The Community of German Bold Italic

Hi! This is the Community of German Bold Italic where our national motto is, We’re in our write frame of mind!

I, for one, am definitely not new to NS, but this is a new nation of mine designed to be purely used for RP. No Forum 7, no NSG, just a pure RP machine! RP is the main reason I love NS, and the main reason I didn’t bolt into another region when I realized I was in The East Pacific. Your reputation preceeds you and I am thrilled to be a new member.

The goal is to make friends, share some laughs, maybe a few pints. As long as you’re interested in Character RP’s, you and I will get along quite well. I like characters that are human, not some robot President or monarch that acts perfect. I love plot twists and sudden, jarring shifts in tone. I love to keep 'em guessing! I’m not into War RP’s and tend to avoid them unless there are no more alternatives.

I look forward to being an active member of TEP. Thank you for being here!

Guten Aben, since it’s so late I guess (at least in central Europe).

Hope you will get accustomed here.

Awesome, glad to see you here! And you like to RP you say? Well you’ve come to the right place!

I’m not much of a war RP person myself but I do RP with non-humans (not robots though, I swear). Hope that’s ok!

Anyway we’re a friendly place that isn’t really uptight. We’re pretty easy-going, but I think we like to have fun and have a good time.

Non-humans? Perhaps the Arial Islands (what GermanBoldItalic will be called here in TEP) may be ready for a close encounter of a friendly kind. I’ve posted a “main characters” post in the National Notes area, and will begin to work on a quick factbook soon, but I’m about ready to RP this place wide open!

Sounds good! Most of my stuff is in my signature, but it varies on how updated it is. Nevertheless, good to hear about your eagerness to RP! One of Vekaiyu’s Foreign Officers might have to look the nation up!

Simply fascinating information there. I shall have to read up on you.