The Queen has arrived!

I am Ravenna - the Queen of one great Empire from the another distant continent, which contains many conquered kingdoms.
I seek new lands to explore and new leaders to meet.
I am sure that “The East Pacific” will be honored by my presence and our relations will be beneficial.
Do you have any beauty contest? I know I would win it.

I call for a Republic, and that is with a CAPITAL R! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, welcome to TEP.

i have always been partial to Hive.

Welcome to TEP! We have many rps going on right now.

Since you’re interested in meeting new leaders, you can try out my Coronation thread where you can meet the King of the Confederacy of Vulshain, King Samuil Rainard.

Or you can create your own thread, and we could meet your leader!

We do have a very important rule here: have fun!

Would you happen to have any Turkish Delights?

A terrible fate awaits you on LV-223 your highness.

Thank you all.

(I’m sorry for double post)

Strange name for an island… (I suppose it’s an island).

@Todd McCloud

Of course I have.

:wink: Just referencing Ms. Theron’s latest movie role.

Welcome to TEP. Don’t forget to apply for citizenship!

If you need help finding things feel free to PM pretty much anyone.

Thank you. I applied for citizenship.

OOC: I know about Prometheus :wink:

Ssshhh, don’t give movie spoilers here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha you can always check wikipedia. It has the real spoilers…

The almighty Wikipedia.

A gift for all generations.

You should tell us more about your nation.

I will do it on Monday I think. I don’t want to promise Sunday, because I know I will be rather offline.
And I will participate then in your Coronation thread, Vulshain.
I prepare a special party in my capital city too, so feel invited.

By the way I don’t want to reveal many secrets :wink:
It’s better to be mysterious to some extent…

Cool! What’s your capital city’s name by the way?

And yep, it is better to be a little mysterious…:slight_smile:

It’s Vienne:

Ornate and spectacular capital of the Fontainon kings, it is the cultural heart of Ilerien. Among its many splendors are the Royal Palace, the St. Anne’s Gate and the Boulevard of Flowers, lined with exquisite shops and costly restaurants. The city is also home to many cathedrals, mansions of the wealthy as well as theaters and an opera house.
From the viewpoint of Anton Baraselli, an Aderassi actor:
“Vienne was a jewel of a city in a rich setting, standing on temperate plains roughly in the center of the country, with rolling hills and olive groves on the warmer coast to the southwest, rich forested midlands, and black-soiled farmland in the terraced valleys of the high country to the north.”
“A huddle of taverns and old houses on the side of a low hill commanding a good view of the River Quarter. River Quarter. Lying before them were the narrow overhung streets of the older and poorer area, which eventually led into the vast plazas and pillared promenades surrounded by the garden courts of the wealthy. Farther to the west and standing high above the slate and wooden roofs were the domes of churches, the fantastic and fanciful statues ornamenting the gables of the fortified Great Houses, the spires of the stone-filigree palaces on the artificial islands on the river’s upper reaches.”

Wow. Just wow. Excellent work describing your capital.

OOC: To be honest this is not my description. It’s from Martha Wells’ book. I like her work and I decided to adopt the poorly known kingdom of Ile-Rien and its universe for my roleplay. There’s already too many people who have adopted Westeros or Middle-earth so I found a perfect kingdom for myself.
Plus its Queen was Ravenna, the beautiful, powerful and feared ruler who probably murdered her husband, so nice coincidence with Queen Ravenna from SWATH.

I’m going to improve and expand the kingdom of Ilerien (I changed the name from Ile-Rien) with all details. The books are a very good background. Plus the infos about Queen Ravenna from SWATH are also plausible in this scenario.

Treat this like a for of fan fiction! :smiley:

^ *like a form of fan fiction

Maybe I’m blind but is there any “edit” option?.. I need it.

Once you become a citizen, the edit button will become accessible.

Still, it was very good.