The New Doge


Cesario Baldassare, Enrico Dandolo

Cesario barged into the office, grasping a newspaper firmly.

“Good morning. What brings you-” a startled Enrico tried to respond.

Cesario cut him off, slamming the newspaper onto the desk and asking “What the fuck is this”.
Enrico brought the newspaper closer to himself and read the front page:
‘Member of Council of 10 arrested in massive scandal’

“Justice” he responded, handing the newspaper back calmly.

Cesario stared at him in disbelief, his eyes filled with rage as he responded.
“Do you know… What will happen after this?”

“People will be brought to justice, like they should’ve been long ago”

Cesario paused, trying to take in all of what was happening

“Do you know what you’ve started with this?”
“Do you know what’s gonna happen?”
“Do you know that you’ve completely lost all trust with the Lapinumbian mafias and therefore, a ¼  of members of the government?”
“This is the end of your short reign”
“You’ve fucked up”
“They will all go after you, if you are still alive after 1 week, I will be really surprised”
He finished his tedtalk and commenced to walk out.

“I will do a speech tomorrow, I can fix this” responded Enrico, stopping Cesario in front of the doors.

“It won’t do shit” responded Cesario, opening the doors and walking out “Good luck”

Enrico stared down at his desk, thinking of what he should do next. He will do a speech tomorrow he decided. He trusted his population to do the right thing, he had hope.
He wrote a script until dusk, ignoring all the looks he was getting from people passing by.
He went to sleep calmly, ignorant of what tomorrow would bring.

The country was in distress. Everyone knew what was about to come. A crowd assembled out in the Piazza San Marco, probably out of pity and respect.
Enrico was shuffling his notes, re-reading them and making some final adjustments.
I’ve really gotten myself into a pickle he thought.
He was hopeful that he could go through with his plans but it seemed that most of the government was opposed to his plans contrary to what he expected.
What cowards
Cold sweat was beading down his forehead, all the confidence he had yesterday was gone.
He could hear a clock ticking, muffled by the crowds outside.
He got himself up, he had no other choice. He walked to the balcony, taking deep breaths.
He prepared himself mentally  and stepped outside, feeling the warm rays of sun hit his forehead.
The crowd cheered as he got closer to the microphone.
“Good morning fellow Lapinumbians” exclaimed Enrico Dandolo to the crowd.
“In this great day I’ll-”
The whole crowd fell into anarchy as a thud was heard, but in reality, people weren’t surprised.