Take a Stand

Take a Stand
A variety of regions utilize instant chat services, forums, or the regional message board to communicate with fellow players. Each of these new introductions have overall aided the political aspect of the game. It has also allowed players to connect and foster friendships, make enemies, and more.As a result of these qualities, NS is a highly immersive game to play. Some players become hooked, or even reliant on the communities they are a part of. To either serve as a distraction from real life circumstances, fill in the gaps that real life doesn’t always hold, or even be addicted to the politics, and in some cases all three. With such a diverse player base who may hold one, two, or three of these qualities to some degree, and utilize the communication methods NS has, it can sometimes be dangerous. Not just for you, or me, but for communities across NationStates.

Player Instability is a prominent and very scary issue in NationStates. Players such as these weaponize the social mechanisms or even weaponize their political influence in NationStates to harm others. There are players that have harassed, abused, or exhibited predatory behavior to fellow game players. Some cases are public, some undetectable until it’s too late, or it is never reported until the damage is well over done. Brunhilde utilized his foreign affairs gameplay as well as sexuality to reach and target women in nationstates. Anumia used his status to actively target women, and either forced himself onto them or got close enough to where he wanted them. Cokeland harassed, doxxed, and threatened to rape me. The Iron Rebel, a highly unstable player, got close to a victim, then harassed and abused her to breaking point. Don actively harassed female players and even faked a car crash, told the victim in their dying breath he loved them, and has routinely threatened suicide when things didn’t go his way.

These are only a few cases of the many that are out there. Player instability is an ongoing issue in NationStates, and will continue to be unless we actively fight against it.

Pulling the plug on a toxic player can be difficult, sometimes even terrifying. So many thoughts run through your head. “What would he do to me if I report him?”, “What if they use their political influence to destroy me?”, What if this and what if that…But ultimately the truth is, you need to cast aside those fears and take action. That person you are afraid of will never do those things, they may threaten them, but that is only to manipulate you to keep you longer and continue to abuse you. Just look at Brun and Anumia…who are they now? What does their influence mean now? They are nothing in NationStates. Just because a player may be a well respected member across nationstates, that does not taint the fact they are a predator, a harasser, or abuser. There will be justice no matter how big or small the player is.

You don’t deserve to be treated like this, it isn’t your fault for anything so please don’t blame yourself. And please don’t think that just because what you are suffering isn’t like Don, Anumia, Brun, The Iron Rebel that your case isn’t worth it. Because it is. Don’t compare yourself to other cases. if you are being hurt no matter how small you may think it is, report it and block them. If they are a friend of yours, don’t let “I don’t want to hurt them” get in the way. They are not your friend and have already hurt you, and they will continue to do so until you do something about it.

If you know someone who is a victim and they refuse to report it, take the stand and report it. Do not allow your friend or whomever it may be a victim. That person will not hate you, they are afraid and they need your help.

I know how you feel, i’ve been there. All of the thoughts, feelings, guilt, and mental beatings you can possibly endure. I didn’t deserve any of it, not Scientium, Anumia, Don, Cokeland, Brun…but I took a stand against them. And as a result I came out of it as a much stronger person. I wasn’t a victim anymore…I was a survivor.

Take a stand against harassment, abuse, and predators in NationStates.