The Northern Lights - Issue XX

Tumbleweed In The Regional Assembly

by Brendog, Minister of Home Affairs

Over January the Regional Assembly has barely seen any activity, something we haven’t seen in a while. Whilst we have seen a decline in activity over the past few month, it has never been this low.

As still is the case, due to multiple requests for reviews on a now outdated proposal of a Motion to Declare an Emergency Situation the counting of the bill will not happen till all request for reviews is completed.

In relation to the above proposal, the Regional Assembly attempted a recall of THO’s (Temporary Hearing Officers) of the latest Request for Review in relation the above bill. This was very controversial as it had 14 ayes, 18 nays and 9 abstentions. Later in the month, we saw one of the THO’s cease to exist.

In conclusion, we have seen barely any activity in the Regional Assembly and we are still waiting on the outcome of the R4Rs.[hr]

World Assembly Affairs Digest January 2018

by Deropia, Minister of World Assembly Affairs

Minister: Deropia
Deputy Minister: Kranostav
Deputy Minister: Veniyerris

From the Minister’s desk:

Hello everyone! February seems to have flown by and here we are again with another issue of the World Assembly Affairs Digest. I’d like to start off by congratulating the ministries very own Kranostav on passing their first World Assembly resolution, Repeal “Promoting Sustainable Timber”!

I’d also like to announce the implementation of the World Assembly Sponsorship Program. Successful applicants can have the cost of their Delegate Approval and Delegate Vote campaigns covered by the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs!

Now, let’s take a look at what reached the voting floor over the past month, shall we?

General Assembly
Improving the world, one resolution at a time.

Security Council
Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.


The Revival of the Lennart Awards

by Yukkira, Minister of Culture

The Lennart Awards; the internet equivalent to your dead-again born-again cousin’s wedding to her purity ring. The Lennart Awards is a storied tradition inspired by the legendary TNPer and possible former Minister of Culture, Lennart, which was started a few years ago, was stopped, and then brought back again by the former Minister of Culture, McMasterdonia. Under his leadership, the Lennarts were restarted towards the end of Palliath’s delegacy and have been popular ever since.

The Lennart Awards is essentially the North Pacific’s version of the Academy Awards, the Oscars, or a possibly more biased version of IMDB’s rotten tomatoes. Categories range from Most Popular TNPer of the Year to a category that I didn’t think would become a thing, being voted as “RMBae” of the Year. How it happens is I make up a nomination thread like this one, wait debatably three days (depending on if I’m busy), post a couple TNP polls, and then award a Lennart Award that looks like the one in that nomination thread to the TNPer that our beloved residents have voted for. It has both been a wonderful thing indeed, and somewhat hard to keep up with all at the same time.

In my opinion, I think the Lennarts is a wonderful initiative. It involves everyone from the forums and from the gameside community. I think with a bit more polish, the Lennarts can and will not be forgotten again (I’m allowed to be optimistic; leave me alone). What I’m most proud of is the fact that we’ve had a slew of winners so far. Winners ranged from Aerilia, an RMB RPer who roleplay’s as a sentient blanket of moss to Lord Ravenclaw, TNP’s friendly neighborhood birb. I think one way the Lennart Awards can be improved is its execution. This is due, in part, to the fact that the Ministry of Culture turned over the new term on a rough patch due to internal circumstances. The Lennart Awards were not paid enough attention to and were neglected because I, as the Deputy Minister in charge of them, wasn’t adequately aware of the status of them nor did I think I needed to pay much attention.

All in all, the Lennart Awards is on track to finish sometime in March. I think that, with time, the Lennart Awards will continue to be improved to the point where the categories will better reflect the best that TNP has to offer. This, in turn, would allow the Ministry of Culture to do its job better, by better identifying and shining the spotlight on those who make TNP a region to be lauded about and beloved by not just its residents, but its friends abroad.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to telegram me gameside. Or, more than likely, I inhabit your Discord server and you can most definitely DM me through there. Thank you for reading about one of the many facets of the North Pacific’s culture!

The Spotlight #10: Interview with MoD Malphe

by Kaschovia and Malphe, Communications and Defence


RMB RP Reel #3: Terrible Times In Toshavo

by Illusia, Citizen

February’s coming to a close, and it seems not shortly, things are going down really hard in the RMB Olympics, you won’t believe it yourself! TNP Winter Olympics, which was started by Toshavo several weeks ago, has been cancelled due to several arising issues that sparked the discovery of the virus known as GIV, or Global Immunodeficiency Virus.

On the 20th of February, the International Olympics Group based in Lahos, the capital of the Akhara Islands, postponed the Winter Olympics due to deaths of some Olympic athletes and cases of some being relatively weak. An international organization, named World Health Association, based in Toshavo, determined that the cause of their deaths was a mysterious flu.

Days later, the WHA, with assistance from Paxiosolange’s research centers, and to add the fact most of the athletes that died were from them, named the virus Global Immunodeficiency Virus, in layman’s terms would be the failure of the immune system, rendering the body defenseless from certain pathogens and disease. The WHA has designated the virus GIV-1.

Like a wildfire in a dry climate, the flu spread rapidly, effectively blanketing all of the Fusean continent, infecting a large number of nations. Estimates from WHA shown at least 700,000 and more are infected and increased to at least 3.4 million.

Despite this, however, collaboration efforts between WHA, other nations and those who are uninfected have been sprouting around to combat the disease and prevent a global epidemic.

The Toshavoan government also issued a martial law, amidst the epidemic. WHA officials and the Toshavoan Armed Forces rolled around their city streets to contain the infected.

Thanks for reading! I’m Illusia, a new writer for the RMB RP Reel. Hopefully, you appreciated the reel, and here’s hoping I can do many much more articles for TNL. Once again, this is Illusia, for the TNP RMB RP Reel!

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NPA Bulletin for February 2018

by Lozinak, Deputy Minister of Defence

Minister of Defense: Malphe
Deputy Minister: Lozinak
General(s): QuietDad

Following the transitional month of January, the NPA wasted no time returning to training. The NPA started off the month strong with an operation on February 1st, resulting in seven detags. When the Updaters returned, an Auxiliary found them and cried “The Beacons of TSP are lit! Erinor calls for aid.” Malphe, still awash in the glow of battle replied: “And the NPA will answer.” Thus the NPA departed once again to aid TSP in their transition of power. The operation in the South Pacific was a success but proved to be too calm. The returning soldiers were eager for combat, and the Officer Corps was keen to give it to them. In the seven day period between the 11th and the 18th, the NPA detagged 53 regions. The soldiers were weary after their glorious accomplishments and desired a rest from battle. The NPA decided to go on a vacation to the region of Yorkshire with Europeia. The two relaxing armies were soon joined in glad friendship by the West Pacific, Balder, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and the United Kingdom. Rested from their stay in Yorkshire, the NPA returned to duty. On the 25th the NPA, with our ally the Royal Albion Legion raided the Fascist League of Dictators. The NPA, however, was not satisfied to put only one fascist region in its place. On the very same day, the NPA deployed to the Backbone of Fascism, at the request of the East Pacific, in order to reinforce hold they, and the NPO had established in preparation for a refounding.

Lozinak was promoted to Captain on 12/02/2018.
Lotion was promoted to Corporal on 17/02/2018.
Deropia was promoted to Sergeant on 24/02/2018.
Dinoium & Vyamaz were promoted to Private First Class on 24/02/2018.

[th colspan=“5”]February Operations[/th]DateUpdateTypeRegion(s)Participating Soldiers01/02/2018MinorDetag
Herin archipelago
New United Nations of the Gator Empire
Asta fan Club
Land of the OG
Minister Malphe-Lead
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. Quietdad
CPT. Zazumo
PFC. Lotion
03/02/2018N/ADelegacy Transition
The South Pacific
Minister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. Quietdad
MAJ. Darcania
CPT. Zazumo
LTN. BluieGamer
LTN. BMWSurfer
SGT. Aber639
SGT. Cimmerien
CPL. Deropia
PFC. Michael Power
PFC. Arstotzka1
PFC. Almacs
PFC. Hardonius
PFC. Dinonium11/02/2018MinorDetagHardin
Hoffman Heffner Principality
Kids Alliance
World Setting
The Commonwealth of Liberated States
The Planet of ErresiaMinister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak-Lead
CPT. Zazumo
PFC. Lotion13/02/2018MinorDetagUnited Cluster of Europian States
Islands of Sicherheit
New United Nations of the Gator Empire
The Isles of El Nar
The Lower South
Union of Doomed StatesMinister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. QuietDad
CPT. Zazumo-Lead
LTN. Bluiegamer14/02/2018MajorDetagace space
the last ones standing
the pacific conglomorate
the lumpy sith lords of rock
horus and ra
unitys alliance
east scandanavian peninsula
17 D nations
Alliance of Left countriesDeputy Minister Lozinak-Lead
GEN. QuietDad
MAJ. Darcania
CPT. Zazumo
LTN. BMWSurfer-Lead
SGT. Aber63816/02/2018MinorDetagIfunny political region
United National Socialist Nations
The Sanguine
The Islamic Confederation
A Bigger Better Fork Union
The Republics Of Southern Africa
Southern AfricaMinister Malphe-Lead
GEN. QuietDad
MAJ. Darcania
CPT. Zazumo
SGT. Aber63917/02/2018MinorDetagGolmaal
The Bone Zone
United Nation States of Conservatives
The Boy Band
DemanareMinister Malphe
GEN. QuietDad
CPT. Zazumo-Lead
CPL. Lotion18/02/2018MinorDetagN0vum
Antarctic Alliance
That Broken Wanasnaswa RP
The Diplomatic League
The Conglomerate of Royal Ashholes
Deathdrift Watch
North Sea Collective
The United Alliance of Republic Alliance
Smiley RegionMinister Malphe-Lead
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. QuietDad
CPT. Zazumo-Lead
CPL. Lotion20/02/2018MinorRaid & HoldYorkshireMinister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. QuietDad
MAJ. Darcania
CPT. Zazumo
LTN. BluieGamer
LTN. BMWSurfer
SGT. Aber639
SGT. Deropia
SGT. Cimmerien
CPL. Lotion
CPL. Sergio86
PFC. Vayamaz
PFC. Dinoium
PFC. Almacs25/02/2018MinorRaidLeague of DictatorsMinister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. QuietDad
CPT. Zazumo
SGT. Aber639
CPL. Lotion25/02/2018N/AHold and RefoundThe Backbone of FascismMinister Malphe
Deputy Minister Lozinak
GEN. QuietDad
CPT. Zazumo
LTN. BMWSurfer
SGT. Aber639
SGT. Deropia
CPL. Lotion
PFC. Dinoium
PFC. Vyamaz[hr]

The NBS Ends February In Success!

by Kasch, Minister of Communications

The Northern Broadcasting Service recently recorded their ninth broadcast, in which they discussed the success of each of the ministries so far, their thoughts on the revival and the current winners of the Lennart Awards, the effectiveness of the Vice Delegate and the Speaker in processing citizenship applications and how that makes TNP very unique in retaining new members, the idea of political parties in TNP, and finally, the upcoming Justice elections!

In accordance with our policy to provide anyone with a voice within TNP the opportunity to speak on topics that are important to the community and to themselves, the NBS plans to recruit over March and April to increase the number of NBS members.[hr]
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