The Eon Convention on Genocide

The Eon Convention on Genocide
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: TilEnca

Description: The UN does hereby state that :-
The genocide is a heinous crime, and should be treated as a crime against all people.
It is a crime that exceeds the jurisdiction of any one nation.
Those who commit genocide should be brought to justice by the international community.

Article 1:Definition And Limits

§1. Genocide is defined as the systematic and deliberate extermination of a society, or part of a society, based on arbitrary criteria (such as skin colour, genetic conditions or religion). Those covered by this resolution are those protected by The UBR.
§2. Extermination includes, but is not limited to:- murder, torture, enslavement, rape, forced pregnancy and familial separation.
§3. Genocide is committed or instigated by the state, or by groups acting on behalf of the state. Should there be a claim for a private group being responsible for genocide, this can also be brought before TPP (to be described later) to confirm the validity of the claim.
§4. Genocide has no statute of limitations.
§5. If Genocide is used in self-defence, it is still considered genocide, and will be brought to TPP to confirm the validity of the action.

Article 2:The Pretenama Panel (TPP)

§1. TPP is a body that can be instituted by the UN when it requires it. It is not a standing panel, but one that is created when the UN requires its services. More than one TPP can be operational at the same time.
§2. TPP is made up of representatives from fifteen UN member nations. These representatives must be diplomats, or lawyers. Each nation can supply only two members to TPP. No nation can serve on more than one TPP at the same time. The members of TPP can be challenged by those accused as well as the accusers, as the independence of TPP is paramount.
§3. TPP is granted all the powers it requires to investigate Genocide and try people for the crime. It will have the powers to demand the extradition of suspects, witnesses and other people connected with the crime they are investigating. If the extradition is challenged TPP must show proof of the requirement. This power can only extend to the extradition from UN member nations.
§4. TPP will meet in a location decided by its members. The nation hosting TPP will be required to provide adequate security.

Article 3:Investigation and Intervention

§1. Member Nations are required to submit to an investigation ordered by TPP instituted by an accusation of Genocide. If no evidence is found, TPP is disbanded. If evidence is found, TPP can take in to custody those suspected to be responsible.
§2. Nations may not invade other nations based on this convention.

Article 4:Legal Proceedings

§1. TPP will be the legal authority that brings those accused of genocide to justice. It will act in accordance with UN Resolutions.
§2. TPP will sentence those convicted, within current UN resolutions. TPP can not sentence people to death.
§3. Those acquitted are free to go, and may not be tried for the crime by national states. However a person acquitted of Genocide can be retried by TPP should new evidence come to light.
§4. TPP will choose where the sentence should be served, on the condition that the prisoner(s) will be held in accordance with The Wolfish Convention.
§5. Once a prisoner has discharged their sentence, they will be free to go. However, in the interests of international security, the said prisoner will be forbidden from holding public office in any UN Member Nation from then on.

Voting Ends: Tue Dec 7 2004

Loops opinion : No real opinion, anyone got one?

if interpereted correctly, this would make the Hive illeagal

Pack, I’m not sure how to put this nicely, so I’ll be blunt. You’ve already broken UN Law, by force assimilating surrendured troops and civilians of planets and nations you’ve conquored (thereby breaking the Wolfish Convention on POWs).

In other words, at any time, the UN could come crashing down on you, demand the extridition of father, and a bunch of other stuff. Will that happen?

No. First off, this stuff happened awhile back, and no one has yet taken any action on it…if you were going to get in trouble for your forced assimilations, you’d already be under attack by the UN.

Secondly, how would they prosecute? The entire hive is under the orders of father…now, even assuming they arrest the people who did the deeds themselves, arresting father would be quite difficult…after all, he does not exist in real life.

Assuming they did get their hands on him, what punishment could they give? The UN doesn’t have the death penalty…and from prison, Father could still run the hive, and still come and go as he pleased…the same with the rest of the drones arrested.

And finally, the UN in NS has no actual power except to pass and remove resoloutions (Unless Max decides to change something). And somehow, I doubt a resoloution to attack Packilvania, or take action on him, or w/e, would get in queue, not to mention be passed by the general assembly.

I’m all for the bill…genocide sickens me.

i just think the bill need a rewrite-

and since im not in the UN, i ahve broken no UN laws-

— Begin quote from ____

i just think the bill need a rewrite-

and since im not in the UN, i ahve broken no UN laws-

— End quote

that would make a nice Ad, and perhaps a good subgroup in the EP.


HOORAY for the independants!

— Begin quote from ____

that would make a nice Ad, and perhaps a good subgroup in the EP.

— End quote

How’s this Loop?

Or does it look better with a see-through UN flag:

The resolution is well-written. At the core of it is the establishment of temporary world court sessions though. Genocide is evil and should not be condoned but I wonder about such courts sometimes. They start off as vague generalities and then are filled in with more controversial terms. My vote will be “yes” but I’m not excited about the possible predicent.

I dont mind it at all, cause it seems to be one of the few good ones lately.

needd one more vote, bill is currently tied

as the Bill is Tied, 4 aye 4 nay, I am abstaining from voting.
No EP vote on this issue.