TNP Nutjob declares: I am an Anarchist

TNP Nutjob declares: I am an Anarchist.
Kharkistania with a summary of his ‘Manifesto’.

The North Pacific,
The streets of Magicality City
9th March 2008

Once again, a loud, whiny complaining voice is heard throughout TNP, temporarily drowning out the others. Kharkistania has declared his “Manifesto Of The Nationstates Free Territory Movement”, a document as long and as pointless as its title suggests. “Anarchy is what we want!” Kharkistania yells, a foot away from the reporter conducting the interview. “Myself and the others who support this document are in complete agreement. Too long has NationStates been stagnant, too long has there been a sharp decline in regional growth! The time to act is now!”

When pressed for the identity of his “supporters,” Kharkistania started to sulk and hit the reporter over the head with his sign. “QUESTIONS LEAD TO ANSWERS!! ANSWERS ARE STUPID!! I WANT TO BE ANARCHY!!!”

In order to continue its sterling service in presenting completely unbiased and accurate facts, The Pacific Post, unfortunately, had to read the damn thing. In short, it is full of the simplistic ideals that those with unfortunate dispositions tell themselves and others in order to give some semblance of purpose to their pitiful lives.

It advocates an approach that moves away from the mechanics of NationStates, and tries to drudge up the scum of NS, those that have been kicked out of regions. It does not seem to take in the idea that these rejects may have been kicked out for various reasons, and that encouraging them to join in may do more harm than good; but then logic seems to be an alien concept in this document.

Funnily enough, the document also states that its members have the freedom to do as they want as long as they do not do what the document forbids. So, despite spouting about “freedom” and “Anarchy,” it doesn’t really provide either.

“We tend to ignore him,” says an anonymous TNP minister. “Basically we tell people not to listen and occasionally feed him scraps in order to shut him up.”

However, some people are displaying an unhealthy interest in these ideas. “I think it’s a wonderful idea!” grins Romanoffia, whilst attempting to water the gerbil in his hat. “It brings a ballet of light and colour to Nationstates! The Intergalactic peanuts from Gamma Seven agree with me!! WIBBLES FOR EVERYONE!!!”
Romanoffia lends the idea his full support.

With such dignified and logical followers, we at The Pacific Post bow to our new Anarchist Overlords.

Written by Krulltopia
Writer of The Pacific Post - If We Didn’t Write It, It’s a Lie!
Copyright 2008, The Pacific Post. All rights reserved

Note that all of this is fabricated and not based on (much) fact