The Nation of Arrelak

Name of Country: Arrelak, The Nation of Arrelak

Government Type: Fascist State
National Animal: Stallion
National Flower: Thistle
National Language: Scottish Gaelic
Capital: Ember
Religion: Atheism

The Nation of Arrelak has a long history, and by the high middle ages was divided into four clans- The MacEachern clan (Green), The OLeary clan (Purple), The NicAllen clan (Blue) and MicMillen clan (Light Blue). The 4 clans were vastly independent of each other, occasionally warring and raiding each other for their own reasons. At this point, they were invaded by an unknown force from the south. This force was attacking both the OLeary and MicMillens, leading to the first alliance between those two clans. After the invaders were repulsed, the alliance lasted. In the following decades, all four clans had formed the Alliance of Arrelak. In the coming centuries, several invasions were fought back against the invading forces. Isolationist and highly Nationalist, over the centuries Arrelak became a true Nation of united people, in their Xenophobia and centralist beliefs.With the advent of Fascism, Arrelak was one of the first nations to adopt the ideology to heart, with its citizenship devoting themselves to the state. The minority religions quickly fell out of favor, with those who practiced them disappearing. The next century passed quietly, with an unprecedented era of prosperity. The abolition of currency did much to curb the ideas of personal property. The intense brainwashing of children from birth was practiced, through state sponsored and mandatory schooling and scout programs. Each generation was more fanatically devoted than the last, to the whole, the state. In 2005, all Non-Arrelakians were expelled from the country, with those who stayed mysteriously disappearing. In 2007, technology was implemented to allow Arrelakians to purge unstately thoughts from their heads through inhibitor chips. These would gradually be expanded upon, but were primarily used to stop a person from committing treasonous thoughts or acts through small electrical pulses. While not mandatory by law, socially it was absolutely mandatory to install the chip. Happiness reached an all time high in the nation, as sadness itself was purged by the chips in time. Each person was solely devoted to their people, going about their assigned job with glee. Only the generals and Leader would not wear the chips, for they must be able to think like their enemies. Infrastructure was highly upkept by a devoted “National Upkeep Corps”, keeping the expansive roadway and railroad systems well maintained. Border Security employs landmines, a fence, chipped sharks to guard waters, ocean mines, and independent drones. The drones are mostly stationary guns programmed to kill anything that moves on the 100 yard “dead zone” between Arrelak and it’s neighbors. All trade must come through the port at Ember, which is strictly regulated for when absolutely necessary. The country itself, after the advent of nuclear arms, decided to abstain itself from developing its own weapons of mass destruction. Instead, it began to pour resources towards space exploration. Along this line of thinking, manned missions to space were devoted to building a permanent space station in the orbit of Urth. Due to the intense gravity the larger planet produced, Arrelak began importing supplies for Rocket Fuel from other nations to conserve its own reserves.The planned procedure was this:

  1. Establish Hearth, a self sustaining station able to hold 500 comfortably, 2,500 in case of emergency, while being able to supply that number for an indefinite amount of time (no more than 2,000 years).
  2. Establish Elatha, a self sustaining lunar base with the capability to grow to any size needed. The initial size was planned to be 2,000 colonists, with enough supplies for 2 years of being stranded from earth should something fail.
    3.Establish New Arrelak, a self sustaining martian base underground, near the poles of the planet. This would be the most ambitious project, aiming to house 10,000 people at initial capacity, with plans to expand. The primary purpose of this base would be to gather Helium-3, a potential fuel source for interstellar travel. Combined with Elatha, the bases would act stops from Urth to the Asteroid belt, and potentially beyond.
  3. Establish mining networks across the asteroid belt, to claim mineral rights to as many asteroids as possible. Several concepts for asteroid miner platforms which can grow to be self-sustaining over time are put forward, though this is the loosest step in the plan.
    The Arrelakian space program has completed Hearth, and is in the final stages of preperation for Elatha. The drones sent to the Moon are hard at work preparing the colony site for the 2,000 volunteers to arrive over the course of 5 years with the first colonists arriving in 1 year. Resources there will be used to prepare Mars-bound ships, with the moon being the stopping point as well as a gravity sling for the ships. The program has drained much of Arrelak’s resources, requiring massive manpower to be devoted to these programs. In return, civilian technology has only ever reached the 2017 level of technology. The culture of Arrelak has gone under an internal shift in the past few decades. Traditional musics have been pushed aside in favor of more Pax motifs. The shift is strange, producing a strange synthesis of bagpipes and belly dancing. Clothing has become more lax as the government allows more individuality (This is due to the chip starting to remove the need to control the lives of people so harshly) . The newly appointed Hegemon, Fionn McMillan, watches this lax of restrictions carefully for signs of deviance and chaos.

The Government keeps much of its space based technology there, in space. On the moon are heavily advanced drones, almost sapient in function. However, little more than vacuum robots exist in the day to day lives of Arrelakians. This information quarantine is so dense, that it is quite probably that thousands have died from technology that was created, yet not declassified.

To clarify on the Economy of Arrelak, there is no currency and it cannot be measured with standard GDP. Resource Devotion, however, can be measured, and is measured.
-Space Program takes precedent with 60% of the Resources of Arrelak devoted to it
-Social Upkeep, which includes food, medicare, job allocation etc. takes 20% of the national resources
-Industry, which includes non-prioritized resource collection, transport and infastructure, takes 5% of the national resources
-Research and Development, which is in charge of widespread, declassified research, takes 5% of the national resources
-Defense, which is in charge of border security and keeping the realm at large both safe and secure, takes 5% of the national resources
-Administration, which is in charge of effectively managing resources, and keeping the government active takes 1.5% of the national resources
-Culture, which is in charge of distributing the various medias, propaganda, and regulating cultural changes, recieves 1.5% of the national resources
-Education, which is in charge of properly indoctrination of the youth, teaching the youth necessary skills, and classifying the people to what job type they belong in takes 1.5% of the national resources
-Expeditionary, which is in charge of foreign affairs takes .5% of the national resources