The rule of the Spellbinders

Hi, all

In the east pacific elsewhere I’m known by a few other names but most people call me Baz. Take that Kandarin!

The Spellbinders as a nation is loosely based on an Australian kids show of the same namebut also useing Polish and chinese production companies for different ‘worlds’.

The premise of the orignal 2 series are dimensional time travel between universes. The finale of the 2nd series show a baddie that made the transition from the first series to the 2nd (the only character to appear in both) gets stranded in a random world. This is where things start.

well hello there! I just want to let you know that this is a stick up and that I am robbing you. (Points finger gun at you.)

I should have suspected you’d crop up sooner or later. :wink:

Welcome to TEP, Baz!

Hmmm… sounds like an interesting premise, lol. Maybe I’ll have to youtube it or something. At any rate, welcome to The East Pacific forums!


Thanks for the Welcome.

At least some of it is on youtube I believe all the second series is there and at least some if not all of the first.