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For the News Releases from the Democratic Republic of Destopian People. A state owned News Agency that reports national propoganda.

Destopian Republic Reports Almost No Crime (Role Play)

After the Prime Minister authorised for a larger National Police force, crime has gone down considerably. This does not meen that the Destopian Republic National Police are going to become complacent. Law breakers and outlaws will continue to be apprehended and justice will be served.

It is a suprise that there is any crime at all in the DR. The citizens here are the happiest and most content in the world. The DR Department of Law and Order believes that criminal behaviour is terrorist related, or comes from an enemy of the state. Anyone with information regarding crimes in or against Destopia should immediatley call the DRNP at 1-555-B-I-G-B-R-O-T-H-E-R.