There is a green-eyed monster among you...

Long-time NS player, finally decided it was time to take root in a feeder region. Not sure how I’ll fit this nation in, but I’m gonna give it my all.

Just squeeze it in among the Hive drones, wolf people, and magi nation.

Your assimilation is scheduled for Thursday.

Awesome, hope to see more of you here

Tell us more about your nation!

@packilvania - What time, Thursday? And is it casual dress?

As for my nation, it will likely be a sister city-state to my main nation, NationStates | Not Found. A sprawling clockwork metropolis, running like a well-oiled machine, the sun reflecting off of its bronzed walls and walkways. Technology in Invidia would be advanced, with automatons gliding around the city performing menial tasks, while the residents of the city would take the middle and upper-class roles. That would probably lead the government to be either a meritocracy or aristocratic monarchy.

It’s all still up in the air, but that’s more than likely the direction I’ll take it.


I play a nation in the midst of a trans-humanist tech revolution. lots of heavy industry and corporate and government corruption. So i am interested in seeing just how far you will take your concept.