The Vulpine Spring

House of Maroon, Voskakova, Valokchia
March 11th, 2018

A room populated by Vulpines, most slightly skittish of the presence of Serpiko Pavlovic, the current Chairman of the Valokchian Social Nationalist Party, as his intentions of visiting the House of Maroon was yet to be found out by all in the room. Serpiko, a bright orange Vulpine with a brown shirt accompanied by a marooned colored armband with a majestic, black eagle stitched onto it, as what he was doing was simply facing towards the window of the room, looking out to see the yellow dotted skyline of the city, his arms crossed as a large round table placed behind him with a local map of Danilo Pejic’s palace. Hearing only the mumbling of his party members in Valokchian, as he slowly turned his back as they were discussing casually, laughing could be heard as it was rather an energetic night for the party.

Serpiko turned himself back towards the table, some looking down at the map out of curiosity, confused as to what the meeting Pavlovic hosted for. The commotion of the group led Serpiko the amble towards it, slamming his hand down full force to grab the attention of all, surprisingly successful as his aggressive action grasped the attention of all in the room, all move to the table, staring at him. He sighed quickly before setting both his hands on the map.

“I have personally invited you all for a very, very special mission that might or might not put most of you, if not all of your lives in jeopardy, as well with this operation me and my personal colleagues having been planning for years. And what I am simply saying is that we are attempting to overthrow the Danilo Pejic regime, to become the ruling party of our country and set things right for it, any questions?” immediately after asking for questions, one man would raise his hand, Serpiko’s eyes immediately looking to him, “Chairman Serpiko, how are we going to execute this? How are we going to go about seizing the government?”, Serpiko crosses his arms, staring at him, “Well, the best way to destabilize the government is by assassinating Danilo Pejic, we could shoot him point blank in the chest, or shoot him afar to prevent ourselves from being given responsibility, after that, we will march onward to the capital building to try our best to seize the country to establish it.” He stops himself suddenly, taking a deep breath afterwards, pointing to the entrance area of the capital building on the map, “Every fortnight or so, Danilo hosts an outdoor press conference outside of the facility, why he asks questions from the press outside, I really don’t know, but, one of you in this room is going disguised as a journalist. As being disguised you will hopefully come forward in front of his podium, and once have one little chance, you will take that shot, but, even if it is successful, anyone volunteering will likely not come back alive, or free.”

Serpiko sets his hands back onto the table, looking at the other people surrounding the table, both Men and Women, all Vulpines, a chauvinistic party willing to establish a Fascist regime, “I am willing to take anyone as a volunteer to do this operation,” he tells the party, the same man who asked the question raises his hand once again, “Chairman, I want to volunteer to do so,” the short, white furred Vulpine speaks out with absolute confidence, Serpiko giving him a smirk, “Well, you must either be suicidal, or extremely confident in this, and I admire the fact that your confidence is skyrocketing for this,” the party leader twitches his finger towards the white Vulpine, who obliges to come over to Serpiko’s side, looking up at him. “Tell me son, what is your name? I forgot,” Serpiko asks the eager Vulpine, slowly placing his hand on his cheek, “Vukota, my Chairman,” Vukota would sound rather young, being only 20 years of age, but Serpiko would take no notice of his slightly young age, “Well Vukota, you are being very brave for this, we have the time to train and plan your insertion into the district,” then looking to the group surrounding the table, “Which this mission will be execution within around a month, planning by the way has been lasting since 2016.” He walks back towards the large window, looking out of it again, “Debriefing has been concluded, you have all been dismissed to go back home or hang out here at the House of Maroon, I thank you all for coming to this very important meeting…” He would smile once again, all salute him, then leave the room…

The plane touched down in Voskakova after a uneventful flight. The plane hailed from Kerilo in Vekaiyu; the two seated in seats 22A and 22B though came from South Hills, having to take a connecting flight through Vekaiyu as no major south hills carriers offered the flight. Plus, it made there story more believable. The two of them; Stephan and Sofia, appeared like any couple in there mid twenties on holiday. Stephan was a white furred, with long and almost snow white fur. It was evident he was a northern vulpine. Sofia however had brown fur which was much more soft and short; Given the locale, she found herself wearing a light spring jacket and jeans. Stephan was just wearing a sweatshirt and green cargo pants.

The two migrated through the lines of customs upon arrival, noting to find a vulpine customs officer, which wasn’t difficult. The two found themselves infront of an older vulpine gentlemen at the custom’s booth; evidently in his mid 50’s. The twos passports, though South Hills in origin, had a myriad of stamps from places like Vekaiyu, Listonia, Laiatan and the likes. The passport controller looked at the two, before asking “What brings you both to Valokchia?”

The male spoke up in Unonian, “We’re both from South Hills but have made it a habit of exploring the ‘mother countries’ if you will. Valokchia was next on the list. We heard it was marvelous this time of year.” With nothing else to draw suspicion on, the guard gave the two advice on sightseeing before stamping there passports and sending them through security. After breezing through security (They weren’t stupid enough to fly anything with them), the two were in Voskakova proper.

The two waited until they reached there hotel, taking a few moments to ‘sightsee’ at the nearby park, before speaking in Codexian. “So uh, we’re just here to see what this ‘resistance’ is up to?” the girl spoke.

“Well, that, and there’s rumors that he may be around…He seems to find his way into trouble like this.” the man responded. She instantly knew who he was talking about, responding in a hushed tone. “Mark?” - Stephan nodded. The two sighed, looking at the fountain. They had a mixture of hatred and pity for him. On one hand, he had betrayed them - his brothers and sisters - in the program and became a soldier of fortune. In the other hand, he was still their brother, raised together in harsh conditions since they were toddlers. And the thought of desertion had crossed all of there minds. Either way, it wouldn’t be a easy task ahead - Assuming he was here at all. And they both even slightly hoped the intel was botched and he wouldn’t be here at all; save them both the moral dilemma. Beside, they had been raised to avoid questioning the moral dilemmas of the orders they were given.

The two sighed, holding hands as they walked back to the hotel room. Of course, an elaborate act, but the two had worked together so long they had a sibling type relationship more than anything.

Heinrich stood outside, his dark grey fur resisting the cold night wind as he looked upon what could be a small, abandoned warehouse. Having been only months immigrating to Valokchia from Asendavia for the sake of living among his own kind, his grasp on the Valokchian language somewhat rich as he spent only but a few years studying the language, but his speech in the tongue broken. The reason of his presence outside of the building, a friend he met weeks ago, knowing the Woman primarily for her membership of the Valokchian Social Nationalist Party, Heinrich’s interest in the VSNP raised as the party’s doctrine was to favor the Vulpine race over Humans. But, what made him most interested in walking himself in the cold temperatures of the night was that completing it resulted in a great gift of currency, and a potential for becoming one with the party.

It’s been several minutes of standing under a bright orange lit light, standing out in the dark, his small overall size Heinrich susceptible to any hostile passerby of the night, especially in the location he was in. As he stepped closer to one of the entrances, the door would suddenly open, he reacts with a small jump back away from the door, being met seconds later with a figure smaller than him, noticing it was Ivanka, the recent friend of his, a Northern variant Vulpine with orange fur, accompanied by long, brown hair. Ivanka lets out a sharp “Hello!” in Valokchian, Heinrich quick to react with a small pat to her shoulder, looking down at her to see she was wearing a brown, long sleeved button up shirt with the addition of a maroon armband, with the VSNP symbol pasted onto it, what most, if not all party members would wear in events like this. “So, you called me here to come here for?” Heinrich crosses his arms, confused at his presence in the area, she then jerks her head towards the interior of the warehouse, “Come on, I’ll lead the way.”

A suited Human man lays unconscious, his face bloodied, likely from the beatings of when he arrived to the warehouse, locked in a medium sized, dark, musky room with the only presence outside, 2 Vulpines stand guard outside of the room, both wearing what Ivanka was wearing when greeted by Heinrich. Both sauntered towards the guarding duo, casually discussing their lives up until the second they stood beside each other, Heinrich and Ivanka approach the other 2, standing with the door in between them, as one jolted his neck towards them, stepping in front of Heinrich, blocking him. “Ivanka, who is this?” He booms out to her, not familiar with Heinrich, as a lack of a uniform made the man assume he was not apart of the VSNP. “Calm yourself Kurtz! This is the man I was talking to you about!” He walks up in front as well, weakly pushing him away from Heinrich, “Ah…Heinrich, nice to meet you.” He lets off a great, large smile towards Heinrich, “I welcome your presence, we hired you for a job that will surely satisfy Serpiko’s demands.” Following right after, “And what do I have to do exactly?” Heinrich asks, slightly confused at Kurtz request, “Well, heh heh,” Kurtz lets out a small laugh, opening the door he was defending, revealing a bloodied Human man, his hands restrained by a zip tie, Heinrich lets out a small gasp. “Well, what do you think? It’s Ingwar Nesic! One of the many known politicians in this shit hole of a country right now.” Kurtz lets out a loud chuckle, the other standing adjacent would be simply standing, staring at both Heinrich and Ivanka whilst with a cigarette in his mouth. Heinrich would be at a loss for words, “H-How the fuck did you capture him?”, Heinrich stutters over his words, Ivanka looks up at him with a smirk, laughing on the inside for his lack of knowledge of Ivanka being the capturer. “Well my friend, do it first, ask it second!” He lets out another loud laugh, a half full bottle of water in his gnarled hands, Heinrich knew his intentions with the bottle, keeping a neutral stance as Kurtz signaled both Ivanka and Heinrich into the room, keeping the other guard at ease.

The trio enters the room, Heinrich takes a quick note of the musty odor, looking down at Ingwar’s unconscious body, “Step aside,” Kurtz orders Heinrich, who then quietly steps out of the way, the bottle wielding Vulpine takes the cap off the plastic water bottle, splashing what was left in the face of Ingwar, who would violently awake from his unconscious state, a blood curdling yelp expels from him, quickly realizing he was restrained. “Huh? What the hell?” He screams out to the 3 Vulpines, his nose and mouth caekd in dried blood, panting heavily as he stared both at Heinrich, Ivanka, and Kurtz. “So…Mr. Nesic, is it?” Kurtz is the first to speak to him, in a professional, business like tone to him, clasping his hands behind his back, staring down at Ingwar, “Yes it is! What are you doing with me?” Ingwar booms out angrily at him, “Oh, nothing…Just using the deaths of many politicians as a ploy to overtake the Federation and install our own government,” he chuckles sadistically, enough to scare even Heinrich, and everybody else in the room. Ivanka, looked at Ingwar, then at Kurtz, who was ambling towards a large, rusted metal locker, opening it slowly, taking out a 5-6 inch stainless steel blade, then taking his tongue to lick the dull part of the knife, then turning back to lock his eyes on Ingwar, who would quickly notice the knife, his face turn to from an angered state to a horrified state instantly. As Kurtz slowly began to walk towards him slowly, he shifted himself back away from the sadistic Vulpine, “Now Nesic, I despise your affiliation with the Federation government, and I want the might of Maxism to rise because I fucking hate you Humans.” (Kurtz for edgiest char of the year 2018)He speaks with strong body language, occasionally pointing his knife towards Ingwar, “Because of it, you will not be going through a good time within this coming hour.” He would then look to Ivanka, nodding his head to signal her, she would take an old handgun out of her jacket, pointing it at Ingwar to make sure he will hesitate to make any defensive effort.

But out of sudden excitement, Ivanka would rush to the tied man, quickly firing 2 rounds into his kneecaps, a loud yell filled with agony fills the room, Ingwar now rendered immobile by the destructive force of the bullets ripping through his legs. Kurtz was quick to act by lunging onto him, pinning his knees to further escalate the pain, putting the tip of the knife to his gut, ripping open his button up shirt, gently slicing a large gash on his abdomen, his screaming increased in force, Ingwar immediately finding out his demise was to be slow and painful. Kurtz would then stand up, looking down at Ingwar as his face was grunting in pain, which he’d then look to Heinrich, “Ivanka, hand Heinrich the gun, make Mr. Nesic suffer.” She immediately nods, handing the handgun to the non-partisan Vulpine, “Don’t shoot him in the head, make his death painful.” He says to Heinrich, he points the gun to Ingwar without hesitation, his hand trembling, with his finger on the trigger, “Well, don’t hesitate!” Kurtz booms out, Heinrich quickly acts by firing 2 other rounds into each of the politicians lungs, a high pitched gasp following right after. “Now…Let’s leave this guy in here, since you shot 'em in the lungs, he’s gonna suffocate from his own blood in a few minutes, I thank you for you service Heinrich.” The Vulpine would smile, taking out a handkerchief, wiping some of the blood off the knife with it, then walking to the drawer to take out a large stack of Valoks, which would be around 10 to 15 Thousand, handing it to Heinrich, “For you, Heinrich.” Kurtz chuckles loudly, then looking towards Ingwar, who would start suffocating in pain from the blood pooling in his Lungs, “You know, Serpiko could use some good men like you.” Kurtz says to Heinrich while walking out, closing the door, leaving only Ivanka and Heinrich, and Ingwar’s nearly lifeless body.

“So…Heinrich, you got a place I can crash at for a while?” Ivanka questions Heinrich, only dwelling in a run down, section 8 apartment, “Uh…Sure, besides, feel like we need to lay on the down low since we killed a fucking politician, but, really isn’t that good.” He shrugs, looking towards where they entered the warehouse, “Tell me where you live then, I have a car out front.” She would smile, having been sleeping in the same warehouse for several months, the warehouse being an underground hub for the party. Both would then walk to the exit, both get in Ivanka’s car as Heinrich stared at the warehouse, knowing that he killed a man brutally…"

“District 7 units, District 7 units, respond for reports of a body found at the warehouse on corner of 7th street and Electric Avenue.” The scanner chattered in Valokchian, and the two listened intently. Another three minutes later, confirmation of the murder of the Minister of Defense was confirmed. These would be the revolutionaries.

“That was…bold…” Sandra responded, looking out the window of the hotel as police cars zipped past. “You think it was him?” - “Gimme a sec” responded Stephan, listening to police describe multiple gunshots to the kneecaps and lungs. “Na, too messy…He’d be much more clean. But I don’t doubt he’s here.”

“Yeah…” She responded, pondering as she looked out the window. “We need to arm up.”

“We’re meeting with the embassy contact tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” The two vulpines stared out the window together, sipping drinks as they continued to watch police and military race to the other side of town. It would be a messy evening indeed.

“What the fuck, they go and kill the fucking defense minister on the night we drop in.” complained Marcus, furrowing his beard. “Took the opportunity I guess.” responded his Vulpine companion, shrugging. The two walked down the street in civilian clothes, turning into a apartment block. “They better not screw us on this meet.” the human complained. They made there way up to apartment 11B, entering to find it abandoned. Strategically so. “Fifteen minutes, then we bolt.” answered Max, rubbing the fur on the back of his neck. “We’ll give em’ another fifteen to get here.”


Kurtz, and his companion exited the warehouse, who looked behind the warehouse as the body was still within it, but didn’t think much else as he walked towards his parked car across the street, an old Lada from the early 80s, a large surprise it was still functioning. Both would enter the car as his companion made a comment, “Kurtz, how old is this thing?” He would ask, taking his 2 fingers to gather up some dust collecting on it, “Oh…Maybe uh, 1981 or 1982? Its my Mom’s old car, but, let’s get to that fucking apartment first Joseph.” Kurtz takes the keys of the car, jamming it into the transmission, as several tries it took to fully turn on, officially embarking on the road to the said apartment complex. “So, what’re we driving to there for anyway?” Joseph questions Kurtz, “We both don’t even live in apartments!” He follows before being shushed by Kurtz, “Listen, I’ve called a meeting with some men at said complex, I wanna see if we could hire them to tend to our…Murders.” Kurtz ends with a chuckle, slowly speeding up down the road as the apartment area got closer, “I know this city at the back of my hand so won’t be so hard to get there.” He chuckles once again, stopping at a red light, looking around the intersection, completely empty and lifeless, since it was so late at night that is, then locking his eyes on the mid rise apartment complex, what he was told where the meeting would’ve took place.

Kurtz, parks his car outside of the apartment building, looking up as it usually was lit up by several lights, with people building up lives within, the entrance occupied by several hobos and beggars, as Kurtz and Joseph tried best to avoid them, hastily entering into the building as Joseph slowly progressed into paranoia out of fear of police finding such a politically significant body. “Elevators don’t work here, so we might as well climb up to the floor,” he chuckles, looking at Joseph as they both ambled to the somehow well lit stairwell, quickly climbing up for several minutes, entering a hallway where apartment 11B was located. Kurtz sternly knocked his fist against the wooden door, as the large “11B” drilled into it gave away the location of the meet for him, as he awaited for the men to answer the door…

12:00 AM
Ivanka pulls up into a parking space, just outside of an apartment block Heinrich was living in, a complex composed of towering section 8 housing blocks, as Heinrich clarified it was for sure the larger body that contained his living space. Both got out, slamming the doors at the same time, as Ivanka and Heinrich walked towards the entrance, “Hey, thanks for giving me a place to stay at Heinrich, that warehouse was shitty.” Ivanka smiles at Heinrich, as he approached the entrance to the apartment, pulling it open to let her in, with him entering last. Both were also worried at the finding of Ingwar’s corpse, but he was confident in successfully staying low from the authorities, and was happy to receive such a large dose of pay and a likely membership of the Social Nationalist Party. As minutes passed of waiting in a slow elevator, and walking in a hallway, they arrive at his doorstep, Heinrich did the honors of unlocking the door, entering into his abode, a living room with the blind half closed, revealing the lights of the city, accompanied by a pulled out mattress from a sofa, and a small, HDTV. “Well, this is it, bathrooms right there,” he would point towards the creaked open door, “beds right there, only bed here so I guess you’re gonna have to sleep with me while you crash here.” Heinrich quickly gets into the bed, taking out the 14,000 stack of Valoks, examining it, “Besides, best you stay down low for a while, for the better.” He would smile, Ivanka getting into the bed as well, keeping a short distance from him as their relationship hasn’t gotten to a platonic point, “Also Himmler,” she refers to his last name, “Expect to be hired for more jobs by Serpiko himself, you’re gonna make a lot of dough and be fighting for a great cause!” She responds, despite being only at his home for a minute, she seemed to make herself at home well…

March 17, 2018
4:42AM, several hours after Ingwar Nesic’s death
Voskakova, Valokchia

Danilo was seated in his chair in his office, half asleep as he awoke only 20 minutes ago, his only instinct to sit in his office most of the day, reading emails from the population, and some from other countries. A rather tall man, entering his office as he walked up to his desk, wearing a General uniform, as he looked down upon Danilo, as he looked back up at the man, his face looking tired and unaware. The taller person had a completely blank face, as if he had no personality whatsoever, he very slowly crosses his arms, still staring down at him, “President Pejic…I regret to inform you that Minister of Defense Ingwar Nesic has been found murdered in Opo.” He takes a deep breath, “I am taking place as the Minister of Defense, Mr. President.” It was General Rajko Marburg, a known figure in the military of Valokchia, but, Danilo Pejic was quick to react by suddenly jumping up, now wide awake to hear such horrifying news, “What?” He booms out, “Who did this?” Following once again in the same tone, as Marburg sighed once again, “Mr. President, we have launched an national investigation on this murder, the warehouse Ingwar was murdered in, we have found several articles of clothing, and flags affiliated with the VSNP.” Marburg explains, his tone showing complete neutrality and calmness.

“Alright, you can leave now, let me contact Serpiko in peace will you.” Danilo transitions to a more peaceful emotion, his hands trembling on the desk as he sat down, picking up his phone, Marburg leaves his office immediately as he contacted Serpiko Pavlovic,

Serpiko sat in his chair, the House of Maroon still active as it was everyday, as his phone rang, as it was rather random at the time, he quickly picked it up , “Hello?” Serpiko quietly speaks into the phone (Slightly awkward to use a phone as a Vulpine), “Umm, Mr. Pavlovic, I inform you that Ingwar Nesic has been murdered in a warehouse that seems to have equipment related to your party, might I ask your word on this?” Serpiko gives off an angered flare of teeth, knowing that the assassination he planned was found out, “Mr. President, my party would never go this length of promoting our ideology,” Serpiko responds, sighing, “These are likely people wanting to become apart of the Social Nationalist Party using violence, especially killing a very known politician of your government, I am very sorry for the death of Ingwar Nesic Mr. President, and I send my condolences.” Serpiko tries best to cover up the situation, knowing very well that one of his party members executed the mission successfully, “Well, Mr. Pavlovic, we are launching an investigation, whether to determine the perpetrators were apart of the VSNP party, or trying to discredit it, have a good day Mr. Pavlovic.” The call ended by Danilo slamming his phone down, Serpiko doing much of the same, standing up right after, chuckling loudly as he left his office, approaching Vokuta, “My friend Vokuta, Kurtz really did it this time! Another step of destabilizing this government to ease our plan!” He laughs out loud once again, patting Vokuta on the shoulder as he looked up at Serpiko, “Sir, what will this exactly do?”, Vokuta asks him with concern, “Well Vokuta, the more we kill political figures, the more destabilized the Federation becomes, and once Danilo speaks out in the open, we will strike him at the most unexpected moment…” He wraps his arm around Vokuta, looking out of a nearby window, with the sky turning a dark blue as dawn was approaching, “As long as the government knows we are trying to steal their government, all of this will go to plan.”


co-op post my doods:
Apartment 11B, Undisclosed location

After ten minutes, a knocking on the door was heard which startled both men. Maxwell approached the door, weapon drawn, before asking the specified passcode that a human wouldn’t know. He asked what was two plus five in Unonian. Kurtz would hear the question, he quickly looks up at the ceiling, thinking about his Unonian lessons from the past… “Uhh…Seven?” He responds in the same language Maxwell asked the question…

The man had anwered the question, but skiddishly. Odd. None the less, Max swung the door open, pistol in hand, before looking at the two vulpines and nodding. “Come in.” Kurtz nods, slapping Joseph’s shoulder who was distracted from looking down a hallway, as he led Joseph into the apartment. He closed the door after the two entered, leading them inside where a human male was sitting on the couch. “He’s with me.” Stated Max, leaning against the wall. “I understand you have work?”

Kurtz would take a softly stern look at the Human for half a second, then to Maxwell, “Yes…I feel our time is currently limited as Police have time to respond to our last job several minutes ago.”

“Indeed. So what do you have for us?” He responded.

“Well…Serpiko, has been planning to murder Boza Urozevic, Valokchia’s concurrent Minister of Foreign Affairs, he has an extremely important place in this government, and removing him would destabilize it further.”

“Where does he frequent, and what’s in it for us” The human responded, cleaning a high powered sniper rifle.

“Most of the day, he is at his office located in Voskakova, I have the address in my pocket…From what we’ve surveyed, a large, potentially vacant building is situated behind his office, and from hours of looking through the window atop the building, is a large glass window exposing himself…”
He lets out a deep sigh, “We believe he’s in his office usually between 5AM to 8PM.”

“Alright.” responded Max. “What’s the pay?”

“Well…Courtesy of Serpiko himself…We are offering you 100,000 South Hills Dollars each for the both of you. Depending on how well this goes, the reward will either be raised or lowered”

“Half now, that’s the deal.” responded Max, tucking his pistol aside.

“Alright…50,000 sound okay to you?”

“Mhm.” responded the human, chambering his rifle. “Consider it done.”

He lets out a small smile, “Alright, when will you execute this assassination?”

“Soon enough. You’ll know when it happens.” The vulpine smiles.

“Well then…I am very confident your job will be short and clean…Something less worse than what I just did about uh…An hour ago?” Kurtz chuckles, Joseph still standing mute. Max laughed, “No one will even know it was us. All the credit’s yours.”

“Well, as of now Ingwar Nesic is dead, Boza Urozevic is the most important subject in the Valokchian government…But now, we must not drag this conversation any longer…”

“Indeed. You may see yourselves out.” the man answered, going over to look out the window of the apartment. “You will know when it’s done.” He smiles once again, “You have a good day…Or night,” He responds with a small nod, then looking to the Human “And you also, have a great day…” He says to Marcus, his tone showing very slight sarcasm.
Kurtz then nods to the adjacent Vulpine, as they both swiftly leave the apartment, Kurtz quietly closing the door.

March 18, 2018

Himmler tiredly opened his eyes slowly, the blanket draped over his body as his apartment had no heater, as he endured the barely 40 degree temperature in the apartment, his fur acting as a coat against the cold. He looked to his right to see Ivanka sleeping with one of his pillows clutched to her, Heinrich nearly forgetting he allowed her into his home. Quietly sitting up to look around more, rubbing his eyes, his cell phone rang as it vibrated on the bedside cabinet, quickly retrieving to answer it to prevent Ivanka’s awakening, “H-Hello?” He responds with a half asleep tone, taking in a deep breath to prepare who was on the other line. “Ah, you must be Heinrich Himmler yes?” It was Kurtz, the faint humming of driving could be heard the phone, having no regard for his safety, “Well Mr. Himmler,” he lets out a smile, only seen by the unnamed Vulpine passenger of the car, “I’d love to say that we have recruited you for the Social Nationalist Party, would you be willing for a mission with me today?” Heinrich quickly awoke, “Really?” He responds with slight confusing, scratching one of his ears, “Yes Himmler, you seem to be a welcoming man for our cause…And the House of Maroon is more than happy to welcome you into our home.” Kurtz focusing both on driving and talking to Heinrich, “Now, today, our next job for the both of us is going to involve…Some form of breaking into a house.” He lets out a smug chuckle, “Anyways, where do you live again?”

“Oh…Where I live? 4020 Rommel Street, apartment 404, on the 4th floor.” It was a pretty direct response, no questioning of Kurtz visitation to his home, “Good…Good, I’m coming by for a visit, okay? Bye bye,” Kurtz suddenly hung up on him, Heinrich never even getting a chance to even response, as he set his phone on the beside cabinet again, Ivanka slowly awoke from her slumber. “Heinrich…What time is it?” Her voice shows drowsiness from waking up, Himmler takes his phone to look at again, “Oh…Around 7:56AM,” Ivanka drives her snout into the fluffy pillow at the time, despite nearly getting enough sleep, she was not fond of waking up.

Both recently arriving from a diner beside the apartment complex, it was just over an hour of Ivanka and Heinrich watching TV, both unaware that Ingwar’s death was found out about on the news, as they were distracted by some sort of space travel documentary. A knock could be heard from his door, Heinrich quickly stood up, his assumptions was that Kurtz was behind the door, quickly answering it by slowly opening the door, and it was Kurtz, giving off a smile at Heinrich. “Ah, so this is your home huh? Pretty dark,” Kurtz walks into his apartment, the same, mute Vulpine companion walking in as well. “So…Why I am here today, is we will be discussing a possible mission, which may or may not involve death of someone, but you’ll find out.” Kurtz takes a small look at what’s on the TV, and then to Ivanka, simply laying in the pull out couch bed, “Seems you to know each other alot to be watching TV in bed together!” He chuckles out loud, looking towards a small round table in the kitchen area, signalling both Heinrich and Ivanka to follow him to it, Ivanka quickly getting out of the bed to follow him into the kitchen, Heinrich does the same as the surrounded the table.

“Now…Ivanka…Heinrich, I trust the both of you for this operation…What you both did to Ingwar was pretty intriguing to me, and I am certainly sure you are capable of executing this next one.” Kurtz sighs, clasping his hands behind his back, “We will be breaking into one of the parliament member’s home, Dell Honecker is his name, you know him as the candidate for the Valokchian People’s Party, wanted to bring Communism to this land, and denounced our party to death for it.” He takes another good look at both Ivanka and Heinrich, smiling both at them once again, “Basically, we are going to break into his home, and torture and execute him in front of his family, it sounds fucked, I know…But you are going to follow by how I do things… Now, I have to leave now, just you two lovebirds.” He would smile at the joke he made, quickly departing with a duffel bag that looked to be filled, Joseph and Kurtz exiting the apartment as Heinrich and Ivanka stared at each other.

“So…Heinrich, what do ya have in mind while we wait?” She says with a still slightly tired tone, yawning after saying her sentence, “Well…You just want to watch TV until 5PM?” He decided to go the more introverted route, which seemed relaxing for the both of them." “Hey! That’s exactly what I was going to say!” Ivanka chuckles, both setting themselves on the bed to continue watching their program, while staying close together for warmth.


It was still light out, Heinrich and Ivanka walking close by to see Kurtz and Joseph standing at the open trunk of a car, as they both suddenly appeared behind them. “Ah…Heinrich, Ivanka, you’re here.” He lets out a smile, clearly excited for their arrival as he gave them both ski masks modified for Vulpines, “Best to not be identified by anyone.” He takes out 2 SG553s from the trunk, handing the other to Joseph and slinging the only one on him for safe keeping, following by giving the two pistols to Heinrich and Ivanka. He’d then signal the three to head towards the front door with stealth, an exposed window showing the inside lit by a great light, possibly the living room of the house, the 4 putting on their ski masks…

Kurtz came up front, a faked police badge in hand, knocking on the door using his free hand to hold the badge up to the peep hole, a woman coming up to the door to look through it, “Police!” Kurtz yells out, the woman answers the door only to be met by being hit by the butt of his rifle with full force, falling to the ground unconscious, all would rush into the home as children sitting on the couch screamed in fear as Joseph aimed his rifle towards them, Kurtz walks over her unconscious body into Dell’s office, who opens the door to find out the problem going on outside of his room, also being met by Kurtz, who yells out “Don’t move, hands up motherfucker!” In Codexian, a Concordian accent he would be imitating, as Dell complied by being pulled down the stairs by the collar, his body continuously hitting the walls as he tumbled down the stairs, reaching the floor while grunting in pain.

Kurtz follows with pulling him into the living room, Dell’s unconscious body at the front door, his kids screaming in panic, Joseph with a duffel bag in hand, opening the zipper up to reveal the contents as Ivanka comes to zip tie his hands together, then ripping his shirt off to expose his body, Kurtz taking out the same knife he used to slice Ingwar with. “Mr. Honecker, you tried to push communism to Valokchia, and failed miserably, your communist affiliation disgusts me more than the fact you are a Human.” Kurtz laughs, pointing the knife towards Dell’s chest, Ivanka holding him down somehow, while Heinrich and Joseph keep guard. Kurtz suddenly went closer to him, grabbing his neck to begin making a sawing action at his chest, the skin starting to peel off slowly as the muscle was beginning to show, Kurtz basically flaying his upper body.

Dell couldn’t help but scream in agony, his children watch in shock as Kurtz skinned him alive, Heinrich looks in fear in horror as he never seen anyone be damaged so badly before. Minutes passed as Kurtz slowly progressed down his arms, his chest and body completely red as most of his muscles were exposed, blood and skin everywhere on the floor, such a violent sight for anybody to see, a final blow to Dell was several jabs into the stomach with the knife, Dell being pushed onto the ground by Kurtz with his boot. Dell was grunting and moaning in agony, most of his muscular system exposed, his own skin scattered where he was at.

“Kurtz, what do you want me to do with that girl in the other room?” He was confused as to what to do with Dell’s wife, “Shoot her.” Kurtz responds, flaring his teeth out in anger, “But sir, we-” He was interrupted by Kurtz again, screaming out “Just fucking shoot her!” Himmler quickly nods as a response, rushing to the unconscious woman, firing a bullet into her temple, blood splattering everywhere as it began to pool, disturbingly non-hesitant of his actions. “What about the kids?” Heinrich Himmler yells out again, "Leave them, best to scar them than to kill them! Alright…Let’s fucking go now!’ Kurtz yells out again, the 4 swiftly run out of the house, slamming the door, Ivanka and Himmler running towards their car, along with Kurtz and Joseph, driving away from the heinous scene…

College of Voskakova
As discontent grows across the entire nation (especially among radical right-leaning Vulpines), many humans begun to worry about the extreme radicalism advocated by the Valokchian Social Nationalist Party, who gained many supporters in recent times. They were against the government’s tyrannical regime, many whom feared for their lives, but used brutal methods to achieve results, disillusioning some and even causing some to outright criticize the nationalist party. Hans Wuttenburg was a young adult who came from a middle-class background, his parents clerical workers in his city’s administrative building. During his childhood, his parents always reminded him that violence is never the answer and to use his words and intellect to outsmart his enemies. As a result, he was a prominent student activist in his high school and even part of his school’s speech and debate team, eventually receiving a government-funded scholarship to the College of Voskakova. An ardent pacifist and highly charismatic, he gained the respect of many people who respected his peaceful and morally righteous philosophy of life. However, most of them eventually forgot about him as he receded from the public eye to focus on his studies. While he was studying at his college and on spring break, he visited many nations around the world, especially Aurora, respecting their democratic traditions. He also gained a respect to the socialist ideology of East Cerdani, successfully uniting the people under a nation through relatively peaceful means while treating everyone equally. After participating in a student protest against the government demanding for social reforms which was then promptly dispersed aggressively, he proceeded to form a political party named the Social Democratic League of Valokchia, advocating for equality for all, decentralization, and the elimination of government corruption.




“Could you be any fucking louder with that?” shouted down the vulpine, rummaging the duffel bags as his partner in crime (quite literally) ascended to the rooftop of the abandonded building. “Not my fault you can’t lift for shit.” responded Marcus. “No one’s here anyways.” He shrugged, ripping open the duffelbags. Both of them had leather gloves on. After ripping through several duffel bags, the two had constructed a high powered sniper rifle and a spotting scope. They both laid down; the vulpine spotting.

The shady figures were mostly concealed by the industrial equipment on the roof. Maxwell set up a portable radio next to him, it was programmed to the Voskakova’s police dispatch frequency. Next to it he had some duct tape and a CD player. Once satisfied, he sat down next to Marcus who had taken up the rifle. Sticking his finger in the air, the vulpine called. “Wind…two or three clicks, let’s say…” He looked at his watch, which conveniently had a compass. “SSE.” - He looked again, “Range, 'bout 500 yards.” - “500 yards” replied Marcus. Both men were quite experienced.

Marcus dialed his scope on the target; in a meeting with men in military uniform in the skyscraper opposite to them. “Positive ID behind the desk?” Marcus asked, the vulpine next to him looking through his spotting scope then to a photo of the foreign minister taped to his wrist. “Positive ID. Shot one at your leisure.”

Two or three seconds later, the man pulled the trigger, sending a round downrange. Less than a second later, the mans head exploded to the shock of the men with him.

“Let’s go.” Marcus said, standing. The gear would stay here; it had no fingerprints or anything legitimate anyways. “Already on it.” The vulpine was taking the portable radio, duct taping the transmit button down as he signalled to his partner to stay quiet. The vulpine then hit ‘PLAY’ on the speaker; Beethoven’s 9th symphony began effectively jamming the city’s police communication. They would likely switch to a secondary channel soon, but the few minutes it bought them were vital.

“We’re out.”

OOC: Joint post between myself and Gablogian

Due to the growing tensions in the nation of Valokchia the East Cerdan international media group “Stimme der DDR” (Voice of the CDR) had dispatched a small group of journalists and photographers to the nation to report on the situation as it evolved. Using funds from the government they managed to purchase a small apartment and establish a makeshift office inside.

Their agenda was to interview the leaders of the major political parties in Valokchia, the citizens of Valokchia and take photographs of anything that may occur. They themselves would generally not write any of the articles, sending it off to East Berlitow where the editorial and writing team there wrote the articles and stories. Their first item on the agenda was for an interview with a certain “Serpiko Pavlovic”, leader of the fascist party that was gaining traction in the nation.

Arranging the interview earlier in the day, they arrived at the headquarters of the party, briskly making their way to Serpiko’s office after being cleared to enter.

Serpiko sat in his office, doing usually what he did nearly every day, reading emails on his computer, being in a relatively good mood after meeting with the Kuternburg ambassador, When a loud knock would be heard on the door as the group of journalists arrived for an interview with the party leader.

He quickly jumps up, after drifting away nearly to sleep. “You may enter!” His voice booms out

The small group opened the door and walked inside the office. The group was led by a large vulpine male who was followed by a human scribe and a vulpine translator.
“Ah…You must be the journalists I was expecting,” He smiles, sitting back up on his chair.

“Welcome…You are more than happy to interview me.”

“Ah yes” the large vulpine male replied as he sat down on the seat on the opposite side to Serpiko’s desk. The human scribe behind him sat down in another chair behind, pulling out his laptop while the translator sat down and moved next to the larger vulpine male. “My name is Matthias Köllman, thank you for having us today.” he said as he offered his hand out for a handshake.
“Serpiko Pavlovic,” He’d continue his smile, shaking his hand with formal aggression.

Köllmann smiled back before pulling out of the handshake politely. “Now I suppose we shouldn’t waste too much time and get onto the questions.” Köllmann said as he adjusted himself in the seat, sitting upright and looking towards Serpiko. “Whenever you are ready Mr Pavlovian we can begin.”
“Uh…Yes…What questions do you have in store for me?”

Köllmann nodded and then asked the first question. “Mr Pavlovic, there have been reports that your party may have been using violence and intimidation to win support. Is this true and would you support such tactics?” the scribe behind began quickly typing down the question while they awaited a reply.
Serpiko slowly clasps his hands together, “These happenings over the past few days, are not officially associated with the VSNP, nor are we sponsoring them to use violence to boost our party, I hate to think these people are ruining the reputation of our party.”

Köllmann nodded in response. “Mr Pavlovic, it is well known your party has a strong distaste for humans. Do you and your party dislike humans in general or is it specific groups of humans you are against?”
“We do…But our hatred does not extend to a deathly animosity for them…We felt for the past 8 years, our population has been to the subject of police brutality and prejudice against Vulpines…” He lets out a deep sigh, “Some Vulpines are shot not complying with police orders also…”

“Mr Pavlovic do you believe that the VSNP will be able to win popular support? And do you believe you can make the changes you want within the current Valokchian government?”
“My confidence is at an all time high for the VSNP to win popular support, and I will demonstrate my doctrine of reforming this government.”

“Mr Pavlovic how do you plan to deal with the current population of humans in the nation?”
“Our plans for the Human population is to best contain it…But, I will disregard any form of action as to put them in any form of concentration camps.”

“Mr Pavlovic, do you consider Vulpines to be superior to humans?”
“I can say our agility, and intelligence are far more superior to Humans despite their strength compared to ours…But, a combination of agility and intelligence dwarfs overall strength.”

“Mr Pavlovic do you support the idea of having nations for vulpines and nations for humans, rather than a multispecies society?”
“Yes, I support these said societies…”
“Multispecies societies?”
“If a multispecies society involves peace between the species, including the lack of hostility between them, then I have no problem.”

“Mr Pavlovic do you identify as a fascist? Your party is well known to be politically right wing and use nationalistic and fascist rhetoric.”
“I do identify myself as a fascist…It is what this party’s intentions were when it was founded.”

“Mr Pavlovic, if you come to power do you plan to reform the government democratically or through force and power?”
“What happens…Will happen, our numerous attempts at democratically gaining power have failed, and we will try to retrieve our triumph, force and power is only but a last resort.”

“Mr Pavlovic what kind of policies do you hope to enact in Valokchia in the event you do come to power?”
“Our policies is to shift our government towards favoring our nation over other nations to try to improve our economy and to focus on national problems as well…”

“Mr Pavlovic are you xenophobic?”
“Despite me supporting my country over others, I support the actions of other people coming to visit our country, whether it’d be for tourism or immigration.”

“Alright Mr Pavlovic, last question.” Köllmann then adjusted himself in the seat again “What kind of a future do you think there will be in Valokchia under the current government compared to if it were under yours. And do you see a future for humans if you come to power?”
“I see a hopeful future of economic prosperity for all Valokchians, whether they are a Vulpine, Human, Lupine, Ursine, et cetera…”

“Alright Mr Pavlovic thank you for your time.” Köllmann said as he leaned forward to shake Pavlovic’s hand once again

“You too Köllmann…” Serpiko smiles, cheerfully accepting his handshake.

Köllmann pulls back from the handshake again, standing up as his entourage pack up. “I will forward the transcript tonight and you expect the story in a few days time.” Köllmann said to Pavlovic.

“Alright, I will await your article Mr. Köllmann”

Serpiko would smile, looking at his computer, and then to Köllmann

“We have a small office nearby so I can easily send you a copy of the newspaper story when it releases.” Köllmann “And if you ever want another interview we are always open.” He said as he placed a small card on the table, with the address and contact information of the office.

Serpiko would read the card, putting it in his desk, nodding at him.

Köllmann would nod back as the group headed for the door, waving goodbye as they leave the office.

Serpiko waves back, as he was certainly satisfied with the interview.

The journalists then begun the walk back to their small office, arriving a short time later.

“Make sure to send that document off, I’ll see if I can arrange something else to do next.” Köllmann said to his two aides as they walked inside their office. Within a few hours the documents had been emailed through to East Berlitow and they awaited the release of the story.

Boza Urozevic, sitting in his office, several military generals stood around him as he was still mourning the horrid death of Ingwar Nesic. Rubbing his forehead with his hand as he was still trying to process what happened within the last couple hours or days since his murder. It was only but seconds before contemplating is final opinions is when his vision suddenly turned black, unable to move, unable to even be aware, a bullet had went straight into his head and he essentially died on his desk, blood pooling everywhere as the militarily suited men jumped in surprise, scrambling to run out for help. It was not clear that Urozevic had fallen victim to the VSNP’s wave of killings, the room slowly degrading into a panic fest as the men tried to notify police of his apparent murder, only to be resulted in a hesitation of a response, as police communication was jammed in such an unfortunate moment.

Burgdorf crouched to the same level as the desk, Boza’s face planted right on it, as he then looked up to see an entry wound in the back of his head, as blood still exiting the wound, a very heinous sight for him to see. “Oh my god…” He whispers under his breath, a slight tear shedding from his eye due to such a significant loss, standing up, General Aleksic stood, looking down at the body, and then to Burgdorf. “Enough crying,” he slaps Burgdorf, “We are hosting an emergency meeting in debriefing room, immediately, come with me.” Aleksic looks to Boza’s lifeless body again, “Police will hopefully take care of this… Comms are fucked but, not now.” Aleksic had no hesitation to grab the Vulpine by the arm, leading him into a conference room with a large table, with the several generals in the room, standing mute, shocked by the sudden murder of the foreign affairs minister.

“I…I…” General Aleksic, his hands on the table, sweating profusely, “What the FUCK?” The man screams out, slamming his hand on the table, “Is there nobody fucking pure in this goddamn world?” Yelling out again, “For decades we have kept stability to this land against international menaces…And now our own people are antagonizing us!” Aleksic continues his rant as his voice booms in the room, the other military officers watching on as he was clearly infuriated, “We shall not have this country be left to the fascists, communists, or any goddamn authoritarian trash can!” He quickly calms himself down, breathing heavily, “Who will take place of who negotiates…Who will make us feel welcomed in this world?” He takes in another deep breath, before being interrupted “General, one of us or you could take position.” His calmness then arose to anger once again, “You fool! We were built for military tactics not diplomacy!” “But, should that matter?” “I’d rather argue with my wife than to deal with diplomacy!” Aleksic screams out again, several pencils in hand he had, slamming them onto the table in anger, “Retain your damn positions!” Aleksic grabs at his chest, the exertion giving pain to it, slowly sitting down. “…Contact President Pejic, right now, my hands are tied, and I am sure all of yours are too.” The General sighs, wiping the sweat off of his forehead, “You are all dismissed…Return to your families in peace, to keep your mind off of this horrid turn of events today.”


While writing some papers for his college class, Hans’s radio suddenly bursts with noise. Taken aback, Hans jumped out of his chair and crashed into the floor. “Damn radios,” he mumbled as he rose back up. Before he reached to flick the off switch, he listened to the news broadcast on the radio. “…in other recent news, Boza Urozevic was reported to be shot dead in a meeting with other military officials this afternoon…” Hans sighed at the deaths of the government officials in recent days and proceeded to write a passage to send to his friend at the local underground newspaper office to put into the paper.

“Friends, comrades, countrymen, lend me your ears:
The brutal methods of the oppressive government is horrifyingly inhumane and rage-inducing. But we cannot let that rage overcome us and let us become killers. If we do begin killing, bullying, or use other violent methods, then we are no better than the government we are trying to get rid of in the first place. Do not let the government manipulate you into murdering. We must use nonviolence to achieve our goals such as sit-ins, civil disobedience, marches; Together, united against the dictatorship, we can achieve a better Valokchia for all. Vulpines, Luthrynes, even humans.”

The House of Maroon, Voskakova, Valokchia

One of the breakrooms has been filled with party members, tuning into the local news as it was apparent that Boza Urozevic’s assassination has been found out and was being displayed all over the news in the country. Most, if not all looked in awe as such an action has been committed, giving hope to some for their party to go on to lead all of Valokchia. “My god, that really just happened?” One of the party members in the room yells out, ending with a chuckle as Serpiko Pavlovic entered the room, confused by the number of people in it. It was a quick reaction to all to salute to him as he slowly walked into the room, looking around with a confused look on his face, “Might I ask what the hell is happening in here?” He asks the question to nearly everyone in the room, one looks behind him to step away from the crowd, allowing Serpiko to walk in front of the crowd to see the TV. “To recap on this situation is that Valokchian Foreign Affairs Minister, Boza Urozevic…Has been assassinated in his office by a gunshot wound to the head…Which was likely from a ranged weapon… We will give more intel to you on this situation as President Pejic is hosting an emergency press conference.” Serpiko rubs the fur under his muzzle, giving off a small smile as a result, “So…I guess they really did do it huh.” Serpiko chuckles, walking closer to the TV to get a closer look, staring up at the screen as the reporter spouted more irrelevant information out, as he looked back to the group, “As a result of this death, this will lead us closer to victory in gaining power over Valokchia!” Serpiko yells out, as the crowd cheers in confidence over his loud and rambunctious tone.

It was several hours later, Serpiko sitting on a large black leather couch, casually watching TV as if the party’s headquarters was like another home of his. Vokuta, one of his companions walks up to him with what looked to be a newspaper, pointing to a passage, “Serpiko, you oughta read this…I feel its pretty damn important.” He says, setting it in his lab, “Oh, thank you Vokuta.” He’d smile, roughing up the white Vulpines hair by petting it aggressively, Vokuta slowly walking away as Serpiko read such passage from the paper.

— Begin quote from ____

“Friends, comrades, countrymen, lend me your ears:
The brutal methods of the oppressive government is horrifyingly inhumane and rage-inducing. But we cannot let that rage overcome us and let us become killers. If we do begin killing, bullying, or use other violent methods, then we are no better than the government we are trying to get rid of in the first place. Do not let the government manipulate you into murdering. We must use nonviolence to achieve our goals such as sit-ins, civil disobedience, marches; Together, united against the dictatorship, we can achieve a better Valokchia for all. Vulpines, Luthrynes, even humans.”

— End quote

Vokuta would appear back at the couch once again, looking down at Serpiko as he just finished it. “Serpiko, what do you think?” Vokuta tilts his head to the left slightly, “Well…I am particularly fond of his opinions against this government. But I do not see how this man got a passage in this newspaper…Who is this exactly?” Vokuta responds first with a scratching of one of his ears, “Its a guy named Hans Wuttenburg, says he wants to topple the government but it seems his tactics are the exact opposite of ours…” Vokuta sighs, “I’m not sure about you, but I feel this man is against our party because of…What we do.” “Well, Vokuta…Kurtz has been the motherfucker that’s been prioritizing violence over the past few days by killing politicians, I like the man but he’s promoting this party in a goddamn shitty way.” Serpiko responds, “I would like for Hans to be monitored, and…Did Kurtz pay those guys to do the work?” Vokuta nods, both at his request and his question at the end.

Ambassador Chelsea sat her desk fumbling through her notes preparing to close her term as the Ambassador when she received a phone call, “Hello this Ambassador Chelsea who’s speaking?”

“Yes, this is Danilo Pejic, president of the Valokchian Federation…” He responds, with a sigh afterwards. Chelsea assuming something went wrong replied with a cheerful voice regardless, “Hello Mr.President how can I help you today ?”

“Yes, I have called you on behalf of the recent happenings, such as the assassination of Boza Urozevic, Dell Honecker, and Ingwar Nesic. And the reasonings behind calling you is due to the concurrent Kuthern military presence in Valokchia.”

She smirks before replying “I’ve heard the news I’m sorry for your losses Mr.President but Kuthernburg doesn’t have anything to do with those if you are inferring that”

“But…As I feel there is tension rising in this country, as these assassinations is bringing further instability in my country, and therefore… I am simply requesting the withdrawal of your military bases from Valokchia.”

“Surly Mr.President I can have that done by end of the month, it was a pleasure having Military relationships” she replied.

Danilo would smile at the end of her sentence, “It was a pleasure…I hope the relations between our lands will still be maintained after this.”

Heinrich, and Ivanka sat in a tavern, on a table being surrounded by other people drinking, talking, laughing around them, the sound of hard rain could be barely heard as Obo was a city known for weekly rain. Several people passing by their table gave confused and somewhat disgusted looks at Ivanka’s maroon armband, displaying the symbol of the Social Nationalist Party, Heinrich took a large sip from his glass of beer as he looked towards the TV, which at the whole time they were there, was displaying the local news. “So…Hows this life ter you?” Ivanka asks the man across from the small table, enjoying his drink as he stopped sipping to answer her question, “I guess its alright, beside from all the shit Kurtz has been doing…This cause has been okay.” He responds, looking around the bar, looking at the patrons going about their lives, “I like an environment of staying with my own…Kind, with the same political beliefs as me.” He’d chuckle, smiling as he took another sip out of the glass, finishing it, both could hear one of the televisions turn up in volume as the bartender quickly climbed up to change it, Ivanka and Heinrich look up at the TV.

“FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER BOZA UROZEVIC ASSASSINATED” Is what was headlined in the Valokchian language, the two Vulpines were the first to look up at the TV over the sudden news, the reporter looking straight at the TV as he was about to begin speaking.

“It has been officially reported… That Boza Urozevic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been found murdered in his office by an apparent shot to the head from an unknown target, President Danilo Pejic is yet to host an emergency conference regarding this situation. General Aleksic Krebs has taken position as the acting Foreign Affairs Minister as of now, and the decision for a permanent replacement is currently being decided by the Parliament at this moment. We release our upmost condolences to the family of Boza Urozevic, and we will continue to give more insight of this situation as Danilo Pejic prepares an emergency conference.”

Heinrich takes a glance at Ivanka in surprise, as she maintained a neutral look despite the significance of the event displayed on the news. “You think this shit has anything to do with the final plan?” She responds with a small nod, looking at the TV once again, “Damn right it is,” Ivanka quickly stands up from the table, setting several Valoks on the table “For your expensive drink.” She’d chuckle, jerking her neck towards the door, “Come on, best we wait for Kurtz at your place.” She quickly rushes out, barely giving the other man a chance to run out with her to his car, parked just outside of the building, both quickly entered the vehicle as Heinrich drove off. “The hell do you mean he’s coming to my place again?” Heinrich sighs, “He gonna discuss another political assassination?” He chuckles sarcastically, “Well, he will come over to discuss the big one, but, as of now, just know Kurtz as that guy who randomly comes into your house as like it was your own…He texted me he’ll be there around 9PM, as of now we’ll just stay and watch TV until he gets there, alright?” Ivanka responds to the man, trying his best to keep his concentration on the road despite the short distance between the bar and his apartment, as the car arrives outside of the complex, both entering into his usually dark apartment.


Approximately 9PM

Both had fallen asleep on the bed, the TV still on, the Vulpine known as Kurtz, opens up the door to slowly enter into the apartment, ambling to the room where Ivanka and Heinrich were sleeping in. Pouncing onto the bed to slap Heinrich’s muzzle to wake him, quickly grunting and squirming as he was slapped in his sleep, opening his eyes and rubbing them whilst rubbing his slap mark. “What the fuck?” He says to Kurtz, tired and disturbed as he looked at Ivanka sleeping, her arm behind his head as a sort of a pillow for him. “…Kurtz?” He asks again, “Yes, it is me, now wake up, I have an earful to discuss with you tonight.” Kurtz responds, his tone showing cheerfulness, Heinrich slowly getting up, rubbing his head, then standing up off of the bed. “Ivanka told me about this “big one”, the hell does she mean by that?” “Oh you’ll see,” Kurtz responds by jumping onto the bed again, pushing Ivanka’s shoulder to awake her, as she also wakes up from her slumber, also sounding frustrated as she grunted the second she awoke.

The 3 stood at the same small dinner table they were at days ago, “So…Why I come here again…Heinrich, is for the reason that I give the both of you insight on the most important, and significant job yet, that will not be executed by the both of you, or me…” Kurtz lets out a deep breath, rubbing his hair, “To put it simply, we will be assassinating Danilo Pejic, the assassinations before are to destabilize this government, to prevent any figures worthy to take his position at death, so a person not so experienced will be acting.” “Well…When will this take place? Who will do it?” Heinrich bursts out the questions in confusion, as Kurtz steps back in the unexpecting manner. “Well…Uh, a man by the name of Vokuta volunteered to do so…And, this will hopefully be executed the 30th of April, in a few days, Danilo is hosting a press conference in an art museum by the capital, was gonna be outside but its gonna be all rainy and shit…Along with his paranoia of all of this I’ve been doing.” Kurtz sets his hand on Heinrich’s shoulder, looking up at him, “Now, that is all, both of you, get to bed, prepare for the coup about 2 days after the assassination.” He’d smile, “And besides, both of y’all look cute sleeping together.” He’d joke, laughing at his own creation as he walked out of the apartment, slamming the door shut and both just simply went back to sleep due to their tiredness…"

After getting the passage published, Hans proceeded to go on social media and convince as many people to protest against the killings, resulting in thousands of people, both human and even Vulpine, staging sit-ins at government offices across the nation. At the capital, Hans was leading a protest at his college campus. When he walked onto the podium, he began speaking into the microphone to the crowd, listening intently, along with the XNNN crew from earlier filming the protest, cameras focusing on Hand himself.

“Good evening friends on this fine day. Today, we stand up against the inept and corrupt regime leading this proud nation. We are here to bring attention to the violence brought upon Vulpines by these so-called police officers of the government. How does one say they are a police officer and they are bringing peace to their community when they themselves are responsible for causing the issue in the first place? How does one respond to the brutality of the regime? The Nationalist Party recently has been using radical methods of achieving their goals. Although they originally had noble goals, they have disenchanted many with their violent operations to topple the regime. I myself do not believe in violence to achieve this. We shall use sit-ins, protests, marches, and other forms of civil disobedience to topple the dictator known as Danilo Pejic and restore
proper democracy to our land. I call for all people, even Vulpines, to resist against the government. Only then, together, we can truly be powerful enough to overthrow the common enemy. Thank you comrades for listening to my speed and good night.”