Stateless' Campaign Thread, Sept 2011

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I, Stateless573, if elected will bring new and exciting activities for new members.
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I will also try to make it easier for new citizens to get a voice in the government.
The creation of an all-citizen body. I initially had reservations against this, but if we setup something like a ‘city council’ or a ‘regional council’ where citizens (and maybe passport holders) can discuss issues in the region and brainstorm ideas or changes, that would be something a new citizen can immediately get involved in. They’d hopefully have their own forum but it’d be fully visible to the public. Also, it would not detract from what the Magisterium does - they create laws, and this council will have no power in drafting up bills or passing them into our law process. Ideally, the Magisterium could use the ideas from this council to draft up ideas and refine them instead of in the past where citizens (with or without the permission of the Provost) would simply offer ideas in the Magisterium and the Magisterium felt compelled to take action upon it.

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I agree with Todd’s idea on this, however, rather than them having no power in drafting bills and such, they would be able to draft bills, and submit them to the Magisterium.

I will also aim to restart our Newspaper, restore our Foreign Affairs Department, and hopefully, get the University back into action!

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Well. What is your opinion on:

(a) the enforcing of the Regional Message Board Regulation Act of 2011;
(b) i. the qualities you look for in an Arbiter; and
ii. the qualities you look for in a Vizier.
© any reason you might use the Delegate’s veto;
(d) i. specific ways to restart the Foreign Affairs department; and
ii. your opinion on the granting of in-game and off-game Embassies.

The RMBR Act is already well enforced. I do plan to enforce it as best as I can.


[li]Someone who is a citizen

[li]A Citizen with Longevity in TEP, and is familiar with it and it’s legal system

[li]Has the ability to hold their position on his topic, while at the same time has the ability to make a compromise.

[li]Someone who has previously shown honesty and care for the region

[li]The ability to work with a team

[li]Is active




[li]Has been around TEP to know when something is wrong

[li]Very Trustworthy

[li]Have a decent amount of influence


I might use the Delegates Veto is; I find any part of the Bill that has exploitable Loopholes, if I feel that the Bill may bring up future issues, Or if I feel that it violates the Concordat

This is a very good question. One thing I kinda thought of was, Maybe we could set up a TEP Channel on Youtube, and start a ‘Newscast’, maybe find a way to embed the videos into a forum post. This would maybe be an upgrade from the Newspaper(The person doing this would be either elected, or would volunteer themselves to do it), On top of this, just in case someone would rather read this, we could put the manuscript below the video.

Another thing that came to mind was, if someone knew how, they could put the newscasts on iTunes as a Podcast.

We also need to find exciting ways to bring other people and regions in. The Debate contest is great (Or so I’ve heard, I didn’t participate), so I think that in the future, we should do more things like this. – Mock Trials if the Conclave decides that they have nothing to do? They could find a good candidate and ‘charge him/her with a crime’ and we could all watch the Trial play out :smiley:
That’s foreign affairs, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that we should have it set up where, in order to have an in game embassy, they need to have an off-game embassy(or vice-versa), this way, I it makes it easier to set out the pros and cons of having any embassy with the other region. I’m pretty open to Embassies otherwise, As long as they stay active, that is

Any other questions?

Thank you for responding.

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