The East Pacific Vice News

The East Pacfic Vice News
Episode 1, Season 1

How to Grow the Same High Every Time

Reporter: Hopcyn Rees

The legal cannabis industry in Luthernburg knows there is a lack of consistent strains of cannabis in the city, a dispenser on 5th and Adolf has found a way to fix that problem.

“Cannabis affects everybody differently, its like going to your local pharmacy and asking for some pain medicine and then going back in couple weeks for more and it doesn’t work our body adapts to things. The case is the same for Cannabis, people should be able to go and buy quality Marijuana that is for them” Fellon ozluk owner of the shop says. Ozluk Dispensary is one of the largest in the city, they have state of the art filtration system and nutrients system. Most of the weed dispensers owners studied at the University of Luthernburg which has a Cannabis course specifically for people looking to work in weed, for just a little of 1,500 KDs (1,595 SHD) you could take the 14 week course and get a degree in cannabis.

Kuthernburg is leading Urth in Cannabis production in sale with Exports to Latianburg, Atiland, South Yor, Nacata, Kasmiyland and Lessau which accounts for around 9.8 Billion KDs a year. With Prospects looking to start shipping to Crania and Subrovania and other Urth countries, Ozluk Dispensary produces 82 kinds of Cannabis ranging from Sativa to Indica and even hybrids, they create THC wax, and other medical products used for range of things from Back pains to Depression and for couple KDs more you can but you some just to for recreational use.

“Cannabis users have the right to have the best quality, and that’s what we aim to create a environment were people can buy the best for cheapest” Ozluk finishes off with before heading over to finish helping cut some stalks down.

“Sani Bursil AU Vs ACA Terror”

Reporter: Braith Broderick


(Camera pans to Anti Au Protesters shouting and Marching through Sani Bursil Streets)


(Camera Pans to Anti-ACA Protesters shouting back and marching towards the Anti-AU protesters only divided by Riot Police)

"No Xagrug, No ACA, No Kostromastan, No ACA, No Bielarus, No ACA,!!! DOWN TO THE ACA "

Just as the protesters were chanting the Anti-AU protesters started to throw bottles and rocks at the Police and Pro-AU protesters “YOU FUCKING COMMIES” they shouted as the Sani Bursil Police started to march towards the Pro-ACA protesters “DISPERSE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY OR BE MASSED” the Police shouted as they marched closer and closer towards the Pro-ACA Protesters.


The Pro-ACA protesters quickly formed in the southern downtown Sani Bursil I was able to speak with the Grand Wizard of a Hate Group from GXE that is marching with Pro-ACA group

Broderick: What is your purpose for this?

Wizard: We are going to put a end to the Imperialistic Left Wing Agenda, the AU is a direct move by The Oan Isles, Nacatan Agents, and Staynish to make move to get rid of our Fucking way of life.

Borderick: So are you saying that you guys are the Non-Violent protesters in this situation?

Wizard: I…I… I mean were not Non-Violent i have a fucking pistol on me ill kill them, what im saying is that we did not start the aggression the Leftist pigs did were just simply going to finish it.

Broderick: So how does your group help push the Pro-ACA agenda

Wizard: Basically we are legally showing freedom of speech, i have a buddy from Tivotstan and Oanstan that basically would beating down for supporting our way of life.

Just before Borderick could ask another question the Wizard stormed off from her and headed off towards the “Front Lines”.


"Its just a little after 2pm, and it looks to be around 200+ Pro-ACA protesters over there, the medics just had to ah respond to a incident involving a Pro-ACA members beating several Anti-ACA members " she says with tears coming down her face, she proceeds to put on her sun glasses and carry on with the program.

A Pro-AU member comes up to Broderick

" We have legal reason to, protest against people like the Radical Right wing and Pro-ACA people. The Police has one job to keep us separated and protected and they cant even do that " he says before he walks off and leads medics towards the people. "I-I just dont understand how can they justify these actions what exactly is the agenda of the Pro-Right"she thinks to herself


"So after the incident i decided to take a little break to just recuperate from the situation that happen yesterday is not okay in any situation. She Quickly turns around and notices Anarchist going after a Hate Group from GXE.

“Get The Fuck out of Staynes, YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE” they shout as they start to throw firecrackers and shoot roman candles at the men from GXE " XAGRUGIANS GO HOME, XAGRUGIANS GO HOME" they shout as more and more Anarchist pour into the streets violently attacking Pro-ACA members. “GET BACK GET BACK IN THE FUCKING VAN…” To be Continued…

The East Pacific Vice

“The Top 5”

“The Top 5 Core Countries Of Urth”

#5- The Staynish-Caltharus Empire: Led by High King Lambertus VII, The Staynish-Caltharus Empire was formed on the 11th of May 1970 after the collapse of the Morstaybishlian Empire during The Auroran Imperial War. Even after South Staynes went independent for a few years (1975-2001) the SCE still dominated and continues to be the sole Major power on Aurora. With a whopping 402,350,000 citizens and a GDP of well over 12 Trillion dollars we figure you can take a very good guess on the size of the military. All that combined and its large amounts of Import and Export earns it a firm spot as #5 on our list.

#4- The Kingdom of Asendavia: The Kingdom of Asendavia, also known simply as Asendavia, is a feudal monarchy located in Northeast Yasteria. Asendavia is composed of many lords who have limited autonomy under the Kaiser. Large amounts of it’s population lives in the cities, but large amounts of the people also live in the country side. Asendavia altogether has a population of about 121,400,000 people, a relatively low GDP on the list of little over 5 Trillion it is easily made up by large amounts of Export and there particular location along the coast that allows them to trade with Atlantian and other Yasteria countries with relatively ease.

#3- South Hills Council of Governments: The South Hills Area Council of Governments is a Constitutional Federal Republic, and is the largest nation on the continent of Concord, with a healthy GDP of 13 Trillion SHD and around 300 Million citizens. South hills has become a Major Power thanks to having land borders on the Central Concordian Ocean which gives it unprecedented access to Gondwana and Atlantia while on the other side of the country open water access gives it access to the rest of the World. Meanwhile SHACOG boasts one of the most secure and modernized militaries in the region and 1.1 Million men and women in the Armed Forces, it is able to maintain its position as Top Dog of the regions.

#2- The Veridian Union: The Verdian Union also just simply called the “VU”, is a multi-party state replaced by a one party state. The Treaty of Cape Hope established the Veridian Union and introduced Union Citizenship. The purpose of the union was to form a strong economic and military power. With a GDP of around 6 Trillion and population of around 92 million the VU is able to grasped the second place spot because of the Puppet states that depends on the VU for Imports, that and sales of military weapons ranks the VU #2.

#1- Sovereign Empire of East Malaysia: The Sovereign Empire of East Malaysia is a formally technologically advanced nation of a humanoid species, known as Peregrins, that colonized a group of islands in an area between Southeast Yasteria and Aurora after fleeing their home world after a brutal civil war. The nation is comprised with a majority Peregrin population in the north and a minority human population in the south. East Malaysia also has a semi-autonomous democratic group of territories known as the Associated States of East Malaysia that is firmly under the Sovereign Empire’s control. With a Population of 200 Million Citizens and its open mindness with working with other governments when it comes to Trade and business puts East Malaysia as the Top Contender of the List.

Hey wassup guys!! I’m Jonathan Luthina i’m going to be hosting some pretty interesting Top 5s and Top 10. Have a Idea for a Top 10 ? Tell us about it in our OOC chat that we check weekly!! We will like to also recognize these other 5 countries that are apart of the Top 10 Core Countries:

#6- Vekaiyu
#7- Celannica
#8- Federated Alliance of Free Pacific States
#9- The Atlantic Triarchy of The Atlae Isles
#10- The Republic of Setzna

The East Pacific Vice

“The Top 10”

We’ve compiled data from military’s from around the world to find out who the current top 10 most powerful are. Our list takes into account different factors, including each nations potential war-making capabilities across land, sea and air, as well as its resources and fiances. This is the 10 most powerful militaries in the world.

Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries

NO.10- The Militarized Communist State of Stratarin: The Militarized Communist State of Stratarin’s military is a fairly strong organization, relying on a decent amount of financial backing and conventional weaponry. The Strataric armed forces have been recently more capable of display military power around the world thanks to the purchase of two retired Tarawa-class Amphibious Assault Ships from Kuthernburg plus the two Aksolotl-class Amphibious Assault Ship already owned by the Strataric Navy. Ranking high on our Budget list at 224 Billion SHDs and has a relatively large land force of 700,000 Active Personal and little over 1.6 Million in reserve.

NO.9- The United Kingdom Of Kuthernburg & Altaesia:The Kuthern Armed Forces are the military forces of the UKK. The Kuthern Armed Forces are a modern military force charged with defending the Kingdom’s integrity and sovereignty. They consist of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ,National Guard, and Coast Guard. The Queen is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. With 688,000 Active Personal and 1.9 Million in reserve and a budget of 99.2 billion SHDs the Royal forces are some of the strongest in the world. With bases in Latianburg, Grondmond Port, SCE, Oan Isles, Furnifold, Blueacia, Leassu, Atiland, Kasmiyland, Nacata and the newest in Kostro, the UKK is capable of display power and responding to a threat at in place in the world in matter of hours. With 1,050 Aircraft including the F-19 Advanced Eagle and 81 Ships including 3 Landing Helicopter Dock/Ski Jump Aircraft Carrier and 1 Aircraft Carrier the RKAF has a solid 9th place. As of 2017 the Queen and Parliament as well as Congress agreed on having the military budget at 230 Billion SHDs by 2021.

NO.8- Asendavia: The Asendavian Armed Forces is the military service of the Kingdom of Asendavia, established after the unification of the Asendavian city-states. Although having a smaller military force then the UKK at 378,125 Active Personal and 1,134,375 in reserve, it still ranks higher when it comes to military budget at 158 billion SHDs or 3% of there GDP. The AAF consist of Royal Asendavian Army, Royal Asendavian Navy with 83 ships and the Royal Asendavia Airforce with its strongest fighter being the Tuzi Aero Plant “Fulcum” which can carry 30mm Cannon with various loadouts and strike packages.

NO.7- Vekaiyu: Vekaiyu’s armed forces hold a formidable reputation in The East Pacific realm, among their strongest aspects are tanks. The TU-155 Isonesu Class Tank and the more advanced TU-165 Yiviso Class Tank remain atop the Vekaiyun motorized arsenal. Rumors of the VL-100 Light Tank exist, creating a cause for concern. Vekaiyu invests heavily in mobile and static SAM sites, and was historically known to keep some nuclear and biological warheads mobile. Vekaiyu enjoys a strong navy that has its strength vested in its various submarine classes, little is spent on massive battleships or aircraft carriers, and most surface ships are at least 10-20 years of age or more. Submarines are, of course, more up to date and consequently have more technological advances. Vekaiyun submarines often sail in “packs” of 5-9 abreast, employing tactics that allow for quick offensive maneuvers. Aircraft is a strong suit of the Vekaiyun armed forces, the nation still employs bombers, but their strength appears to be in the fighter aircraft, which are used currently for defensive purposes. Drills among the pilots are common and keep them on alert.

NO.6- Free Syllvin: The Department of The Four Stars is the military arm of the government of Free Syllvin. It encompasses the officers of the Councilors on National Defense, Interior Security, Military Logistics, and Foreign Associations. Most wartime operations are overseen by the Councilor on National Defense, though each individual has complete authority over their associated organizations. The department is separated into the Internal and External Defense Forces, as well as the Syllvan Logistics Division and the Diplomatic Security Corps. With 1,847,329 and a whopping 5,892,740 reserve personal its budget makes up ruffly 8% of the GDP or 112 Billion. What really makes Free Syllvin military stands out is there Industry, with domestic suppliers such as M.E.C.H., Syllvan State Arms, Syllvan Fleet Systems, Experimental Weapons Technology Applications Section, Intercorp, Future Solutions, Heavy Assault Systems and even has worked with two countries listed on this list Stratarin and the UKK.

NO.5- East Malaysia

NO.4- Veridian Union: The Veridian Union’s armed forces are unique, primarily the integration of four different branches under one common command. Upon the Union’s foundation, the armed forces is comprised solely of the Department of the Navy, and the subordinate Marines. A “Infantrymen To General” officer enlistment structure, where only officers were former enlisted infantry, is the core structure of leadership. Although having a small force with 203,025 Active Personal and 1,040,861 Reserve Personal, but to make up for that they have a massive 312.3 Billion SHD Military Budget. The 21st century V.U. Navy maintains a sizable regional presence, it is a blue-water navy with the ability to project force onto the littoral regions of the world, engage in forward areas during peacetime, and rapidly respond to regional crises. Due to the organizational structure in the Marines, and through a mutual agreement between the Navy and Marines; the Fleet Air Arm is operated semi-independently and often is deployed among Marine Task Forces as a semi-organic unit. The Veridian Union Marines (VUM) is a branch of the Veridian Union Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection, using the mobility of the Veridian Union Navy, by Commissional mandate, to deliver rapidly, combined-arms task forces on land, at sea, and in the air.

NO.3-South Hills: SHACOG boasts one of the most secure and modernized militaries in the region. There is currently 1.4 Million men and women in the Armed Forces, of those 500,000 in the Army, 300,000 in the Navy, 300,000 in the Air Force, 50,000 in the Coast Guard, and 200,000 in the Marines. There are also roughly 700,000 reservist or national guardsmen of various types. The military budget of South Hills is one of the largest on the list at 680 Billion SHD or 4.3% of the GDP. With 13 Aircraft Carriers and 6 LHDs South Hills is capable of being anywhere at anytime to wage war with relatively ease. Possessing one of the strongest fighters on the planet F-14 “Shock” south hills and it series of Stealth Aircraft can attack a enemy long before they are away they are even aware there being attacking.

NO.2-SCE: The Royal Staynish Armed Forces serves as the military of Staynes, sworn to serve the best defensive and offensive interests of the country, military aid, humanitarian aid, world peace and influence. It is an extremely technical and highly capable force, suited with the latest technological innovations in existence. It is widely known for it’s military prowess and training methods. Together with the Imperial Caltharusian Military and the South Staynish Armed Forces they are one of the largest Armed Forces in Urth and a force to be reckoned with. With a budget of 305 billion SHD and 705,542 active personal and 421,230 puts it smaller then SHACOG, but due to the large number of Staynish territories and multiple bases and number of countries the Staynish have upper hand on the time it would take to respond to threats.

NO.1- Pax Draconica

TEP Vice News Special

“Geopolitics of Stratarin”

Stratarian is located in Western Gondwana on the Pacific coast, it has a land border with Setzna, Brestan, Ivlya, Bourun and a Maritime border with Eastie. The Maritime border could be compared to that of Latianburg and Chianski with their Economic Exclusion Zone overlapping due to the extension of EEZ thanks to the Stratarin Islands being near the Eastie Islands, Stratarin has a total land area of 482,150 Sq mi with the warmest areas of the country near the capital. In contrast to that most of the population actually lives in the tall northern mountains, which tends to be colder and occasionally experiences snow. Stratarian is a Communist Dictatorship ruled with a iron hand by one man Mikhail Starikov, but this was not always the case and it is actually fairly new only coming into existence in 2001.

Okay so lets go back to 600AD - 861 AD which is according to our current understandings is when the first Stratarians, or as they were known at the time, “the Bolvans” were recorded. Basically the Bolvans were nothing more then clans and group of individuals who worshiped “Zevs” the father of the god, “Razrushitel” the god of war, and “Drakhyn” the ferryman of the dead. Now there has been alot of debate as to were the Bolvans come from some say concord but currently the most feasble option is that they come from inland Gondwana most likely coming from what is now The Twin States of Mern. At the time the Bolvans were not so much sea dwellers and instead to to clashing with Tribes and clans from Setzna and other areas are gondwana, most of these wars didn’t exactly affect the Bolvans the Setznan settlements, on the other hand, were respected to a degree by the Bolvans, to the point that many would keep their captives as spouses instead of selling them into slavery.

Moving forward in time to 862 AD - 971 AD a Vayan Catholic missionary from Vekaiyu named “Yiisu Imlostroviyey” arrived in the Strat lands with the intent of spreading his religion. The clansmen were startled at the Vulpine’s fox-like appearance, which is believed to have been the first Vulpines to inhabit the region. The first attempts at spreading Vayan Catholic were utter fails with the missionary being thrown into jail for several days before being released only because of fear of what there god would do. Ultimately Imlostroviyey’s attempts to spread Vayan Catholicism were a resounding failure.

Fast forwarding to present day Stratarin after the Nationalist Republic came to a end in 2001, Ruslan Voronin officially declared Stratarin a one-party state and named himself General Secretary of the Strataric Communist Party. Almost immediately, he cracked down heavily on crime, opened several Gulags in which the working conditions were hellish, and began the first of the Five Year Plans. He also instituted an isolationist policy that left many discontented. Even with all this the Strataric citizens were and are hesitant to speak out on this out fear for there lives. After several years of this slowly building, this culminated in Voronin being assassinated in 2007 and Drugov taking his place. Drugov was one of the founding people who had backed Voronin’s rise to power,he began orchestrating a coup, stirring up deeply-buried resentment in the people and bribing politicians for aid or information which lead to Voronin death. Drugov immediately ended the isolationist policy and, improve the working conditions in the Gulags drastically. He appointed an entirely new assemblage of ministers from those who had helped his cause, perhaps most notably his old friend, Rurik Lukin, and a rising star in the Strataric Military, Anatoly Baryshnikov.

The Goverment of Stratarin consists of the Primary Office (Head of State, First Deputy Premier, Administrator of Affairs, and Procurator General), Councils and Organizations (Supreme Council, Council of Ministers, 42 Ministries, and Supreme Court), and Communist Party Organizations(Political Bureau, Organizational Bureau, and Secretariat).

The office of Premier is the official head of Stratarin, whereas, due to the power that the Strataric Communist Party holds, the office of General Secretary is the de facto ruler of the nation. The current head of state is Mikhail Starikov, who carries out the duties of both offices. The First Deputy Premier of Stratarin is essentially the equivalent to the Vice President of the government. Unlike other similar government positions, several politicians may have this title at the same time, although currently there is only one. The administrator of Affairs is a relatively high-ranking government official whose primary duty is to co-sign resolutions made by the Council of Ministers with the Premier. The government apparatus prepares items of policy, which the Administrator checks systematically against decrees of the Party-Government. The Procurator General is responsible for the whole system of offices of public procurators and supervision of their activities on Strataric territory. In turn, public procurators are state officers charged with the investigation and prosecution of crime.

The Supreme Council is the highest legislative body of the Strataric government, and the only one capable of passing constitutional amendments. It formed the Council of Ministers and appoints the Procurator General. The officials of the Supreme Council are elected by secret ballot in accordance with the principles of so-called council democracy. The Council of Ministers is the highest executive and administrative body in Stratarin, as well as the de jure government.
The Presidium of the Council of Ministers is the collective decision-making body of government. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, his First Deputy Chairmen, Deputy Chairmen, ministers, State Committee chairmen, and other classified personnel make up the Presidium. The Supreme Court of Stratarin is the highest judicial body in the government. It includes a Military Collegium and other minor elements that are atypical of supreme courts across Urth.

The economy of Stratarin is guided by a series of nationwide centralized five year plans developed by Uplan, a state planning committee. Since sixteen years have passed since the rise to power of the Strataric Communist Party, three has so far been completed, with the fourth currently in progress. They have so far had a heavy focus on industrialization, with notable contributions to the military and transportation as well.

The Strataric Military, officially known as the Strataric Armed Forces, was completely revitalized following the takeover of General Secretary Voronin. Massive amounts of funding began to pour into military funding and weaponry. Conscription was also reintroduced, although this policy was toned down to a wartime-only conscription by General Secretary Drugov. It was then reintroduced by General Secretary Starikov. The Strataric Military although having no known military alliance or cooperation with the United Kingdom of Kuthernburg, continues to work with the armed branches in purchasing military equipment much notably Tarawa-class Amphibious Assault Ship and Sertobia Class Aircraft Carrier.

Due to the theories of the ‘Father of Strataric Communism’, Rishim Rubashkin, modern Stratarin is incredibly atheistic. Only an estimate of 3.6% Stratarians follows a religion, of which Vayan Catholicism is drastically the most common. There is technically no freedom of religion guaranteed to the people, although atheism becomes less and less prevalent the further into rural areas you go. The least atheistic group in Stratarin is made up of the Vulpine citizens, many of whom still cling to the previous centuries of Vayan Catholicism.

Finally Strataric media is solely controlled by the government. The primary news source for Stratarin is The Coyden Harbinger, a news broadcast named after a newspaper that existed in the 1900’s. Out of the various forms of media in Stratarin, the internet is the least tightly regulated. Most recently the Coyden Harbinger made a meme of some sort depicting a Ball Face and the Kuthern flag inside it, the Late Night Show has since started a friendly media war with Coyden Harbinger.

TEP Vice News

Episode 2
Season 1
“Inside Nassad, Nacata Secret Organization”
Reporter: Alma Beit

(Camera Shows her walking towards the Nassad HQ in St.Andrews)

“So were here today in St.Andrews to try to find out what is Nassad, for decades now Nassad has been the question of debate by many nations specifically because of there Tactics and way of doing thing’s. I’m hoping that we can to atleast talk to someone about the mysterious of this organization.” (Camera shows her walking up the stairs towards the building as a group of men quickly approach her) “Ma’am you cant come here” the man says as 5 other agents with face mask walk up, “We just wanted to talk to someone about Nassad” Beit replies to the men as they attempt to push them back from the entrance. “Ma’am please leave the premises we do not allow the filming of things that happen here” a agent replies before pushing them off the property before closing the gate.

“Well that didnt go as plan” as they were walking from the premises they entered there car and drove to a contact they had got before arriving in Nacata, she calls the number to see if they could talk " Hello," she says. “Hi who is this”? the man replies, " This is Alma Beit, from TEP Vice i was giving your number by my co-worker she said you could help us learn a little bit about Nassad". “I’ll help come by the house” he replies.

(Camera shows them arriving at the person house) “Here we are, she says”, as they walked towards the house they noticed the large Nacatan Flag hanging over the banister. 'Well okay, this is very pridish" she chuckles at the cameraman. They ring the doorbell a few times before the man answers, once she looked at him she noticed his eyes were almost Light blue “Come in” he says while looking around outside. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, i wasn’t able to catch who you were.” shes says, " My name is Chaim Kalish i worked for Nassad from 1960-2004" he replies as he walked towards the kitchen". “Wow 44 years as a agent, well can you tell us anything about what it was like”.

The man poured him some Akivett and sat down, “Well i can tell you only what is declassified, once a Nassad agent always a Nassad agent so don’t expect anything of there current operations” he replies while sipping his drink. “Okay” she replies.

“It was 1959 i was still a trainee just fresh out of the NDF special forces, i can recall about 30 or so agents screaming we stole it, we stole it!!. I was confused and i found out couple days later was that Nassad had illegally smuggled five Tena 3-class missile boats out of kuthernburg. By all means was Emandy and Queen Victoria mad” He chuckles for second, “and best part about it was we never gave them back we ended up selling them to Lessau for about 300 Million.” he pauses for a second as he takes a deep breath in.

“I can recall right after the Pollok massacres there was alot of shock and awe in the air, we never expected Nacata to be hit ever, the people for this must be brought to justice.The operation is still going on but i can tell you that we killed many people from many countries. Dr. Ezbashn Yraslk, coordinator of the Pollok massacre from Atiland, we killed him with a exploding telephone in his Luthernburg apartment in 1982, Dr. Aaron Harf, who was involved in the Pollok massacre,killed in Luthernburg 1983. The killing of Adeeb al-Mahdi, a Prussian Spy, in Luthernburg in 1983. The killing of ALeas Sandaer, a EX-top intelligence officer from Prussia, in Luthernburg in 1992. Luthernburg police believe that a team of assassins followed Aleas from Pearl City, where that first team connected with another team to close in on him in front of anderson Bank hotel, where he received three head-shots at point blank range. The List between 1978 and 2000 was Nassad at it’s peak, you had leaders of countries, generals, citizens all disappear.”

“Wow, so you guys are like assassins, of some sort” she replies while looking in shock, “Were not assassins, we protect our Jewish pride and our Nacatan liberty, you dont simply do something to a Nacatan and not expect something to be giving back in return. We have done much good such as Assisted in air and overland evacuations of Taurseroozian Jews from war-torn Taurserooz to Nacata in 2002 and 2003. Nassad was involved in outreach to Prasdcas in Prussian during the crackdown on Prussian Jews in the period between the 1960s and the 1980s.”

“So are you ever worried that someone maybe looking for you ?”, “You cant live your life in fear, i continue my regular life as plan. I bare arms so it won’t be a fair of a fight as you may think, I know someone maybe looking for me but i wont know tell that time come.”

Just as she was about to ask another question the man appeared to have noticed something, “I think it is time for you all to leave”. As she walked outside and got in the car she notice two black cars on the corner, they drove off and the cars started to trail them speeding up faster. “GET US OUT OF HERE!!” she screams as they started to speed up they notice a group of cars speed coming there way. They turned off the road and ran into a fence and into a ally, they drove as fast as possible eventually loosing the cars… ( To Be Continued in PT.2)


Issue #1

Nassad: Nacata’s own Angel of Death
-by Hannah Clothier Lodge (Opinion)

There is a quote that I am sure almost every Jewish citizen of Nacata knows. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. This phrase, attributed to Ezekiel, should be plastered upon the doors of every world leader, general, or citizen that may fall on the wrong side both real and perceived of Nacata. For Nacata has its own angel of death, bringer of vengeance, one that strikes down those as it so wishes. This “angel” is Nassad, the secret intelligence organization in Nacata. Nassad has been ingrained in hotspots around the globe, and as it stands right now, is a major threat to peace everywhere.

Nassad had its beginnings as early as the 1950s, according to declassified Nacatan governments. Its primary focus is gathering human intelligence and conducting black operations activities on enemies of the state, or to fulfill its own aims. Undercover operations seem to be its specialty, which makes finding information about its funding, size in employees, presence around the globe, and recent operations tough to hone down. But, based on past activity, we do know that Nacata has assassinated targets in the most extra judicious of methods, and seems to be brazen in its attempt to keep the organization attributed to past methods. After the attack during the International Pollack Games in 1979, Nassad underwent a series of assassinations aimed at bringing justice to the perpetrators of the attacks. How the organization received the information to go after the perpetrators? Besides the traditional spy methods of gathering intelligence via collection and turning assets, Nassad seemed to have engaged in enhanced interrogation methods; holding people without due process, and torturing them for information. Torture has been proven time and time again not to have any impact in procuring credible intelligence, yet it is continued around the world, condoned and encouraged by leaders. This is a grave human rights abuse that should be stopped. There has not been any information about whether these methods actually resulted in actionable intelligence for Nassad, so is it really making the world a better place?

Sanction by leaders is another aspect this this Nassad facade that needs to be put to an end. Nassad, for all its descriptions of being a covert organization, actually plays an overt function as well, supplying security to Nacatan Secret Service during world events. Leaders have to willingly engage with such an organization, and have to tolerate its presence in their nations, even if Nassad has engaged in direct state-to-state actions sanctioned by Nacatan leaders. In 1959, Nassad agents commandeered several ships owned by Kuthernburg, and smuggled them out of the country. Why Kuthernburg did not respond to this is beyond me. Perhaps it was due to fear?

Fear is a tool useful to Nassad. Perhaps it is so brazen an organization, so smug and nonchalant about its affairs, because it knows it is untouchable. Leaders, generals, noteworthy citizens of nations all over Urth have disappeared and turned out dead, all attributed to Nassad. Nassad has admitted it assassinated individuals in the past, yet in places like West Cerdani, people are still turning up dead, mostly under dubious circumstances. There was one case of a former Prussian spy, who allegedly was part of the attacks on the International Pollack Games, who, according to the coroner’s report, was recently shot 28 times. During the attacks, 28 Nacatan citizens died. The attacks took place in 1979, and supposedly Nassad is now targeting this individual? Justice to Nassad is very different than most people would believe justice to be, and it toes the line between vengeance and revenge. So, foreign government leaders either condone the actions by the organization, hoping they will not be the next to fall, or are paid off to look the other way, or are ‘removed.’ Nacata’s leadership, under Charlotte Roberson, has encouraged the use of Nassad against its perceived enemies, reflecting a heinous approach that does not reflect the rule of law or the sovereignty of other nations. She should be investigated by an international court for allowing this to happen.

There is one aspect of Nassad that has not been looked at yet. Nacata is a Jewish state, and Nassad is a Jewish intelligence organization that advances the goals of the Jewish people as well as the country of Nacata. This is not me being anti-Semitic; this is coming right from the horse’s mouth. Nassad agents have gone on to say that Nassad is motivated by nationalism and the Jewish faith, and it strikes down who they believe are enemies of both. It has turned its attention to the Muslim extremist terrorist group Al-Jaheed, and undoubtedly conducted operations against that group in places like Pax, the Taikow Islands in Adumara, Latianburg, and perhaps even in Santo Corona. It has also allegedly trained rebel groups to openly oppose regimes in places like Santo Corona and Latianburg. This turn to the Muslim group is particularly troublesome, as it will only turn Al-Jaheed’s attention to Nacata. Is Nassad really making the people of Nacata safer by directly going after Al-Jaheed? Probably not.

So, we’ve established that Nassad uses fear as a tool, has no compunction about assassinating and targeting civilians, leaders, essentially noncombatants of foreign nations, believes it is protecting and advancing the Jewish religion and aims of the Nacatan state, and is brazen in its claims of past operations. By any definition, this organization is a terrorist organization, and I implore leaders to recognize it as such. Furthermore, Nacata, for condoning and funding this organization, should be classified as a state sponsor of terrorism. People are terrified, and it’s up to our leaders to slay this Angel of Death, before its eyes of vengeance turns to them.

Hannah Clothier Lodge is an anti-war activist and Quaker organizer. She is a founder of the Women Against Aggression (WAA), a peace group advocating for conscientious objection, an end to the selective service, allowing female involvement in the military, and reduction of gender violence. She is the author of the book ‘Prime Peace and Settlement,’ a Furnifold Times Bestseller. This Issue was a Opinion and should not be taking as facts.


Issue #2

Furnifold , A Closer Look With Chancellor Faith Jagan & Foreign secretary Jackson Woolf
-by Vanessa Hidersburg (Yuno Dept)

Vanessa: “Thanks for having me here Chancellor Faith, I wanted to start off by asking about how things have changed since the APWII and What were they like before?”

Chancellor: “I’m glad you’d like to interview me, Vanessa. Thanks for considering taking a look at Furnifold for your article. Well, I guess we should start with what it was like before. My staff and I had been working on a budget to fund the government, but then we were embroiled in the war. Now, I am not criticizing the war at all, but there were consequences that we are still dealing with. Here are a few:We had owned Gronmund Port, the small entrepot in Acturia. Due to the war effort, we had to negotiate the sale of that port to Kaeliv. We lost nearly 200 wonderful men and women, and lost nearly half of our land vehicles and artillery in that war. Furthermore, our military commanders recalled Furnifold’s PKFU, that’s PeaceKeeping Forces of Urth by the way, to fight in Xagrurg. This has damaged our reputation with the organization. I didn’t agree with the decision, and I still do not. But, it is in the past. We’ve had to rework our budget, and it is still being handled right now. We are emphasizing care for those injured during the war, and also attempting to pay settlement expenses for the refugees that we have taken in, from Yor, Xagrurg, and nearby Imperial Fandom.I don’t want to sound like a complete Negative Nancy though. We’ve been able to fund important infrastructure projects, thanks to aid from Kuthernburg. Our military has also been undergoing some modernization, but that does drive up costs as you might expect. Finally, our nation has been able to pursue some more trade with nations in Aurora, and that can be partially attributed to the conclusion of the war.”

Vannessa: "You mention refugees from the Imperial Fandom I recall reading a article from the Yuno Times saying that PKFU were operating there would that be part of the reason why Furnifold is being Flooded with new refugees ? If so how is this affecting the country as a whole?”

Chancellor: “Yes, the PKFU asked member states to take in refugees, and the Magistrate agreed to take in a maximum of 500 thousand refugees. I believe The New Furnifoldian Times cited that about 200 thousand refugees have arrived since the PKFU has accepted its mission. We have not been able to determine the number of refugees from other nations, but it’s probably no more than 100 thousand.It’s putting a strain on our resources, that’s for sure. We’ve been moving refugees to disperse them across Furnifold, to take the strain off of Boonefield, the largest city in our country. The PKFU gives a subsidy to the government for resettlement purposes, but it unfortunately is not enough, and is sometimes spent incorrectly. But, our people have been welcoming of these poor souls, and we have a strong sense of community over here, so I’d like to think that Furnifold is trying to make the refugees as comfortable as possible as they settle in a new place.”

Vanessa: "Strong sense of community is very rare nowadays it reminds me of home in Brestola were the coming saying of “it takes a neighborhood to raise a child”. Now I had read in the 2018 Foreign Mega Project documents released by Kuthernburg this week it showed plans for kAE and Kuthernburg were starting on a Light rail system in the capital and a Subway/El and Trolley system in boonefield do you know anything about this?

Chancellor: “Absolutely, who do you think helped negotiate for these improvements? We’re really proud of that over here. I do want to correct you though, in that the plans are to build a light rail line in Woolf and McLendal, not in Boonefield. There’s improvements going to Boonefield, but not infrastructure.”

Vanessa: "Ahh your right little mix up of words there, now in terms of economic capacity and investment into companies in Furnifold who would be the biggest investor company? is it domestic or foreign? "

Chancellor: “The largest firm in Furnifold is the financial brokerage firm Manleh Cousins. The firm considers mainly agricultural investments from both small businesses and large corporations. You’ll have to discuss with the firm specifics about what it looks for and what kind of investments it does, but that is the largest domestic firm. The largest international firms are kAE, which you mentioned before, The Oan Isles Oancom Ltd, and a car company from Duelland.”

Vannessa: “Now we have alot of environmental users who watch and a main concern and question was what were the Environmental plans that Furnifold will put into place these coming years? There also have been growing concern for number of dams that have destroyed the eco-system and that are no longer in use could you touch that a little more?”

Chancellor: “Furnifold is committed to environmental preservation, so your viewers don’t have to be concerned. We have several areas that are untouchable by industry, including Lake Amery, the largest lake in Furnifold. This supplies water directly to the Chonvor River, where about nine million people live. So, the Chonvor River is clean because Lake Amery is clean. We protect the Gewxhai Forest, which also is the source of living for the Gwexhai people and the Red Zillo River. Needless to say, Furnifold takes its environmental regulations very seriously, and we all are doing our part to make sure this land is sustainable for the future. Due to increased efficiency in agriculture, our farmers have been employing sustainable farming practices for almost forty years, and we will continue on this path well past my lifetime!”

Vanessa: “finally Chancellor what are some 2018 goals of Furnifold?”

Chancellor: “I’m glad you asked that! 2018 is going to be a big year for Furnifold. Our economic estimates have posited that the country’s economy will grow 6 percent by the end of this year, and this is trending up. We’ve been able to keep taxes low for everyone, that way they can spend their hard-earned cash on themselves. We’ve been working on getting high speed internet up and running in parts of the country, and are working on a program to get internet access into all of our schools. Soon children all across Furnifold will be able to log-in online, and maybe soon some of them will be able to get that new Primphone for Eid al-Fitr! In terms of worker’s rights, a subject that is near and dear to my heart, we’ve been giving out more small business credit opportunities. There’s one that I was reading about earlier that really spoke to me. This woman named Ishema, she lives in a tenement area in Boonefield, has been working with other women in the tenement to form a cooperative, and our government was able to fund the entire program so that way these women can work and make their own living running a business! Not only is she able to provide for herself, but she will be providing for her daughter and making sure that her daughter is dependent on no man for livelihood. I’m sure you can agree, Vanessa, that when women are able to make their own way, everyone is better off for it.So, this is what we’ve got going on in 2018. There’s of course a lot more, but these are some of the things that make me more than excited for Furnifold’s future!”

Vanessa: "That’s amazing chancellor that’s exciting news, that’s very impressive I will actually like to meet these women later!

Okay now moving on to the Foreign Secretary Mr.Woolf

Greetings Foreign Secretary its a pleasure to be here firstly I would like to address Furnifold current position in world events such as the recent terrorist attacks and Kuthernburg involvement in Adumara does this affect the current strong bond between the two nations?”

Woolf: “Absolutely not, Furnifold is as committed to Kuthernburg as Kuthernburg is to Furnifold. We are here and willing to assist with whatever is needed from our partners. I of course wish for peace to be first on everyone’s mind, and I believe that my counterpart in Kuthernburg wishes that too. This situation with Adumara will be resolved soon, I am sure of it. As for the terrorist attacks, my nation knows about internal strife, with the Furnifold Patriotic Front becoming more emboldened every month. The best counter to this is education. Even if these terrorists are doing reprehensible things, the underlying issues behind why this is occurring may be legitimate. Finding out what these issues are and attempting to fix them is the best way to counteract terrorism, besides of course having increased security presence for all people in the country.”

Vanessa: “Now could you elaborate a little in Furnifold 2018 International Goals?”

Woolf: “Well, I know from a business perspective, we want to try and emphasize our strengths when we get to trade agreements. We want to work with other countries to try and get a foothold in complex machinery manufacturing. We have just partnered with Duelland’s automobile industry, and we are looking to expand upon this partnership, to go into other partnerships. We also want to get a stronger working relationship with the PKFU, because the organization is one of the more stable organizations on Urth, and represents a way to spread Furnifold’s ideals across Urth.”

Vanessa: “Finally what are your reactions on the NSTO-UKK-Adumara meeting taking place in Ato on the 2nd of December?”

Woolf: “Hopefully fruitful discussion happens, and we see a reconciliation and true peace happen in the country. While Furnifold will not have a role besides hosting the summit, we will be here to help with anything the representatives need.”

Vanessa Hidersburg is an Feed Imperial activist and apart of Mg Capa Capa. She is also apart of the Women Against Aggression (WAA), a peace group advocating for conscientious objection, an end to the selective service, allowing female involvement in the military, and reduction of gender violence. She currently a student at University of Victoria in Marble , Kuthernburg studying photojournalism.


Issue #3

Incredible Facts About Subrovania
-by Aaron Fishers (Aurora Dept)

”In Subrovania we have equal political rights for our women and men we do not regard ourselves according to sex.”
-Maria Dochesters

So Subrovania is the brother to Crania, Officially called the Kingdom of Subrovania. And Officially as of 2016 it has a population of 14,2 Million people, Subrovania has both administrative and political subdivisions on two levels: counties and municipalities. The Sermi people have a certain amount of self-determination and influence over traditional territories through the Sermi Parliament and the Sinnmark Act.

The country maintains a combination of market economy and a Gordic welfare model with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. Subrovania has extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, lumber, seafood, fresh water and hydropower. The petroleum industry accounts for around a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).Since 2009, Subrovania has the highest Human Development Index ranking in Gondwanan, a position also held previously between 2001 and 2003. It also has the highest inequality-adjusted ranking.

The Subrovanian Armed Forces numbers about 125,000 personnel, including civilian employees. According to 2009 mobilisation plans, full mobilisation produces approximately 283,000 combatant personnel. Subrovania has conscription (including 6–12 months of training);in 2013, the country became the first in Gordic Council to draft women as well as men. However, due to less need for conscripts after the Morstaybishlian Empire ended with the break-up of the Empire, few people have to serve if they are not motivated. The Armed Forces are subordinate to the Subrovanian Ministry of Defence. The Commander-in-Chief is Prime Minister Hareld V. The military of Subrovania is divided into the following branches: the Subrovania Army, the Royal Subrovania Navy, the Royal Subrovania Air Force, the Subrovania Cyber Force and the Home Guard

The geography and climate of Subrovania is extremely diverse, and the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Subrovania occupies a geopolitically important location at the center of Gondwana

Ranging from the coastal areas of the south to the glaciated mountains of the north, Subrovania’s landscapes vary from plains to deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus.
Subrovania is divided into three major geographic areas: the northern highlands, the Indicus River plain, and the Besülo Plateau. The northern highlands contain the Jilop, Kush, and Jeuroxa mountain ranges, which contain some of the world’s highest peaks, including five of the fourteen eight-thousanders mountain peaks 26,250 feet, which attract adventurers and mountaineers from all over the world, notably S2 at 28,251 ft and Mt.Norbia at 26,660 ft. The Besülo Plateau lies in the west and the Burtøn Desert in the east. The 1,000 mi Indicus River and its tributaries flow through the country from the Northern Semi region to the Central Concordia Ocean.

There is an expanse of alluvial plains along in the country. The climate varies from tropical to temperate, with arid conditions in the coastal south. There is a monsoon season with frequent flooding due to heavy rainfall, and a dry season with significantly less rainfall or none at all. There are four distinct seasons: a cool, dry winter from June through August; and a hot, dry spring from September through November; the summer rainy season, or southwest monsoon period, from December through February; and the retreating monsoon period of March and May. Rainfall varies greatly from year to year, and patterns of alternate flooding and drought are common.

The diversity of the landscape and climate in Subrovania allows a wide variety of trees and plants to flourish. The forests range from coniferous alpine and subalpine trees such as spruce, pine, and deodar cedar in the extreme northern mountains to deciduous trees in most of the country, to palms such as coconut and date along the coast twords the South-West. The western hills are home to juniper, tamarisk, coarse grasses, and scrub plants. Mangrove forests form much of the coastal wetlands along the coast in the south.

Coniferous forests are found at altitudes ranging from 3,300 to 13,100 feet in most of the northern and northwestern highlands. In the xeric regions of Central Subrovania, date palm and Ephedra are common. In most of the country, the Indicus plains support tropical and subtropical dry and moist broadleaf forest as well as tropical and xeric shrublands. These forests are mostly of mulberry, acacia, and eucalyptus. About 4.6% of Subrovania was forested in 2010.
The fauna of Subrovania also reflects the country’s varied climate. Around 668 bird species are found there, including crows, sparrows, mynas, hawks, falcons, and eagles. Many birds sighted in Subrovania are migratory, coming from Atlantia, Concordia, and Aurora.

The southern plains are home to mongooses, civets, hares, the Asiatic jackal, the Subranian pangolin, the jungle cat, and the desert cat. There are mugger crocodiles in the Indicus, and wild boar, deer, porcupines, and small rodents in the surrounding areas. The sandy scrublands of central Subrovania are home to Asiatic jackals, striped hyenas, wildcats, and leopards. The lack of vegetative cover, the severe climate, and the impact of grazing on the deserts have left wild animals in a precarious position. A wide variety of animals live in the mountainous north, including the Marco Polo sheep, the markhor goat, the ibex goat, the Asian black bear, and the Himalayan brown bear. Among the rare animals found in the area are the snow leopard and the blind Indicus river dolphin, of which there are believed to be about 1,100 remaining, protected at the Indicus River Dolphin Reserve in southern Subrovania. In total, 174 mammals, 177 reptiles, 22 amphibians, 198 freshwater fish species and 5,000 species of invertebrates (including insects) have been recorded in Subrovania.

At present, there are around 157 protected areas in Subrovania that are recognised by the GC. According to the ‘Modern Protected Areas’ legislation, a national park is a protected area set aside by the government for the protection and conservation of its outstanding scenery and wildlife in a natural state. The oldest national park is Büjufl in Nutïxa District, established in 1942. It is one of the only two biosphere reserves of Subrovania; the other is the Ketuğ Juniper Forest, which is the largest contiguous natural juniper forest in Subrovania.

Vaccination and increased treatment opportunities with antibiotics resulted in great improvements within the Subrovanian population. Improved hygiene and better nutrition were factors that contributed to improved health. The disease pattern in Subrovania changed from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases and chronic diseases as cardiovascular disease. Inequalities and social differences are still present in public health in Subrovania today.
In 2013 the infant mortality rate was 2.5 per 1,000 live births among children under the age of one. For girls it was 2.7 and for boys 2.3, which is the lowest infant mortality rate for boys ever recorded in Subrovania.

The Subrovania farm culture continues to play a role in contemporary Subrovania culture. In the 19th century, it inspired a strong romantic nationalistic movement, which is still visible in the Semi language and media. Subrovania culture blossomed with nationalist efforts to achieve an independent identity in the areas of literature, art and music. This continues today in the performing arts and as a result of government support for exhibitions, cultural projects and artwork.

Subrovania has been a progressive country, which has adopted legislation and policies to support women’s rights, minority rights, and LGBT rights. As early as 1884, 171 of the leading figures, among them five Prime Ministers for the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, co-founded the Subrovania Association for Women’s Rights. They successfully campaigned for women’s right to education, women’s suffrage, the right to work, and other gender equality policies. From the 1970s, gender equality also came high on the state agenda, with the establishment of a public body to promote gender equality, which evolved into the Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud. Civil society organisations also continue to play an important role, and the women’s rights organisations are today organised in the Subrovania Women’s Lobby umbrella organisation.

In regard to LGBT rights, Subrovania was the first country in the world to enact an anti-discrimination law protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. In 1993, Subrovania became the second country to legalise civil union partnerships for same-sex couples, and on 1 January 2009 Subrovania became legalized full marriage equality to same-sex couples.

Separation of church and state happened significantly later in Subrovania than in most of Gordic states and is not yet complete. In 2012, the Subrovania parliament voted to grant the Church of Subrovania greater autonomy, a decision which was confirmed in a constitutional amendment on 21 May 2012.

Until 2012 parliamentary officials were required to be members of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Subrovania, and at least half of all government ministers had to be a member of the state church. As state church, the Church of Subrovania clergy were viewed are state employees, and the central and regional church administrations were part of the state administration. On 1 January 2017, Subrovania disestablished the Church, making it independent of the state, but retaining the Church’s status as national church.


Issue #4

The Most Intense Wars & Global Conflicts of 2017
-by Ralph Macon

Wars and conflicts are no new phenomenal, they have the power to damage, destroy, and even liberate people in some cases. In 2017 it seem like there were new conflicts on Urth everyday, or continuing conflicts that just continued getting worst. So as the year close we wanted to look at the most crucial, violent, and often most underreported wars in the world.

First on our list is the little known conflict that sprung up in West Atiland this September, the conflict broke out after a Al-Jaheed back group Mouslini took over the island of West Atiland after the government forces were unable to push them back. The takeover was met by harsh government response from Nacata who bombed the mostly Muslim majority island to clear it from the militant group, Atiland president Roberto Clemente also declared martial law on the entire island of West atiland affecting more than 5 million people. According to human right groups more then 720,000 people have already been displaced within the first 2 months of fighting, with a victory in clear sight the Royal Coalition forces have been pulling out and the atiland government has pushed to finish the conflict by taking there de facto capital.

Another conflict is the civil war in Imperial Fandom which has left millions displaced, dead, or infected with the worst outbreak of Typhoid and ringworms in the 21st century. After months of fighting the Imperial Fandom government requested the help from the PKFU which has already taking hundreds of thousands of refugees, some have even considered this the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The conflict is one of the most devastating of the year with at least 22,000 people dead and Half of the fandom population starving.

Another Key conflict that saw significant moments was the war in Santo which started in August by 4 nations Nacata, Kuthernburg, Celannica, and Asendavia, which eventually turned into a proxy war between Xagrurg and Nacata. The invasion came after the terrorist group Ruby September started to take over the island of Santo by force and stole aid from Kuthernburg and Nacata, Kuthernburg and Nacata deployed a combine number of 2200 troops to Santo, Nacata main ally Duelland join later in the war sending a little over 600 soldiers. Following altercations between Xagrurg and Nacata intelligent groups which help further fuel the war into what it is now a Proxy conflict, and although no peace treaty signed between the two for the most part there has been little to no activity. That may come to a change in 2018 if plans from Nacata go through for a complete Invasion of Santo alongside Duelland.


From us at Vice to everyone in The East Pacific we will like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new years.!!