Supporting and Valuing the Humanities

The World Assembly,
UNDERSTANDING the importance of education in all forms and particularly the humanities, and
APPLAUDING all people who work and give their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and education in this unique area of study, and
NOTING the historical heritage, importance, and influence of every field in the humanities on the development, understanding, and revolutionizing of ideas over time, and
RECOGNIZING the importance of the humanities in the development of critical thinking skills, argumentation skills, and perspective taking, hereby enacts the following:

  1. The following subjects are defined as areas of the humanities: History, Visual and Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Language Studies, Linguistics, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Political Studies, Literature, and any other sociocultural area of study that works towards a better understanding of the cultural condition, and

  2. All educational institutions within member nations must offer at least one area of the humanities as a subject of study per year if a primary or secondary curriculum of education is offered.

  3. The World Humanities Fund (WHF) is established under the management of the WA General Accounting Office. The WHF is an opt in service to which both national governments and non profit organizations which operate within member nations may submit applications. The WHF shall exist to provide funding to constituent nations and non profit organizations within them to accomplish either in part or in full the following objectives:

  4. aid local communities in funding humanities courses for free or at a low fee to allow for greater accessibility outside of formal academic institutions,

  5. develop programs and initiatives that aid workers in finding secure jobs focused on the humanities,

  6. fund government initiatives that seek to further the research and development in various areas of the humanities nationally,

  7. support university degree programs that fall within the definition of the humanities,

  8. strengthen the academic enrichment of courses and create electives at the secondary level of education on subjects within the humanities,

  9. increase the offerings of exposure to the foundations of areas in the humanities at the primary level of education, and

  10. hold nationwide symposiums to put on exposition works and advancements in the various areas of the humanities.

  11. Within the WA General Accounting Office, the Department of External Auditors (DEA) is established with the following tasks:

  12. ensuring that money accepted by nations or organizations from the WHF is used for the above established purpose and

  13. informing the GAO of incorrect use of funding.

  14. If incorrect use of funds is reported, the GAO will cease the allowance of funds to the transgressing nation or organization. The decisions to cease funding by the GAO can be appealed by the nation or organization to the Independent Adjudicative Office.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Supporting and Valuing the Humanities was passed 15,221 votes to 3,197.