The Obligatory Hello World

Hey! I’m a rather new player who’s currently attempting to build a Heinlein-topia. It’s…NationStates | Not Found

I’m very RP-intense, looking for a large, oppressive, uranium mining dictatorship that my plucky, doomed revolutionaries could have broken from. A decent RP related reason why you wouldn’t just drop a nuke on 6 million angry, dirty peasants would also please me, but is not required.

Feel free to send me a telegram in game any time. I’m going to assume every telegram is IC, unless it’s prefixed with OOC. I will, however, eep my filthy habits on the RP only boards on this forum. Unless this happens to be IC, in which case I already screwed up.

Good gaming, and I hope to hear from all of y’all!

Also, what size in pixels is your flag supposed to be set at? Right now I just have a picture of a cockroach, but that could quite rapidly change.

Welcome to the forums!

Feel free to stop by our RP forum if you’re interested!

hey man welcome

Welcome to The East Pacific!

Welcome! Enjoy our RP forum :slight_smile:

Hope to see you on the RP trail! Welcome to the region!