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Amendment to Article C
TEP-UDL Treaty
New Planet RP
Provost Election
University Changes
TEP’s Emoticon Collection
New Holidays/5th Anniversary of TEP’s Liberation
EPSA’s Latest Happenings
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A spiral galaxy was discovered within the borders of TEP. Apparently, this galaxy contains 300 billion stars, and, luckily, is dominated by humans (no alien threat to TEP). The spacefaring civilizations within were once under the sway of the Galactic Federation of Planets, but that galaxy-wide goverment has all but disbanded. Now the galaxy’s planets are in military and economics battles for control of trade routes. There is little chance for a new galactic order, but that won’t stop many from trying. There will be plenty of pacts signed, backs stabbed, and cargoships raided.

The residents of TEP have flocked to the “Planet RP” in hopes of displacing disinterest in the nation RP, including veteran RPers East Malaysia and Southern Yugoslavia. An up-and-comers in the RP is Xoriet. Her planetary religion is just a interesting as her vivid characters, making her planet the most exciting one yet.

When asked what he thought of the new galaxy, Old Federalia stated, “I always knew the universe revolved around me, but I didn’t think a galaxy did, too.” The planet known as OF was once the capital of the forsaken Galactic Federation of Planets, but the central position is of little use if the GFP is ignored.

(To view the galaxy and read about the planets, check the http://theeastpacific.com/topic/5179838/1/#new.)

Nations from across TEP are secretly discussing the formation of a new government. There has been widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo. The details are not yet released, but there is hope for a government with a strong legislature. The representive of an anonymous nation had this to say, “What do you mean a secret government? Who are you? Get out of here before I call security. SECURITY! SECURITY!”
View the negotiations: %url%

To the foreign ministry’s horror, TEP’s population of equestrian citizens have been herded like cattle and forced to perform an unheard of act. These creatures appear to be brightly colored ponies, but they are intelligent with the ability to speak and even fly. Their rights have been disregarded in favor of forcing them to “exercise” in horse races. If you or someone you know has a farm or magical palace, please–PLEASE–adopt a pony today and save them from having to stop playing NationStates. They race when the SUN is outside! It’s a flying ball of nuclear fusion and death!
Adopt your very own pony:
View the unspeakable horror:

The East Pacific is suffering through a pandemic of sorts. Since the start of the University Poetry Competition, natives of TEP have joined the forum just to submit their entries. Love and romanticism are spreading like a wildfire!

In an effort to induct more students, the University created a new position: Poet Laurette. The residents of TEP will select the best poet out via a poll on the region’s page. The winner will receive a special badge and be expected to write poems for TEP’s official holidays.

As a parting gift, a special etry:
"In days of old when knights were bold
and toilets were not yet invented,
They laid their load beside the road
and walked away contented. "
–Teutonic Territory/revtim10

Three more articles. Thoughts?

University Ransacked
The historic and treasured University of The East Pacific (UTEP) is now unrecognizable. It was once a beautiful archive of knowledge, but is now an amalgamation of empty forums and mind-numbing trivia. The disaster started soon after the third chancellor since UTEP’s refounding took his seat. The work of the first chancellor, Bachtendekuppen, was completely disrespected and relegated to a subforum. What has happened?

The University’s chancellors are elected by the “holders of knowledge” (teachers), not the general populace. Once elected, chancellors have absolute power over UTEP. Apparently, soon after the current Chancellor, Old Federalia, was elected, two holders resigned. What this in protest to the changes?

When asked if he wants to destroy UTEP, the chancellor replied, “I asked the citizens what they thought of the University. They like it, but want more than just a library.” A further inquiry asked about enrollment, “No, enrollment hasn’t improved. My goals are in sequence. This is the third month of a four month term. The last month will be devoted to recruiting students. The first three months are the preparation period. Expect a culmination for all to see in March…did I mention chess?..”

Unchallenged Tyranny
The former liberator of TEP dominates East Pacifican affairs, and remains unchallenged. Fienting an offer to not stand for re-election as Provost (Speaker) of the Magisterium in favor of any other candidate, A Slanted Black Stripe made sure he received a landslide victory. That shouldn’t be surprising, since the only one willing to go head to head with the Magis’ boss was a fictional character. That’s right, Mickey Mouse recieved the only vote not cast for ASBS, besides ASBS’ “noble” absention. On Jan. 29th, Provost ASBS became the longest continuously serving Provost, ever.

Power Struggle
In just two months, the Magisterium has reorganized the judicial branch of TEP. The result of two amendments will presumably displace TEP’s long tradition of “common law” with “civil law.” While the reliance on the judiciary to govern was never official, the changes to the Concordat will undeniably place the burden of creating effective statutory laws on the legislature.

In the last update, an amendment to the Conclave, our judiciary, was announced. The first change to the Conclave in five years replaces a changing number of Arbiters (judges) with life terms, to four Arbiters with six month terms. This “Sixth Amendment” passed on ______ to the glee of many TEPers in hopes that Arbiters will become active or be replaced.

Additionally, the seventh amendment will create two types of crimes, summary and indictable offenses, if ratified by the citizenship. Currently, the Delegate punishes adspam and endocap infraction without the Conclave, but the courts remains dormant. It is thought the recognition of the two types of crimes will place an emphasis on the lack of real crimes, but others fear the Conclave will be sidelined.

Former chief justice, or Viceroy, Jurisdictions expressed his concern for the inpending changes via a post in the Magisterium, “What I am truly frustrated with, is the lack of consultation of the Conclave during these times for amendment.” Provost A Slanted Black Stripe responded, “We spend a great deal of time debating the legal ramifications of these changes. However, we do not defer to the Conclave for their exclusive legal opinion as we do our job.”

Is this setting the stage for a throwdown between two-thirds of the region? Will the Conclave refuse to put the seventh amendment to a vote of the citizens? Did the Sixth Amendment give the Magisterium a veto power over the Conclave since it can choose not to renew the Arbiters’ terms? Perhaps.

On the other hand, perhaps the Conclave will soon focus on preserving the rights of citizens. For example, if punished for a summary offense, citizens have the right to elect to a trial by the Conclave. Then they will be able to argue against unjust laws.