The Brotherland City Press

The Brotherland City Press
Issue #1: March 1st, 2017

First issue of The Brotherland City Press
The Brotherland City Press has made history today for becoming the first Brotherlandian newspaper to be published to an audience beyond the Brotherlandian people. This newspaper vows to bring you the complete and unbiased truth about the goings on in the Republic of Brotherland. Although this newspaper is partially subsidized by the Brotherlandian government, that does not mean that we will publish pro-government propaganda. We are here to serve the public, not push the government’s agenda.

10 days until presidential election
Only 10 days remain until the presidential election process begins. 1000 Brotherlandian citizens that are age 18+ will be randomly selected to have the honor of selecting who our next president will be for the next year. President Laci Hawk seeks to be the first incumbent to win re-election in our nation’s history. Many of the candidates running in the primary are members of parliament who are very popular amongst their constituents. Those running in the primary are: Jake Goins, Lora Andrews, Mitchell Carter, Kim Chapman, Luther Alvarez, and Erika Harvey. The most recent Brotherland City Press poll shows the current favorability of each primary candidate.

Jake Goins: 17.5%
Lora Andrews: 18.5%
Mitchell Carter: 17%
Kim Chapman: 18.5%
Luther Alvarez: 14.8%
Erika Harvey: 13.7%