Shiro Academy OOC

It is now a couple of days into the (fall) school-year. It’s early enough for anyone to start and late enough that students could be already taking classes. It’s up to individual RPers as to how to do it.

I have a request, due to the number of people expressing confusion over the state of the thread. If your character is returning to this thread, in your first post with any given character you should work a character description into the post. This means a physical description, age if necessary, and any personal history or characteristics. Basically, anything that you think is critically important and not likely to be explained in the process of the thread.

Obviously, some people have character details that they’d rather make clear in the process of the thread, and others have character details that are meant to be mysteries to be deduced by the reader or just left deliberately vague in perpetuity. That’s okay, and I’m not expecting you to give those details. Just don’t expect other people to always know about them.

The old topic is in the Inwardly Angled Hostilities archive.

:huh: a RP question. is this the same year we had already started (to make myself clearer, the one when i was using jordan)? or have we moved one year later?

— Begin quote from ____

:huh: a RP question. is this the same year we had already started (to make myself clearer, the one when i was using jordan)? or have we moved one year later?

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— Begin quote from ____

It is now a couple of days into the (fall) school-year.

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It is the same year.

:stuck_out_tongue: it could have been a couple of days into any shool-year… :wink:

Ok… i’ve a terrible headache, but i think the post gives the main guidelines about jordan. but considering it could well be the flu… here are some info for thos who do not know (or those who have forgotten)

jordan is the 17 years old son of roger carlyle, AG of the east pacific. he has been sent to shiro after having been kicked out a number of times up in the northern grand duchy.

he seems to have some kind of allergy towards any form of authority… and that’s a bit tricky, because he’s basically studying law. not exactly to follow daddy’s footsteps… but that will come out later.

what else? well… he has become some kind of tribunal-celebrity in fps because he has been able to get a drive permission even if he’s not of age yet. the sensational part is that he has been able to defeat the behemotian FPS bureaucracy on its own ground… but that’s useless info. the one important thing is that he has a motorbike. a ducati, namely.

uhm… yes, he has a crush for jill ronin, the RA of the floor, who is a bit older than him. don’t remember how much… ask fps!

finally, his roommates are matthew terrus jr (fps) and lazlo (laszlo). uhm… i’ll come back here when this headache will have released me and i’ll be able to remember more details.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of my stuff doesn’t make a lot of direct sense. Some of that is negligence on my part, but some of it is preference. The main RP feature of my nation and characters is that they are enigmatic, outwardly inscrutable, and questionably trustworthy. I’d rather give others a chance to try to guess at what they’re up to than just hand out that information right away. That said, if nothing makes sense to you, it probably wouldn’t make sense to any reasonable person and you ought to let me know.

Kess’ reaction to Anna is a psychic/magical one. At least in my view (as presented by Rachel Penteleimon in Honist Letters) almost all living beings, including humans, elves, and pretty much every sentient race represented here, project a psychic ‘signal’ that others subconsciously detect. Not everyone consciously pays attention to that (thus ICly explaining the fact that, OOCly, none of you actually have to pay attention to my psionic claptrap in your RPs). Kess is paying attention to these things, and he’s noticed that Anna doesn’t have that ‘signal’. Instead, she’s projecting a tangible dead zone that blots out signals. It’s unsettling to him, as well it should be, since said normal positive signals pretty much say “there’s something alive in here”. A ‘negative’ signal like Anna’s suggests the opposite.

While I’ve been dropping hints for some time, nobody except Arian de Corde’s dark twin (if you don’t know who he is, don’t worry) has made the same observation. Even psychic characters have always preferred to accept Anna’s explanations for her actions over any serious scrutiny. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just a choice, and choices determine where things wind up.