The Republican Times

20th January, 2016
Communist Party Withdraws from Coalition

The Ohmmish Communist Party has withdrawn it’s support of the ruling parliamentary coalition today, over a dispute with the Socialist Party about joining the International Freedom Coalition. Earlier in the week, under pressure from the Republican Party opposition as well as a variety of other right-of-centre parties and national opinion polls, the Socialists were forced to join Ohmberland to the IFC.

Before announcing the split, parliamentary leader of the Communist Party Sharon McNeill addressed the parliament, accusing the Socialist Party of “involving the country in an imperialists and interventionists world ‘police force’, who do not respect the sovereignty of countries and the stability of regimes that do not fit it’s profile.” After a loud and at times violent debate, resulting in the temporary expulsion of close to a quarter of the OCP from the chamber, McNeill announced that they would leave the coalition, and act as a secondary opposition.

Commentators have debated what effect this defection will actually have on the operation of government. The coalition of the Socialist Party and the Green Party will still hold the 50% majority by a fair margin, but they have lost their 2/3 super majority. This will mean legislation will require more senate support, and given the Socialist Party has the habit of not voting entirely together on certain issues, for the first time since the 2010-14 Republican Party-led government that policies may be blocked in the chamber.

Reporting by Thomas Cook