To Those I Haven't Met...

You should know that upon meeting new faces I always tend share a little expensive wine over light delicacies. TWP has been the best at that so far. TNP had its rum. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you all - I hope to make this the third feeder that I’m going to been seen around very frequently, with best of luck.

Oh and Todd my apologies for randomly disconnecting in a middle of the convo last night haha…blackout…apparently half the state lost power. :o

Nice to meet you

Hello :]

Have we met? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to TEP, first and foremost I suggest checking out the region’s concordant and ratifying it. (Though now I see you just did that, lol.) I suggest there after, if you plan to role play [something that’s very fun and a good reason to stay active on the forums], I suggest immediately after checking out the, see it in After you have, if you see a plot you’d like to claim, go to do so.

Why hello there!

Salutations and the like.