Todd McCloud

8/12/17 - Todd McCloud, a longtime resident of TEP, is notable for many things. He runs the roleplay department of TEP, and mentors nations who wish to learn how to role play more skillfully. He has been delegate before, and currently holds the position of “vizier”. He has passed quite a few laws, established the official university of The East Pacific. He deserves this subforum, and I will update it eventually with more of his amazing feats.

Hello there - per the, “Nations can enter into the Hall of Heroes after being nominated to the Magisterium by the Delegate and the Magisterium holds a vote where the nation’s bid into the Hall of Heroes receives 75% “Aye” votes from Magisters.” And though I do appreciate the sentiments, I believe there are other people in the region, both past and current, who are more worthy of the nomination.

Todd McCloud was elected to the Hall of Heroes by Magisterium vote of May 9th, 2019 for his contributions to TEP.


Does he need an introduction? Todd McCloud is a longtime resident, ex-Delegate and administrator, and notorious roleplayer of TEP, notable for many things. He has been (and continues to be) a giant in TEP Roleplay and has mentored many Nations. His publications and writings are infamous. He has been Delegate of TEP for multiple terms, and is still an active Vizier of TEP. Active in TEP roleplay and government since Jan 18, 2008, Todd McCloud has been an invaluable asset to TEP and TEP history in roleplay, gameplay and administration.