The Empire of Itanica

“Curabitur locum imperii”
Secure the Position of the Empire

The Empire of Itanica is a large land mass with a population of 5 million inhabitants in the middle of the East Pacific. Our national animal is the American Pitbull, we are against the placing of all the wealth into the hands of the corporation owners; Private enterprise is banned in our nation.

The Armed Forces of Itanica are responsible for all the Empire's military decisions. A vast amount of our GDP is spent on them. The Armed Forces' divisions are:
The Itanican Air Defense Force - The Air Force of our Empire
The Itanican Navy - The Navy of our Empire
The Itanican Marine Corps - The Amphibious Assault Division of the Armed Forces
MD5 - The Itanican Special Forces Unit

We never have forced conscription except in defense emergencies.

The Empire of Itanica is a technologically advanced nation, however the majority of our business is secondary. We do not utilise a Police Force, but instead use the Military Police to deal with crime. Every Itanican citizen is guaranteed a fair trial and will never be sentenced without one. Offenders from outside of Itanica are given a trial in Itanica, and then if their country wishes so, they will be deported back to it for their punishment. Else, they will be punished under the Itanican law system.

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Very well-written. I like it. And welcome to TEP! I hope to see great things from you! You will find that everyone here loves to roleplay, especially our delegate, Todd McCloud!