The Time Has Come

Friends and Others,

Gnidrah has run its course. The time has come for me to do what is necessary, and that is this. I hereby resign. I relinquish all duties and responsibilities, titles and positions, on this forum and in the region and Government of the East Pacific. It is now official.

I’ve left the World Assembly (United Nations) and do not intend to relocate. Gnidrah was founded in this region. I would much like for it to cease to exist in this region. Of course, I’m well aware the current WA Delegate on the NastionStates side might very well eject me from the region. I hope that won’t happen, but I really have no control over it; just my own personal wish and desire.

Roughly 60 days from now, the NS nation Gnidrah will CTE. I figure it will be around the time Gnidrah was founded four years ago (December 11, 2004). In the meantime, I will not check my telegrams or activities on NationStates. I may check in here periodically, up until that point. But the best way to contact me, if you want to keep in touch, would be through AIM during this time (emperorofgnidrah) and through email (

It’s been a long run with the gang, Loop, FPS, Kelssek, Pack, Kangarawa, and others. I hate to leave it all behind. But it’s what I need to do – it’s what’s best for me and what we like to call “RL,” and I think it’s best for the region and NationStates as a whole. I would like for everyone to take care, and enjoy the game. I’m going to miss you guys, and the game. I really am. Thanks for having me here, and allowing me the honor of serving you, regardless of how poorly I’ve done in the end.

Matt Richardson
…the man behind Gnidrah


It was good to get to know you a little bit through this game; I always enjoyed talking with you, and I wish you all the best. If ever you’re up for resuming a sporadic RL correspondence, I’d be happy to exchange emails. :slight_smile:

I hope the way this has ended hasn’t soured the whole experience for you, and I wouldn’t take any of the criticism to heart - it’s propaganda, meant to promote in-game goals. In the end, this is just a game - and a community. The community is what really matters, and you’ve been an such an important part of forming and maintaining it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It’s been an honor to know you. tips hat
~Nai <><

A salute to you old friend. May you never be assimilated.

: Well it happens sadly

Don’t forget to visit! :smiley:

We lose our Gnid, I hope that you will still remain with us socially at least, but do what you feel is right for you, and I am glad you didnt let this game destroy you, it does that to people, I admit it brings out the worst in me at times,
I wont say good by, but till you next log in.

It was a pleasure as well as an honor, Gnidrah. Good luck in the future.

Godspeed. Take good care of yourself out in the big scary unpixellated world.

Wait, there are places without Pixels?
I think I am gonna hyper ventilate!

Goodbye, Gnid. Keep checking our forum, ok.

Fellow East Pacific citizens, today the empire has won a great victory. When one of the oldest nations that I know of decides to leave is truly sad. Gauron316 wishes you the best and Gods speed Gnidrah. One day may you make the successful journey to Stovokor!

I’m sorry to see you go, Gnidrah. All the best in the future.

OOC: So long. Take care.

IC: A little honesty before you leave might be nice.

Gnidrah…Matt, I didn’t really know you but I honestly wish you good luck in everything you do and Hope you some day come back again…

It’s been 60 days. Perhaps as a fitting CTE moment for Gnidrah, Phedre can be replaced as Delegate?