The High Kingdom of Warre

While Warre has been an sovereign national entity within the East Pacific for approximately 300 years as of current, and has been a single successive nation for nearly two hundred and fifty years, a Kingdom. It was until the last few months that this form has stood, a Monarchical Kingdom with Parliamentary Democratic tendencies, even if it styled itself an ‘Imperial Kingdom’.

In the past month it has reformed itself because of the new found political entities within it, and the rival sovereign kingdoms found within the country from the ‘Mist’ incident which took the country for the past four years.

While geo-politically it is a ‘Kingdom’, and a singular sovereign entity, the High Kingdom’s articles of union specifically allow for the individual Kings (Styled either as Ri, King, or Teryn) to exercise semi-sovereignty in regards to their domestic policies of their particular nations and likewise to military exercises against other nations. They function with slightly more power than one would expect of a governor or president in a union of states, and their primary lack of ability is an expressed ability to leave the High Kingdom, short of a national referendum within their own nation.

Genetically and Culturally, the Warreic as a people are primarily European in genetics, specifically Northern European and Celtic. Humanity is the primary species within Warre, having a dominance in population which borders 92 to 93 in total percentage. Vekaiyuan Vulpines account for less than .4 of a percent of the total population, and even then primarily in the Kingdom of Dveria’s southern regions. In contrast or perhaps illustration, 2% of the population consists of Lupanese peoples whom have settled in Warre for work or learning and haven’t ever left. Assorted other races exist, but exact numbers on their kinds are hard to come by.