Streamlining Themes

A couple of the themes are in need of repair. So would it be better to maybe to take them offline (Zetavision, Tep&Co) and then while bigRed is fine I would suggest this one get taken offline. It would allow us to streamline the themes and repurpose resources to more seasonal themes and special themes. In the future Mobile will be taken offline when Tapatalk for ZetaBoards exits ZB Premium Beta testing.


There’s indeed no use in keeping broken themes. I quite liked the TEP&Co theme, and I use Classic for now.

So yeah, I’d agree with your suggestions.

I want us to keep BigRed

Alright so TEP&Co and bigRED have some demand. I will take TEP&Co offline for maintenance with no exact ETA but when I get a chance I will work on it to bring it back.

Zetavision will be permanently taken offline.

I will also be organizing the themes and possibly replacing the Dark Theme with a Dark Infinite theme.

Could you add it so big red users can see who was online today?

I can look into it and let you know.

Thanks EM :slight_smile:

*TEP&Co, to save time and effort now has the same icons as Infinite, which some may change to match the theme over time but it has been relaunched as Loop&Co.

*Every theme is now “mobile.” The actual mobile theme has been replaced with an “imageless” theme.

*Still looking into “Members Online Today” for bigRED – may not be possible with this theme.

*95% of the footer links match the selected theme.[edit_reason]More goodies of info![/edit_reason]

EM, the Loop&Co theme is great! Thanks :slight_smile:

EM, I’m seeing some real issues in the Classic Theme – notably, none of the “forum read,” or “forum not read,” icons are lighting up.

I’ll look into it.

Much obliged. Not sure if you did anything, but it works fine now.

As a follow up to where I had mentioned that all the themes are mobile… After further testing it did work but the post were cut off. We now have a replacement mobile theme I came across that is awesome.

Also as a note… I have uniformed some icons across the themes as part of the streamlining.