The Free Land of Sceleia

Hey everyone! I am Altoire, leader of the Free Land of Sceleia!
I’ve been playing NS, which I found on TV Tropes, since a few days, and ooh goodness, I missed something good my whole life!
The name of the country comes from the Latin ‘scelus’, which means crime. Don’t worry, totally good guys! This is similar to the etymology of the currency, the thjof (with the ‘thorn’ letter). It means ‘thief’ in Old Norse. Don’t think about it too much; the citizens never understood what is meant by ‘thjof’ and instead think it’s some sort of abstract money similar to bitcoins, and they’ve never be told for a reason.
I guess I should also apply to citizenship, but I can’t really right now, so… I guess I’m supposed to wait 'til sunday.