*swings in through a window*

Hey hey.

I’m Aisli, and I’m here to represent Equinox as the temporary ambassador (possibly as the permanent ambassador, but that remains to be seen. I’m down with holding the gig, but it’s up to my boss, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: ). Anyway, um. Hi!

OH COOL. You have a DALEK smilie!


Some of you miiiiight know me. I’ve been around NS for several years and I used to swing around her as the Advocate of Foreign Enticement for Lazarus back in the day waaaaay back when it was vibrant and active in 2007 and we had…

OMG, there’s a Fourth Doctor smilie too!!!

Wow. This is fun.

So, yeah. I’m here to hopefully establish an embassy for Equinox over here. And just be friendly. waves

EDIT: Hmm. We already have an embassy. Fancy! I’ll go make sure it’s all in order, then. Whee.

ROFL! Nice to have you around, Aisli!

Welcome to The East Pacific! Nice to hear we’ll be getting updates soon!

Don’t you mean, “welcome again” or “welcome back” ? :wink:

But yes, updates. I gave you all the one from the beginning of December and you’ll get the one from January 1st…as soon as it’s written. I have to kind of, you know, do it and all.