The Federal Repubic of new dexteria

Our motto “Freedom and justice for all” :bow:
Pay our country a visit ‘‘NationStates | Not Found’’
national Flag:

Chronicles of New Dexteria:

Founded on May 08, 2010

Became regional Delegete of [region]otaku[/region] on may 10, 2010

Became Regional delegate of [region]the alliance of grand powers[/region] on june 28, 2010.

Hello and enjoy your stay…

Hello and welcome to The East Pacific! We’re a friendly bunch of people, I swear!

Welcome to the East Pacific!

Welcome, new dexteria!

Watch out for overly friendly fridge owls … they’ve been known to lurk!

Hello and welcome new dexteria! yes yes, do watch out for the friendly fridge owls!

oh and don’t let the Black Hole rumor scare you, as Todd says, we’re a friendly bunch! :wink: