The United Imperial States of Kandorith

Greetings from Emperor Uchi of the United Imperial States of Kandorith.
Closed of from any outside contact for hundreds of years,
the nation decided to open up somewhat more,
In these years there has been no free speech, no free trade and no elections…
Slowly but surely the Empire is changing
we can provide… military force… resources and erm… erm… COOKIES!

Lots of cookies…

Ooh yes the info:

A HUGE work in progress:

Well! Welcome to The East Pacific, where nectar and honey flow without restriction! Well… without any major restrictions, lol.

Still, it looks like your nation will be pretty fun to roleplay with! Can’t wait!

I can’t wait to RP either, but I still need to write the entire complete history, think: China; Three Kingdoms history like… But since I am on hollidays now… with some pencils and LOOOOOOTS of papers… expect it to happen soon, not to mention, I have to kinda, re-enter the RP state of mind. (Been a long time since I RPed :P)

Well, I don’t want you to get the impression that in order to roleplay with us, you’ve got to have a background for your nation written up or an NSwiki article up for it. Some prominent roleplayers here have it, and some do not. Either way is fine by me, especially now that I realize I tend to learn a lot from peoples’ nations through roleplay and answering questions I have. So yep, you don’t have to have it to roleplay with us, lol.

Our nations share similar interests.

Welcome mister RPer?

Hai :smiley: