Upcoming: “Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord”

Could this be merged into a voting thread when one comes up please? This proposal should reach the floor in 1 day, 17 hours. It’s just a message that I’d like to put here for the consideration of the voting members. Thanks loads. <3


On behalf of the Bergnovinaian and Knootian WA delegations I am contacting you to solicit your support for the "Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord”. This proposal should reach the floor soon.

The Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord is the result of a long and often contentious debate in the World Assembly about the topic biological weapons.

Having taken opposite points of view in the past, the Bergnovinaian and Knootian delegations decided that the only way to pass a resolution concerning biological weapons that would make anyone happy is an approach that includes the views of as many nations as possible. A brainstorm was organised, and delegations with opposing views then used the input from this brainstorm to craft a compromise resolution.

The “Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord” has earned commendations from ambassadors and delegations of opposing political viewpoints, as well as earning the endorsement of over 100 regional delegates.

Here’s some of the highlights of what this resolution entails:
–A firm definition on what a biological weapon is.
–Biological weapons which cannot be used discrimately, which have a risk of contagion or which have long-term effects on the environment are banned. These weapons must be disarmed.
–Agents that are used for peaceful, scientific or prophylactic purposes are permitted.
–Member States are banned from using any biological weapons against other member states, but they are allowed to use biological weapons not banned for being too risky as a deterrent against attacks by non-member states. (Since over 80% of all countries in NationStates are not affected by this resolution.)

Ms. Thekenbail and I both firmly believe that this is the strongest bioweapons proposal to date. It will remove the immorality of biological warfare, but at the same time not put member nations in a bind where they are rendered defenceless to a biological attack from a non-member nation.

Your help in voting for this proposal in the World Assembly and on your regional forums would be most appreciated. As a member of the East Pacific you are particularly influential, because your vote on the offsite forums for your region can sway an often decisive voting block. We therefore urge you cast your vote for this proposal in both places.

Thank you for your time and your consideration of the “Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord.”


Ms. Spenanda Thekenbail
Chief Ambassador from Bergnovinaia to the WA (District 3)


Aram Koopman
World Assembly ambassador for Knootoss