The End of All Things to Come

Well, this is another FPS shameless forum advertisement. So if you don’t feel like getting involved in any rps outside of nationstates, no matter how large or small they are, or simply don’t like reading advertisements, I suggest you go look at another topic now.

That aside, let me talk about this forum. The End of All Things to Come is a freelance RPing forum, which allows people to either talk about things OOCly, or start any type of RP they like in a place where the strange and unexpected is cherished, and no real RP etiqueete takes place. It’s also sort of diffirent from main NS, which is nice.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t both advertising this site. However, due to my benig the RP Moderator (Scarface), and the fact that there is a REALLY good rp going on there, I just wanted to try to get others involve.

C’mon and join guys. No commitment, nothing like that. Totally free and fun.

can the Hive conquer parts of it?

Ha! I don’t think it’s an actual hive, thats just the name the site administrator made up for it…

Of course, I couldn’t think of a better viceroy for the thing then you…judging by your experience. Heh.