The Mysterious Room (Four Headed Dragon Storyline)

22 Miles North of Sel’Krah

Three Kaab SH-52 Stealth helicopters flew quietly over the skies of Alythunia, onboard was the 8 man team assigned to start up and operate the Red Room in the nation. Mira could be seen in the lead helicopter with her legs out the helicopter as she took in the warm fresh air of the summer in the Near Arctic region, it was a different smell than that of Nacata perhaps because of the different trees or even just the fact of the fresh springs running through the area. Regardless she knew she would enjoy it here it was just a new feel, she would spot the brand new facility out in the woods before pointing it out as the helicopters came in for a landing.

The crew would exit the helicopters walking up to a group of women, she would reach her hand out to shake whoever was in charge before speaking. “My name is Mira Aidallbery, I’m with Nassad we are here for the red room.”

Director Emilia Johnson was standing there awaiting the Nacatan to arrive at her facility. Behind her were her guards, of course, dressed out in winter camouflage gear to help blend in with the snowy forest area. She stuck out her hand and shook Mira’s hand with a smile. “A pleasure to meet you, Mira. I am Director Emilia Johnson. I trust you are ready to experience the Red Room?”

The director gave a more sinister smile. The Red Room was where Alyunthia turned the greatest thing to ever grace mankind, which was women, into refined and perfect assassins.

Mira smiled as she mentioned the red room, “Indeed I am Ms.Johnson… I am a product of Nacata very own Red Room. We canceled it due to the fact that the assassins produced from the program often become more powerful then you think, Charlotte has brung it back though times are changing so should our allies have the opportunity to train as I have” she said as she nodded for the others to come on.

Emilia nodded as she would then lead the group of Nacatan Red Room graduates towards the elevator. “I must say that when I have received word to construct this facility from the High Matriarch, I could tell she was super excited about this. To have an entire program devoted to training women to become deadly assassins, how could we refuse?” Once everyone was in the elevator, Emilia would press the button and they would all slowly start descending down below. “We had to build our facility underground, just in case we were being watched at all. Can never be too careful.”

Mira walked through the corridor after exiting the elevator looking at the layout, “Have the girls gone through the sterilization process?” She would ask before noticing the cameras, it was a natural response for them to automatically look for detection objects. “The girls would be put through intense training, intense ballet dance lessons as well. We will break them, and then rebuild them into something the world will fear.”

“Of course they have been sterilized. We do so before we even begin the training program. These girls have all volunteered to be put through this program.” Director Emilia said “I do agree with the philosophy. Tear down something old and rebuild it better than before.” Emilia continued to lead the Nactans down the hallway where the new group of trainees would be awaiting orders. As Director Emilia stepped into the room, all of the new trainees stood at attention in unison. “We always make sure they are well behaved people.”

Mira would examine the recruits closely looking them up and down, some were fragile, others were almost looked bred for this type of program. “Let’s get these girls into the training room I would like to test their strength and fight skill. If that’s alright?” she would ask the director.

“By all means they are yours.” the Director responded “Ladies, listen up! You are going to be listening to Mira here. She has survived the Nacatan Red Room and is everything you should aspire to be. I expect nothing less than complete obedience from you all. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am!” they said in unison.

“Very well. Mira, have fun. I shall be watching through the cameras.” Director Emilia would then leave the room/

Mira nodded and smiled as she walked the group through the halls following the signs to the training room, she dropped her bags watching the girls getting in line. “Alright all of you charge me” she would say as she watched the girls hesitate at first before some started the charge. “Weak!” she would say as she grabbed the smallest girl flipping her while kicking another charging from the side. Mira would then roll twisting the smallest girl arm before flipping backward, she would then look around the room running towards a taller girl kicking her in the thigh.

She would notice one girl who seemed to monitor the situation instead of just charging, “Your smart, what is your name girl?” She would say before throwing a punch trying to see her reaction speed.

“Jennifer Smith” she would say as she was observing the rest of her fellow trainees, before quickly dodging the punch and throwing a counter kick at Mira. She would land the kick in the stomach before standing in the defensive stance

Mira would get pushed back some from the kick smiling, “You got skill” she would say before turning around grabbing a stick going in for a swing at Jen, she would miss the first time before throwing the stick at her and charging her going in for swift kick from below.

Jennifer was able to dodge the swing but was unprepared for the stick to be thrown at her. Though she deflected with her hand with ease, the trainee was unprepared for the swift kick at her feet. Jennifer fell to the ground but quickly sprung up. She readied her hands, studying Mira’s posture and stance. “Thank you for your compliment.” With that Jennifer charged Mira, aiming to throw a left hook at her face.

Mira would show off her quick reflexes by catching Jen hand midswing, she would start to apply force showing she could if wanted crush her hand. She would elbow her in the face attempting to knock her back, she would then pause smiling “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. You will be a God almost among your people, what will you do with the Power of the Widow is what will determine how strong you are” she would say before charging in for a tackle.

Jennifer winced in pain a bit when Mira began to crush her fist mid-swing. She could feel her bones being tested knowing if Mira wished, she could entirely break her hand without much more effort. Then she listened to Mira lecture her about the Power of the Widow, and then her hand was released. Jennifer, barely having time to stand and ready her defenses saw the charge coming at her. Thinking quickly, she stepped to the side and grabbed onto Mira’s clothing using the momentum of her charge to throw her into the wall. Once Mira impacted against the wall and fell, Jennifer, deliver a quick kick across the face before jumping back, getting into a defensive posture. “I will be strong. For my people. For my Matriarchy.”

Mira was enjoying the young one skills, she had yet to meet someone fights like her since she was in Nacata own red room. For a second she couldn’t help but think about herself when she was younger, she would quickly snap out of it before lifting up, “You have done well Jen, take a break” she would say shaking her hand. “You come with us, I would like to get to know you. As for the rest of yall, TRAIN HARDER!” she would say before handing the girl some water and walking to the door.

Jennifer shook Mira’s hand firmly but also bowed out of respect. She took the water and sipped on it while she watched Mira bark at the other recruits. I pity them, she thought. Though she had no doubt that her fellow Alyunthians will become Black Widows, Jennifer knows she will become the first. She will ensure it. She collected her things within the room and followed Mira out of the door. Director Emilia would appear as well as she looked to Mira.

“Jennifer has interested you the most Mira?” the director asked

“Many times, I’ve asked myself why did I become a widow. And while I often regret certain things being a Widow is not one of them, you will get joy and pride out of it Jen” she would say smiling as they walked down the hallway. She would run into the director again with a grin of approval for the star pupil, “Jen is extraordinary, she is fearless and smart.” Mira would say as they all stood there talking. She would turn to Jen speaking, “Man has ruled this world as a stumbling demented child king, long enough. And as his empire crumbles, my precious black widow shall rise as his most fitting successor.” She would say referring to Jen who was the next generation in line.

DIrector Emili only gave a small smile as she clasped her hands together, pleased. “I am glad you were able to find a successor.” She would then turn to Jennifer. “Make our Matriarchy proud now. Your sisters may or may not join you. But do not let that trouble your mind.”

Jennifer nodded as she gave a salute to the director. “I am an Alyunthian. My purpose is to ensure the downfall of man and the rise of the woman. My duty is to ensure the enemies of the Regime will know their place.” A million things were racing through Jennifer’s mind. While the Director nodded at both of them and walked back to continue training the others Jennifer looked to Mira to respond to her earlier comments.

“Man has ruled this world for far too long. I know I will not regret becoming a Widow. I will relish in it and enjoy ensuring female supremacy throughout this world.”

“You will learn how to become master of many abilities under my wing, Master Martial Artist, Acrobat, and Assassin, you will learn how to use any weapon known to man, you will need to learn multiple languages and so much more. But you are a fast learner so I think it will be no problem, all of this will get you ready for the ceremonial day you receive the Widow Bite.” She would pause before walking down the hall towards where Jen would be staying now, much different than the cold large dorm room she stayed in.

Jen would soon enough become the very first Widow from this nation, as the first she deserved to be treated as such. “The bite is like a steroid of such, the scientist in my nation created it back in the 90s, it enhances everything on you to a degree. I could easily benchpress about 400 pounds before busting a sweat, but who knows you could probably do better. I’m sure you were probably curious how I was able to react so fast, that’s the answer” she would say as they entered a much more fancy room with covers and a real bed.

Jennifer nodded at all of the information Mira was telling her. Learning every weapon known to man, along with becoming multilingual. Even though this was a lot of process, Jen did not seem afraid about the daunting nature of her training. This is what she signed up for. She will see to the end of her training. As she looked around the room, she noted how fancy the room was. Jennifer would then turn to speak to Mira. “That does explain why you reacted so fast, yes, but I originally thought you had really good reflexes.”

Jennifer would slowly set her things back on her bed. “ Mira how many Black Widows have you trained back in Nacata? Of course, only tell me if you are allowed to share that information. I am curious since you carry yourself like you have done this before.”

"Less than 20, many don’t make Widow program is not for the weak, I only joined in 2005 and I have seen my fair share of missions. One of my more famous missions was assassinating the Ex-President of West Cerdani, I cut his head off and mailed it to the leader of East Cerdani.  As far as reflexes they are really good, that’s why they are even better now that it’s enhanced. You should get settled in and get some rest we have a long day ahead.” She would say smiling helping Jen unpack.

Jennifer nodded as she allowed Mira to help her unpack her things. “I will aim to not disappoint you, Mira,” she said in a firm tone. “You can rely on me to become Alyunthia’s First Black Widow.” Jennifer was making a promise not only to Mira but to herself.