The Computer Died Today

Today is a very sad day for my household, a close family member died today… Mr. Livingroom Dell Computer has died today…

Yep, the power went out ‘n’ when it came back on the computer would not work at all, but it’s not quite dead… it’s a IDK [I Don’t Know] thing… the only thing it will do is make some clicking noises and flash from green to orange, does anyone have any ideas??? so now i’ve hocked my computer [from my room] up, but it’s slow.

What kind of clinking noises? It sounds to me like the Hard Drive has crashed though (read/write heads coming into contact with the disk).

Just clicking nosies… it would go from a green light to a orange and click each time [in the front, the power/restart button] and in the back it would just flash orange and click at the same time as the front

the orange in the back is probably your net-card trying to make a connection.

The blinking in front is normal. As for the click each time the light blinks, I am afraid fish is right. There is a 90% chance your disk has crashed. It’s permanant, and you are now screwed.

There is a small chance that the bearings on the drive are just slipping, and someone messed with the options. Try to boot it from a floppy, then type in the prompt

c:\ Dir

If nothing comes up, its dead.

One last question for yah. Do you get post test screens? <The screens on the black for bootup. Try tapping del or F-1 on your keyboard to get bios settings.> If you dont get post, or bios as stated above, then your motherboard has been fried, and you might as well write your 10 page letter to dell explaining to them why they should honor their own damn warranties.

Thanks Pack ‘n’ Fish for your advice, but luckily my computer is only temporary way to the Internet. My cuz is going to give back the lab top that she borrowed, and my other cuz is goin to let us barrow her much newer and faster computer, since she’ll be traveling alot… so hey i’m not complaining, but I still miss the other computer :frowning: it had all my NS stuff on it, but lucky for me some of it is on NSwiki and my EM/HH regional advertisement i’ll have to redo from memory…

I feel your pain, a computer can feel lke a buddy some times,

I despise all computers and they despise me. Every computer i touch dies almost instantly.

— Begin quote from ____

I despise all computers and they despise me. Every computer i touch dies almost instantly.

— End quote

Well i like computers, but i have “Killed” a few keyboards, mouses, and i think a computer?.. when the computer would be slow [our last computer], i would slam my hands in to the keyboard/beat the mouse into something… and sometimes i would kick the computer… i think i did kill the last computer, but luckily now i have my anger under control.

— Begin quote from ____

I despise all computers and they despise me.  Every computer i touch dies almost instantly.

— End quote

You are still better than my AP Bio teacher in High School, he would screw up everything. The Computer teacher made a long class called ‘Understanding computers’ (i was recruited into it) in order to lighten his load with the teachers - 3 weeks of instruction then mostly experience the rest of the year - I.E. sending people to go help the Teachers… It was fun we goofed off a lot (in the downtime I watched some Ranma 1/2 and a few other things with a friend)… People keep stealing Ram from other’s machines though (we had a supply of old obsolete comps to play around with).

He had some colorful language for the Bio teacher… Someone from the class was working on his comp every day… At the same time I was part of the guy’s AP Bio class so I was instructing him on simple matters constantly…

Most of the teachers had in fact had no idea what they were doing.

Man, I miss high school now… :frowning: