Update from the CW, Feb 25, 2009

Monday, 23 February 2009 Edition
By Anarch Wulfmoon

King: Charles I
Crown Prince: Shadow-bonzi
Royal Chancellor: Rix
Prime Minister: Viperlord
Intelligence: Shadow-bonzi
Defense: Trinity
Foreign Affairs: Caninope
Interior: Lord McEntire
House Speaker: Devestation
Supreme Court: Subron
Civil Court: Roughrider33

Kingdom Of Ireland: 199
Kingdom Of Great Britain: 100
The Kingdom Of Sparta: 93
The Isle Of Malta: 52
The United Islands: 44
The Kingdom Of Middle Earth: 188
Alteran Empire: 240
The Union: 30
Total: 957

What’s News at The Commonwealth? http://www.bilderkiste.de/phpcliparts/media/smilie_news.gif
The Commonwealth has four private newspapers:
The Independent: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcvggpg5_34g6x43sg4
The Crown Circular: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgcxqvqc_78xnfgcdm&hl=en
The Crusader: http://crusaderpaper.blogspot.com/2009/02/volume-1-issue-2-devestation-sits-as.html
The Commonwealth Weekly: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcp2576k_15d8k9dmfj
For all the latest news please check them out your favorite writers, articles, and classified ads!

It is time for this week in the House of Commons–by Caninope of the Commonwealth Weekly
• Rix and Caninope have come to an agreement on what Caninope will propose to the house with each contributing about half to the bill. It has not been proposed yet
• McEntire proposed the Amendment to the Culture Act which makes the phoenix and mudkip co-animals, baked goods the official food, and the motto on our coat of arms the official motto. It can be viewed here: http://www.vfd3.com/mkboard/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=2469 It has passed
• McEntire proposed the Exiting of Hawaii Act which would decommission the region of Hawaii. It has bred questions into the question of it’s legality under the constitution as seen here: http://www.vfd3.com/mkboard/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=2498 It has passed
• Several Bills were passed this week including the Repeal of the OSA and the New OSA
• The Amendment giving the picking of MoD to the King has passed.
• A proposal has been entered to create a war council, however thanks to Shadow, a competing proposal has been entered
• In addition Shadow has suggested the idea of faster Speaker Elections
• A proposed proclamation for Altera has been proposed.
• Some other “housekeeping” bills have been passed

Get out the voting machines–it’s time for the General Election!! This election it’s almost literally an all-out brawl for Prime Minister between Lord McEntire of The People’s Union, Henry I King Aragorn of The People’s Conservatives, and Devestation of the New Conservative Party (in reverse alphabetical order).

The seats of the House of Commons are almost equally as contested. So far 10 members of the Commonwealth have signed up: Viperlord, Vario Marx, Telthas, Soritar-One, Skylman, Shadow-bonzi, Rix, Emmanuel Goldstein, Caninope, and Anarch Wulfmoon of Revolutionair (again in reverse alphabetical order).

This week’s Election schedule will be:
Mon-Wed. February 23-25 Heavy Campaiging
Wednesday, February 25 General Election Sign up for 48 hours
Friday, February 27 The election for 48 hours

Business News http://www.websailor.org/i/zimg/anigifs/smilie_dollar.gif
Business–by Rix at the Independent:

The Commonwealth has now got a fully operational stock market. This along with the big business section plus a new project in the works means that we are one step closer to a better, more realistic economy. Soon we will introduce a system (experimentally) which will with any luck lead to the beginnings of a private sector.

For those of you who do not yet know how the stock market works, it is very simple really. You buy stock in a commodity, and then sit on it until your stock value rises; you then sell your stock and make a killing. The simple rule is buy low sell high, or buy high sell higher if you are the courageous type!

In other news…http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk33/elles2000/smiley_wedding-1.gif
The honor of your presence is requested at the wedding of Anarch Wulfmoon of rEVOLutionairs and Aragorn the King Elessar on Saturday the 28th of February at 3 o’clock p.m. Eastern Time /noon Pacific Time in the City of Kings, Gondor. Please go to Middle Earth forum–the wedding will be in Minas Tirith, City of Kings, Gondor and the reception will be at the Pracing Pony, Bree. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Writers from around the Commonwealth have found a place to share their muse, in the regional forums of Middle Earth, A Place Called Home. Please take the time to stop by and enjoy the talents of our citizens!

The lovely townhome of Toadawhopper in the regional forums of Ireland, Housing District, has become our local Artists’ opportunity to display their artwork in ~The Art Gallery~.

Two very important treaties were written and agreed to in principle this week between the Commonwealth and the regions of Lazarus and The New Inquisition. Both treaties were delicate negotiations with regions for whom we have the highest respect, and we are proud to have alliance with such esteems colleagues.

Royal Family http://www.websleuths.com/forums/images/smilies/ffj/gold_crown.gif
Our much appreciated Supreme Court Judge, Vario Marx, has resigned for the opportunity to campaign to become a member of the House of Commons. Thank you so much for your service, Vario! His Royal Majesty, King Charles I, has appointed Subron to the position Supreme Court Judge.