Topid / TannerFrankLand

:wink: Oh hai.

It has been nearly two years since I last hung around these parts, and I’ve had a lot of extra time lately since I tied my WA down, so I’ve been looking for somewhere new to hang around.

I’m not sure what exactly I want to do, but I’ve been thinking that maybe, maybe I would enjoy role playing a bit more now than when I was originally here. Idk. It is something through my nearly four years on NS now I have never done and it feels odd to think about but I haven’t given it a shot since I was about 15 so perhaps now that I’m older I should try.

I’ll lurk around a bit but I’m eventually going to try to create a ‘nation’ behind TannerFrankLand and maybe join in on a couple stories…

Any tips?

Awesome. You know when you think about joining TEP roleplay, it’s just a few more steps to making a cool nation and beating the crap out of lesser nations! Or maybe not. But it’s still a cool place and I highly recommend it.

Nevertheless, welcome back! Things have changed here a bit. I think the most recent change we have made is how people become Magisters, which is kind of cool.

Mwha, I’ve enjoyed inventing my evil nation. :slight_smile: My factbooks are too long, though. :frowning:

Welcome back!

Hey EM, good to see you after so long!