UN-Related Question

Don’t know if this is the forum for this kind of question, but can anyone tell me what a “DVD region removal” notice is all about? :blink: Thanks! Sushi

DVDs in different parts of the world have coding particular to hat part of the world. The plan is that in the US, for example, you buy Region 1 DVDs and Region 1 DVD players. Most never notice it because they live in the same region of the world all their life. The aim is to cut down on piracy by making it hard to take a DVD to another part of the world.

In practice, this is less than effective, because many have circumvented the programming. In fact many legitimate buyers have purchased regionless DVD players that read all coding so they can watch foreign language films not published in their country.

As for the notice, you’ll receive one from the Ministry of Compliance everytime a resolutuion is passed. The Ministry of Compliance is a built in mechanism and therefore is automatic and therefore, you can’t message them via Telegram.

Thanks for your help folks. Should hove been able to figure this out for myself. Must have been a looooong day!