Stopping Invasive Species

The World Assembly,

SHOCKED that invasive species have massively impacted and changed the ecology of regions;

APPALLED at the economic damage caused by the impact of invasive species;

REALIZING that this is a major international problem which can be solved by cooperation of member nations;


DEFINES “invasive species” as any non-sapient species posing a serious risk of causing detrimental effects upon being introduced to a new environment;

REQUIRES the following measures to prevent the introduction of invasive species to the environments of member nations:
Member nations shall treat ballast water on ocean going vessels to kill any invasive species that may be present.
Member nations shall screen imported species to determine whether such species pose a risk of becoming an invasive species or spreading disease.
Member nations shall develop specialized response units to eliminate or remove invasive species from the environment;

PROHIBITS the transfer of invasive species from one nation to another - member nations shall work actively to prevent the transfer of invasive species across their borders through all means necessary, except through closing national borders;

OUTLAWS practices of the shipping industry conducive to the accidental spread of invasive species, namely the discharge of ballast water in coastal waters or internal waterways and use of inadequate vessel-cleaning procedures; and

TASKS the World Assembly Science Program (WASP) with creating an international registry, with which member nations shall share information regarding invasive species, including, but not limited to: species that may be considered invasive, the conditions under which any given species may be considered invasive, and effective methods for dealing with invasive species.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.