The Technology Investment Act


The Technology Investment Act
A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: The Left-Libertarian Hippies

Description: This act is designed to provide universal access to new technology for nations, corporations, and individuals.

DEFINES technology as any device or process that aids in the development of new processes or devices.

REALIZING that many developing nations and small corporations do not have the funds necessary to purchase new and innovative
technology or upgrade their existing technology.

WORRIED that many individuals residing in WA member-states do not have access to new and innovative technology due to cost.

ALSO WORRIED that many individuals do not have access to communications, media, and education related technology due to the governments under which they live.

UNDERSTANDING that both of these issues impede economic growth, stability, and trade between communities from flourishing in the nations of the World Assembly.

DEMANDS that ALL WA members must allow their citizens to use technology freely for peaceful and harmless purposes as they please with as little government interference as possible.

INSTRUCTS ALL WA members to provide, within reason, citizens, corporations, and inter-governmental agencies with the technology necessary for improving speed and quality of work, communication, travel, and learning.

REQUIRES member-state analysts to truthfully provide information on the freedom and quality of technology in their respective member-states.

ESTABLISHES a Technological Freedom and Development Committee to

a). Assist corporations, individuals, and nations with monetary assistance in the form of both loans and grants so that they can upgrade, buy, or develop technology.

b). Monitor the freedom of technological use (especially in regards to communications and media) in member states.

c). Develop and bargain payment plans for technological investment with individual member-states.

d). Supervise and negotiate loans between banks, nations, and corporations for the advancement of technology.

MANDATES nations or corporations that ask for loans or grants or other assistance from the General Fund, banks, or other nations to have valid proof from analysts that their technology is insufficient in serving citizens, officials, workers, costumers, etc.

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My nation has better things to do with its money…invading random nations and taking theirs, for example…


“The Technology Investment Act” was defeated 8,313 votes to 3,150.