The Republic of Erimitic Solopsism

Our motto…“Human Stealth leads to wealth” i.e. Shut up and work.
A little on the name:
eremitic - an attitude favoring solitude and seclusion.
Solipsism - an epistemological or ontological position that knowledge of anything outside one’s own specific mind is unjustified. The external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist. So…my people are not the social butterfly types. I on the other hand enjoy long walks on the beach, moonlight strolls, long phone conversations, hearing all about your day…oh…wait…this isn’t a dating site. Truth be told… I like sitting on the couch, a cold Mountain Dew, I screen all my calls, I have the attention span of a 2 year old so when your telling me about your day all I hear is blah, blah, blah and I’m not rich enough to be a politician so I’m living vicariously through this game.
Just hoping to have a little fun with the limited free time I have and meeting some like minded people.
It’s all good!
President & C.E.O. of The Republic of Erimitic Solopsism

Welcome to the boards! I wonder how your people would react to interacting with other nations here in roleplay?

I’ll give it a shot! Just point me in the right direction while I get my sea legs. lol

Here, check thread out. It should be helpful!

Yep…been all over it. Went to the one about using “in all her loveliness she exploded”.

Well, hello there! Welcome to TEP!
you have CEO in you title - are you a corpocracy, as Serenitech?
I’d like to see your characters in Le Gout De Lux thread in TEP Evolved section. Itd be funny to see them in social situations

Our historians are currently working on putting our nations history on paper so all will know of our struggles and triumphs, our leaders and social structure. We are in fact completely opposed to corporatism (no offense). We are a very “live and let live” society so though we are opposed to it we understand there is a place for all types of government and a role for each to fill. We fled capitalism which had effectively become a plutocracy. We saw that the nation we once knew and loved was heading in the direction of histories once great nations such as Rome. But those in power could or would not. So the leaders with vision set out to chart our own course and learn from mistakes of the past.
Our nation has become strong in the past decades and we are now prepared to take the stage as a world power. To strengthen ties, form political bonds and interweave our economy with other great nations such as yours.
I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our nations and wish all your people good will and peace.
Kevin Antebellum,
President Elect of The Republic of Erimitic Solopsism.