The Stromharad Article

The Stromharad Article

First Sentient Androids.

Today, on Tuesday, December 6th, 6997 A.A, the first sentient Android was created in a lab outside of Stromharad. Upon hearing about this, King Jon Harstad gave androids full citizenship and rights. Scores of lords have also given Androids full citizen rights in order to please the king and possibly gain his favor. We interviewed one of the scientists not too long ago and they gave us some much needed information.

“After hearing about Androids in the Emberwood Coast, my team sought to create Androids as well, we had years of technology in the field of A.I’s already so it didn’t take us too long to make the Androids. Though it was very hard if I may say so. We had many prototypes fail before we finally got this one to work, we named him Jon in honor of our king. We hope the king sends a minister to contact us soon so that we have his official permission in order to produce these Androids, maybe even for use in wars.”

We also asked him if he had anything else to say about possible advancements in the field of Androids.

"Well, we hope to improve them in later years and make them more, realistic. During the making of the Androids, my team also came up with the idea to make implants that we could put into people to enhance them. We later scrapped this idea though to focus more on the Androids. As I said earlier, we hope they can possibly be used in the field of warfare for various tasks. Since they are mainly electronic though, EMP’s could very easily kill them as of right now. Other than that, I just want to say thank you to the rest of my team and my family that supported my career in science.

New Space Station.

The space station that Asendavia and the Fire Pact has been working on is nearing completion, the government hopes that they will be able to send men up soon after to man it. Other than this information given to us to release, no other information has been released to us about what this space station will contain and what it’s purpose will be. However, we speculate that the station may contain weapons. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to the Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

Response to the Tuvalti Blockade and Embargo.

Recently, according to government sources, the whole of the Fire Pact, Asendavia included, is being embargoed by the government of Tuvalt and the SEPCF. They are currently blocking the southern route west of Aurora and the Concordian Ocean. The government is currently seeking other routes to transport goods in between Fire Pact nations. The government has released no other official statement on this sitation yet. We at The Stromharad Article suspect that tensions may result in war, especially with the Fire Pact Space Station in near completion. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news

The Stromharad Article

New Blockade in the Gulf of Gondwana

The government has released information from its ally, the Tripartite State, that a blockade has appeared at the mouth of the Gulf of Gondwana. The government reports that it is the SEPCF and contains many nations in the blockade. While wary of the situation, the government may be forced to act if the Tripartite State decides to act against the blockade. The government also reports that the embargo of weapons being exported and imported in the Fire Pact is in full effect. One of our interviewers was lucky enough to be able to ask the King’s brother, High Commander of the Asendavian Military, about the situation and he said this, “We still intend to import and export weapons and other resources that could be used for war, I don’t care about the damn embargoes. The King, my brother, has the same opinion on this matter”
When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article.

The Stromharad Article

Launch of the I.F.P.A.S.S

Late last night, the I.F.P.A.S.S was launched by the Tripartite State. As always, the gracious King has allowed us to spread this news all over Asendavia. It is said that the government is training astronauts as of now and readying the astronauts they all ready have. It is also reported that Gliat Shea, the “forefather” to Asendavia, will also send astronauts up to the I.F.P.A.S.S, but that is speculation.

Murders in Yoria

In other news, strange murders have been occurring in Yoria for the past week. At least 4 people have been found dead so far and all of their bodies were mutilated in different ways. The first body was only found as a torso with its heart removed. The second body only had its tongue and eyes removed. The third body was missing only toes and fingers. Finally, the fourth body was probably the most horrific, the body was stabbed multiple times and occult engravings were craved into the body. The body’s genitals, eyes, tongue, stomach, heart, and brain were all removed.
When the Kingdom finds and releases new information, look to The Stromharad Article[edit_reason]Fixed format[/edit_reason]

The Stromharad Article

War with the SEPC!

Late last night, the Tripartite State officially called all members of the Fire Pact to war against the SEPC. Fighting has already begun in the Gulf of Gondwana. Tuvaltastan has reportedly also fired upon Fir Pact ships in the bay. The government is mobilizing the military. We at The Stromharad Article wish the best for the men and women in the Asendavian military. We also wish the best to our allies. In other news related to the war, the Eternal Wrath, formerly known as the I.F.P.A.S.S, was hit with an EMP temporarily disabling its electronics.

Killer caught!

As we told you people yesterday, there have been various murders in Yoria. The police have finally found the killer. The killer is a white Asendavian woman. After a search of her house, the police found a secret basement. In it, there was hearts, livers, stomachs, eyes, genitals and other things. The walls and floors also had markings in blood. Some of them said, “It is coming,”, “There is no escape,”, and “It’s calling my name.”

The Stromharad Article

Staynes joins the SEPC in the war against the Fire Pact!

Recently, the King of Staynes has declared war against the Fire Pact and has joined the blockade. When brought this news, the King is said to simply have sighed and continued his military planning. We at The Stromharad Article, as always, will support and encourage the nation. The Staynish navy is already on their way towards the Gulf of Gondwana.

Military Androids

After a long time of producing Androids and outfitting them with various implants and new technology, scientists have created the first sentient Androids designed for war. We interviewed one of the scientists and they said, “After we successfully created the first Androids, my team’s morale was lifted and we worked faster than ever. We just modified the design to be battle worthy and we equipped it with some built in weapons and defenses. We hope the Kingdom deems it worthy soon so we can start to produce them enmasse to be ready for battle. We hope to create better versions soon enough and to have more government funding so that we may explore our possibilities farther.”
We ended the interview soon after and thanked the team profusely.
When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article.

The Stromharad Article

War to end!

In a shocking turn of events, the Emberwood Coast has called for a peace conference to be held in their capital, Aura. Reportedly, Asendavia will be sending the High Commander of the Asendavian Military, the King’s brother, Ivan Harstad. Any nations on Urth are allowed to come apparently. We at The Stromharad Article hope to be able to send a reporter to the conference to report on this magnificent piece of history.

The Stromharad Article

Land Expansion

King Jon Harstad recently sent out a fleet containing a small military force and settlers to claim the islands directly to Asendavia’s east. Hundreds of people went to the docks in Stromharad to see their family members set out to distant lands to further better Asendavia.[edit_reason]Part of it was no longer applicable.[/edit_reason]

The Stromharad Article

A Journey Westward

Just a few days ago, the King gathered a group of settlers and soldiers and sent them west to expand past the Western mountains and expand glorious Asendavia’s land. Apparently a Mexregionan ship will also arrive soon, carrying settlers which they will use to construct a fort in our land. We have been told this is to further our relations with them, we also are supposed to get 5% of what they got so. As the nation grows, Asendavia and Mexregiona will only become stronger.
When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

The Atlae Isles joins the SEPC

Recently, the Atlae Isles has joined the SEPC. This is not much of a surprise, considering their friendly relations with the rest of the SEPC, and their short involvement in the Four Days War, where they declared war against the Fire Pact. The King has revealed some of his opinions on this.
“I am not exactly surprised,” he said, “The Atlae Isles was always friendly with members of the SEPC. The only problem with this that I can see is the potential setback of friendly relations with them, although we have friendly relations with Mexregiona, and they are part of the SEPC. Though they didn’t join the war as far as I know. If Mexregiona had joined the war we most likely wouldn’t have the relations that we have with them now. Atlae did join the war though, so I can see potential backlash from some of the nobles, especially now that Atlae has joined the SEPC.”
After that, he ended the interview so he wouldn’t ramble on about the SEPC. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

A Protest In Khiyev

In a recent and surprising turn of events, citizens in the city of Khiyev took to the streets. According to a few citizens we interviewed, they were out there to protest their wages, which had been recently lowered by the Duke. After several hours of protest, the Duke of Khiyev himself appeared in front of the protesters to order them to disperse or else he would set the police on them. After being shouted down by the protesters, the Duke left and the police approached the crowd. The Head of Police in Khiyev ordered them one last time to stand down or else they would be arrested and punished.
After a few tense moments, someone threw a brick and the violence started. The crowd was armed with bats, glass, bricks, and other impromptu weapons while the police were armed with riot-control weapons, tear gas, and riot shields. After a short but particularly violent fight, around 160 citizens were wounded with about 15 needing hospitalization. Luckily, there have been no reported deaths. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

A Gala In Khiyev
Recently, we have heard rumors of a gala that will soon be held in the Duke of Khiyev’s castle. Rumor also has it that it’s being held as a celebration for suppressing the protest turned riot that recently occurred in Khiyev. The Duke himself declined to comment when we had the opportunity to ask him. If a gala is truly going to be held, we wish the Duke and anyone he invites a wonderful time. However, with the current violence in Khiyev, a gala seems unlikely.

Growing Unrest In Asendavia
As you all know, there was a protest turned riot in Khiyev yesterday. Apparently, there is now growing unrest in other cities across Asendavia. Thankfully, violence hasn’t broken out in other cities yet. However, the situation in Khiyev is reported to have worsened after the Duke enforced a dusk to dawn curfew and more violence has been confirmed in Khiyev. Six deaths and multiple hospitalizations have already been confirmed. Outside of Khiyev, the city with the most unrest has been reported to be Zhelelovka. Small protests have occurred in Zhelelovka, all of them with no violence reported thankfully. The Viscount of Zhelelovka is reported to have said, “While I may not like these protests, one, I am thankful they haven’t turned to riots, and two, I believe the people should have a right to protest, even if it is a limited right. Also, while I may not approve of how the Duke of Khiyev handled the situation, I completely understand. No one should be able to throw a brick at the police and not expect a reaction, especially in a situation like that,” He declined further comment and left shortly after. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

Rising Tensions

As you all might expect, the situation across the country is getting even worse. Even more protests have broken out, with the most recent one being a small protest occurring in Yoria. After the protest turned riot in Khiyev, the most recent one to turn violent occurred in Hvitsora this morning. Thankfully, it was a small riot compared to the one Khiyev, so there were relatively few people seriously harmed. The total count came to 53 people with minor to moderate injuries and 4 with injuries requiring hospitalization.
Meanwhile, the situation in Khiyev has reached the boiling point. The citizens are on the brink of rebellion and more people are dying. Rumor has it that the Duke of Khiyev will be moving some of his own troops into the city in order to keep the peace. We at The Stromharad Article wish to request one thing of the people of Khiyev. Please, please put down your weapons and calm down. We know that this may be an impossible request, but we ask it nonetheless. Yes, the protest turned riot of 4/5/6998 was a tragic event. While no one died, around 160 citizens were injured and about 15 needed hospitalization. Nothing like this has happened within the recent history of Asendavia. So, we beg this one thing of you, stop the violence. When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

A Crushed Rebellion

Yesterday, on April 8th, 6998, a tragedy occurred. The people of Khiyev rose up in rebellion. The rebellion, now termed “The People’s Revolt”, sought to overthrow the Duke of Khiyev. Other than that, their exact goals were not clear. The currently estimated number of casualties is 32 deaths, with 188 hospitalizations and 640 injured not needing hospitalization. While we tried to plead with the people the night before the revolt, they clearly did not listen, or chose not to. All other readers, take this to heart. Even if your cause is just and righteous, it will not succeed. Last nights’ events are a clear indicator of this.

Ademar’s Day
Tomorrow is Ademar’s Day. It is our yearly period of remembering Ademar, who is said to have died historically on this date. Go to your local kyrka, pray to Ademar, give to the needy and poor, and donate to the Church. We at The Stromharad Article hope you all have a wonderful time tomorrow! When the Kingdom releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

A Murderer On The Loose!

Just a few hours ago in Stromharad, police found three dismembered corpses in an alley with their limbs, heads, and various organs strewn about. Police came to the scene after a passerby noticed a man with bloody gloves and sleeves walking out of the alley. The passerby waited until the man was out of sight, then he entered the alleyway. At the end of the alley, he discovered the corpses. During an interview, he said that it took all of his willpower not to vomit right then and there. The man was not able to comment on the suspect’s features, as he had his hood up and was facing away from him. However, the witness said that the man looked to be around 6’1" and somewhere around 140 lbs. As of now, the police are encouraging the citizens of Stromharad to not be out long after dark, and that if they were out, that they should be accompanied by at least one other person. When the Empire releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

Five more bodies found!

Earlier today, five more bodies were found on the outskirts of Stromharad. The bodies were found separately in dumpsters varying distances away from each other, but, like the previous three murders, the bodies were found with their limbs, heads, and organs found separated from the body, marking them as the same killer or, a copycat. The bodies were found after people began to complain about the smells in their dumpsters, which were worse than usual. After the bodies were found and the police were called, forensic technicians deemed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, and that the bodies had been laying in the dumpsters for about two days. Many leads have come in, but the police have still been unable to find the killer. If you have any leads at all, please contact the Stromharad Police Department. When the Empire releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.

The Stromharad Article

The Murderer Has Been Caught!

After five days of no murders, the murderer was caught dismembering his last victim. A short chase led to a gunfight in which the murderer was shot down. After police found his driving license during a search of his body, the murderer was revealed to be a man named Hallvard Teigland. Using his drivers license, they were able to find his home. During the search of his house, police found a secret room in the basement. A search of the secret room revealed seven corpses and various symbols of unknown origins on the walls. Also on the walls, were sentences such as “Its will must be appeased,”, “I can see it now, it won’t leave me alone,”, and “I can’t stop now, it’s too late now.” Police don’t yet know who or what Hallvard meant by “it”, but results are likely to show up later in the investigation. To all the families who have lost a loved one to this depraved maniac, we would like to send our condolences. When the Empire releases more information, look to The Stromharad Article for more news.