Some conquests in the north

In the early 20th century, tensions were high between the Kingdom of Arafors and the Grand Duchy of Tyrsol over issues such as trade tariffs, territorial disputes, and cultural differences.

These tensions, combined with the desire of King David III to expand Arafors’ control of trade routes, its sphere of influence and establish his military dominance, led to the decision to launch a military campaign against the Grand Duchy in 1900.

The conflict was brief and resulted in a decisive victory for the kingdom

One of the most significant victories during the conflict was the Battle of Maltova in May 1900. The Royal Army, led by Sergeant Major Markus Albard, successfully defended a strategic bridge against the opposing forces of the Grand Duchy of Tyrsol. This allowed the Royal Army to cross the Rover river and encircle the enemy, putting them at a significant disadvantage.

Sergeant Major Albard became a hero to the people of Arafors because of his bravery and smart strategies during the battle. His leadership helped lift the spirits of the troops throughout the rest of the campaign.

The Battle of Balloria and the Battle of La Fossa were also key moments in the campaign. These battles saw the Royal Army gain more ground and put additional pressure on the Grand Duchy of Tyrsol. Finally, in 1901, after months of intense fighting, the Grand Duchy of Tyrsol was annexed to the Kingdom of Arafors.

In December 1905 King David III died at 56 years old due to a severe lung disease, which was exacerbated by his heavy smoking habit.

Following King David III’s death, his oldest son, Pietro VI prince of Joralshire, succeeded to the throne of the Araforsian Kingdom in January 1906, and was immediately faced with a pressing challenge.

The Ranubian Federation, a state located on the kingdom’s northeast border, had become a safe haven for pirates operating in the Marus Gulf and posed a significant threat to the
security and stability of the Kingdom’s trades and ships. In response to this situation, King Pietro VI appointed his trusted general, Francesco Gambatonda, to lead a military campaign against the Ranubian Federation.

The campaign, which took place between 1907 and 1908, was successful, resulting in the defeat of the federation and the end of the pirate threat in the Marus Gulf.