area Council President talks about the transfer to East Malaysia

Jonathan North (JN): Good afternoon Dr. Hammond. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to set down with me.

Dr. Julian Hammond (DJH): Don’t mention it. It’s an opportunity to speak out to the people of Hoopland that elected me. It’s been a very interesting day and they need to hear from their elected leaders.

JN: Well let’s jump right into it then. The whole world was expecting a trade deal between Packilvania and East Malaysia but it ended up being much more than we expected. When did you find out about the partition of the Hoopland Metropolitan Area to East Malaysia?

DJH: Honestly it was this morning when the Pax and East Malaysian military entered the the government complex to take over key functions. It was a very confusing time and no one knew what was going on as we had been in a early morning council meeting and had been unaware of what was announced until a Pax and East Malaysian representative interrupted our meeting.That’s honestly when I found out and that’s also when we were told about the transitions schedule.

JN: That’s interesting that even Hoopland officials were not told by Packilvanian officials. What can you share about what was disclosed about the transitions schedule?

DJH: It’s not an uncommon thing to happen. Each council member was given a choice of taking the next month off or help with the transition, which we will all report back in the next few days, to help where we can but our biggest focus is transitioning to a different legal system as some Pax laws are restrictive and the East Malaysian counterpart laws can be very liberal.

JN: What would you say to the residents of Hoopland in regards to the laws during this transition period?

DJH: The current laws today will be the same laws tomorrow. They should not go against the laws of the metro area until the amended laws take effect at the end of the transitional period. I can’t stress this enough as being the leader of the Hoopland Metro Area Council that even if you disagree with the current laws the police will still enforce the laws that are still on the books.

JN: From what I’ve heard when speaking with people on the street earlier, not everyone feels the same as you, and it seems to be the younger generation that has this sentiment.

DJH: I wholeheartedly understand why they feel that way. And yes, the younger generation has struggled against Pax rule, as they are the ones that usually protest and get arrested. But it is very important to be in compliance of the law and to not violate it. By the end of this transition period I’ll probably be a broken record until we get back to standard affairs.

JN: Steering back to the transition period. What else can you tell me about what was conveyed to you from East Malaysian officials?

DJH: I don’t have much information outside of us, the rest of the council members, working to help the transition but I will be the public face for the East Malaysian Military in keeping my residents informed. I volunteered for the role because I want a smooth transition. I can likely tell you more about about after 30 days than I can about the next 30 days.

JN: So they have given you information about after the transition?

DJH: Yes. Hoopland will be open for business. No immediate restructure of our metropolitan government, no Eastrovia appointed council members and the Hoopland Port will have the lowest rates to ship goods to and from Pax and East Malaysia as part of the trade agreement. Over time changes will happen to the metropolitan government but nothing overnight.

JN: Have you been given any examples of what these changes could be?

DJH: Well a couple of examples would be like certain departments such as the Tax and Revenue Office will eventually be taken over by East Malaysia’s Department of Treasury and the metro council will phase out the council president role in favor of a elected Governor by the residents. But again nothing major.

JN: Well look like we’re about out of time here. I’ll let you have the last word.

DJH: Thank you for this opportunity. I just want to convey to the residents of Hoopland to not be frightened of these changes, to be in compliance of the law, do not go against the law and continue their day to day lives because this transition will pass and we can go back to business a usual like nothing happened.

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This is Line Quincy for Sey News live on the scene on the Packilvania side of the Ikram boarder crossing into Hoopland. Before I get into the details of the situation here on the ground, the Hoopland Metropolitan Transitional government has ordered all fire, police and paramedics on recall status. All boarder crossings have been closed after what witnesses have described as pure terror as a small trunk fired upon East Malaysian soldiers and rammed the security gate before loosing control of the vehicle. The truck was equipped with explosives that has injured more than 70 people that included woman, children and East Malaysian military personnel. I have to sadly report that two military personnel that were manning the gate have passed away after being transported to Hoopland Metro Hospital. CHA International has deployed their Cross Boarder Doctors to Hoopland with permission from the East Malaysian government and are expected to provide assistance to the hospitals in the metropolitan area that are overwhelmed right now with the injured.

My sources in East Malaysia’s Defense Command tell me that the investigation is ongoing with the help of Packilvanian military to find out what terrorist organization carried out this attack on East Malaysian civilians and nationals. It should be expected that security going forward will be very tight as the transition to East Malaysia continues. We are awaiting a press release from the East Malaysian government which is expected within the hour.

I am still waiting to be cleared for re-entry into Hoopland to see what the mood is within the metropolitan area but from what my sources are telling me that a candlelight vigil is planned tonight in a show of a united Hoopland and a show of support of the countless injured and fighting for their lives tonight.

When we get more information Sey News will be live streaming from our website and app. This is Line Quincy with Sey News.