The Holy Empire of Coxnord

Highly Esteemed and Most Excellent World Leaders,

Her Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty The Holy Empress has Decreed that The Holy Empire shall fortwith open Her borders to the World. The Holy Empire stands strong from Her long time of isolation and The Holy Empress has seen that the road unto Salvation now leads not only through coexistence but also through cooperation with Her kind neighbours.

The Holy Empress extends Her warmest greetings to all Her neighbours throughout the World along with Her sincerest hopes for the continued prosperity of The Holy Empire, the World and all nations therein.

On behalf of Her Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty Empress Anne III Mary Isabelle, Holy Empress of Coxnord, Queen of the North, Archduchess of Anisia, Apostolic Queen of Cunula, Duchess of Hork, Checeister and Djomm,

Chancellor Catherine Decker, Head of the Second Section of HI&RAM Own Chancery

OOC: Hello! I’ve been on and off NS for some time, here with a brand new nation now. Looking forward to getting to know TEP.

Welcome to the TEP nuthouse, Coxnord! :smiley:

Welcome to TEP. Here our motto is have fun!

We have a lot of RPs going on right now, so feel to read one and jump right on in. Or you can start your own and have us jump right in!

Welcome to TEP! I will be taking control of your entire nation’s infrastructure through acts of subterfuge momentarily. :wink:

Thanks for the welcomes!

I actually checked the RP section out a bit before deciding to stay and register, so I’ll get over there within shortly.

Hey there nice to see you here! Enjoy checking out the RP’s - we’re a friendly bunch. Feel free to jump in one or start your own!