The Dominion of Forodhar

The Dominion of Forodhar

How did you find NationStates?
I was simply interested in a make-your-own country type game and googled for one.
How long have you played NationStates?
Started about a month ago maybe, but honestly, haven’t figured out how to do anything other than resolve issues yet… Came here hoping to expand the gameplay.
What inspired the name of your nation?
The name is actually rooted in Tolkien-elvish. It would most closesly translate to North-South, with the intending meaning being from “North to South”, as in “All of Our Land, from North to South”
Have you joined the World Assembly?
I just did after reading this question!
What country are you from?
Do you like watching the news?
Eh. No, not too much. Too much focus on negatives. I do try to stay current though.
Do you like studying the government?
Nope. Areas of formal study are Physics, Math, and Education. I spend free time studying hockey and sports management.

Motto: “Beauty and Happiness”

National Currency: Dolhar
Local Currency (North): Foro
Local Currency (South): Dolhar

National Animal: Blue Jay

Demonym: Forodharian